50 Engagement Rings For Couples - Made For Each Other!

A popular practice today sees both the partners wearing (sometimes matching) engagement rings to affirm their commitment to each other. So, if you’re getting engaged (congratulations to you!) and the idea of engagement rings for couples seems as good an idea to you as it does to us, there are of course a number of rings that you could consider, and we’ve listed 50 styles that are, if not the best, certainly our favourites.

1. Platinum Twosome

Engagement Rings For Couples - Platinum Twosome

Image: Shutterstock

Platinum and silver seem to go together like, well, you and that special someone you’re looking to spend the rest of your life with. These gorgeous engagement rings for couples feature a resplendent solitaire for the bride-to-be, and a more reserved but equally stylish rock for the man to wear.

2. A Solid Combo

Engagement Rings For Couples - A Solid Combo

Image: Shutterstock

The same combination as above returns in a different aesthetic and if square is more your style then you know you can’t go wrong with this gorgeous set of engagement rings for couples.

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3. Bronze, Silver, Diamonds

Engagement Rings For Couples - Bronze, Silver, Diamonds

Image: Shutterstock

Sometimes, a winning combination can also use a helping hand to make something entirely unique and beautiful. These gorgeous set of engagement rings for couples, made of ring and rock (no pun, intended) is extremely stylish and both rings seem to ooze class, representative of their bearers, perhaps?

4. A Touch Of Class

Engagement Rings For Couples - A Touch Of Class

Image: Shutterstock

Every millimetre of this set of engagement rings for couples has been exquisitely crafted, and it does show. The gigantic arrangement on one ring is offset by the subtle but entirely arresting single row arrangement on the other ring. Overall, this set of rings represents a promise that – if it lives up to the craftsmanship and appeal of the rings – is bound to be something special indeed.

5. The Whole World In Your Hands

Engagement Rings For Couples - The Whole World In Your Hands

Image: Shutterstock

For something quite different and entirely special, these ‘world map’ engagement rings for couples can be moulded from the metal of your choice, as well as carry a representation of the place you come from, first met, fell in love etc. Extremely classy and highly memorable, these rings are perfect for those looking for something a little different.

6. Simplicity Itself

Engagement Rings For Couples - Simplicity Itself

Image: Shutterstock

Gold and diamonds are a winning combination, especially when they come in engagement rings for couples like the above. The clean lines and smooth touch of one ring is matched by the exquisite craftsmanship and alluring gleam of the two rows of diamonds of the other ring

7. How About Both

Engagement Rings For Couples - How About Both

Image: Shutterstock

Couples needn’t be alike in much of their thinking, preferences, and ways to be a loving, respectful and lasting duo. And the same goes for their rings too. This set of engagement rings for couples features a gorgeously crafted silver ring with a dazzling array of diamonds while the simplicity and elegance of the classic gold ring completes the set.

8. Golden Gleam

Engagement Rings For Couples - Golden Gleam

Image: Shutterstock

If it’s golden engagement rings for couples you’re after – a timeless and ever popular choice – and you’re angling towards something simpler, then this pair of gorgeous rings is a good choice, especially given the classic design that does away with frills but never at the expense of style or aesthetic.

9. Diamonds And White

Engagement Rings For Couples - Diamonds And White

Image: Shutterstock

A white ring has a certain allure and charm about it that is hard to recreate. If such an aesthetic appeals to you, then these engagement rings for couples are a good choice.

10. Aligned, Not Matching

Engagement Rings For Couples - Aligned, Not Matching

Image: Shutterstock

Sometimes, getting a pair of rings that are representative of your relationship may be the right option, and if you’re more alike than different, this gorgeous pair of diamond encrusted platinum rings might be just the thing. For one, they’re spectacular, and two, they’re mostly alike, but just like the two of you, retain subtle but important differences.

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11. Silver And Golden Pair

Engagement Rings For Couples - Silver And Golden Pair

Image: Shutterstock

A classic with a timeless appeal.

12. Diamonds Are Forever

Engagement Rings For Couples - Diamonds Are Forever

Image: Shutterstock

Both stunningly attractive rings; both meant to be showed off; both a promise of eternity.

13. Three Colours

Engagement Rings For Couples - Three Colours

Image: Shutterstock

It’s not just about the material used, it’s about the design and craftsmanship as that’s what makes a ring unique and gives it a lasting appeal. Both of these rings – one slightly more ornate than the other – satisfy the required quotients of style and design.

14. Diamond Encrusted Cluster

Engagement Rings For Couples - Diamond Encrusted Cluster

Image: Shutterstock

An exceptional and uncommon pair of engagement rings for couples, a pair that might not be for everyone. But for those whose love came about slightly differently than the norm, or for those who feel different in how they conduct themselves, this might be the perfect promise.

15. Simplicity And Elegance

Engagement Rings For Couples - Simplicity And Elegance

Image: Shutterstock

Perhaps more reminiscent of wedding rings, these exceptional rings, however, are perfect for couples that not only want to be engaged, but are looking towards wearing the same ring after marriage as well.

16. Man And Wife

Engagement Rings For Couples - Man And Wife

Image: Shutterstock

Could not be more different. Could not be more attractive. Hard to meet a better pair.

17. Patterns On Gold

Engagement Rings For Couples - Patterns On Gold

Image: Shutterstock

Refreshingly different, highly unique and assuredly gold. An excellent choice for your engagement.

18. The Right Mix

Engagement Rings For Couples - The Right Mix

Image: Shutterstock

For a pair of engagement rings for couples to be considered gorgeous – especially for an extended period of time – they cannot be too showy. Getting the right balance is where the art lies. This set, we think, is one of the better examples of a most (lastingly) beautiful design.

19. Henry David Thoreau’s Favourites

Engagement Rings For Couples - Henry David Thoreau's Favourites

Image: Shutterstock

Henry Thoreau famously quipped that he wanted to “simplify, simplify.” Well, if you applied the same concept to engagement rings for couples, what you would be left with is something most elegant and ethereal.

20. The Extravagant & The Exceptional

Engagement Rings For Couples - The Extravagant And The Exceptional

Image: Shutterstock

Sometimes, two unique things come together to form something beautiful, but still manage to retain their individual identities. This combination of engagement rings for couples is an example of such a phenomenon.

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21. Subtle Extravagance

Engagement Rings For Couples - Subtle Extravagance

Image: Shutterstock

A single solitaire, chamfered edges, and the touch so silky smooth and cool that once you wear it, you never feel like taking it off.

22. Golden Resplendence

Engagement Rings For Couples - Golden Resplendence

Image: Shutterstock

Intricate detailing, diamond encrusted design and a resplendence to match any set of engagement rings for couples, this particular pair seems an excellent choice for those who fancy a bit of gold.

23. The Layers Of Love

Engagement Rings For Couples - The Layers Of Love

Image: Shutterstock

Proof that simplicity and incredible design often go hand in hand, this set of exquisite engagement rings for couples exemplifies that you’re the yin to your lover’s yang.

24. Vintage Engagement Ring Set

Engagement Rings For Couples - Vintage Engagement Ring Set

Image: Shutterstock

To say that this pair gives off a rustic appeal would be quite the understatement. For those with a proclivity towards period memorabilia, this set is definitely worth considering.

25. Gleaming Gold And Glistening Diamonds

Engagement Rings For Couples - Gleaming Gold And Glistening Diamonds

Image: Shutterstock

If the thought of having a ring on your finger that gives off a distinct glint in the sun is your idea of the perfect ring, then these dazzling creations will be perfectly suited to your tastes.

26. Forever Entwined

Engagement Rings For Couples - Forever Entwined

Image: Shutterstock

Engagement rings for couples are as symbolic as they are beautiful. In fact, it is that very symbolism that gives them an elevated sense of beauty. But the intertwined pattern in between two silver parallels, as seen on this pair of rings, needs no symbolism to look quite simply exceptional.

27. Gorgeous In Gold

Engagement Rings For Couples - Gorgeous In Gold

Image: Shutterstock

Sometimes, after all is said and done, you just want a pair of beautiful gold rings.

28. A Golden Heart

Gorgeous gold and a lustrous finish meet an impeccable design with this set of engagement rings for couples that come together to form a heart.

29. Engraved Engagement Rings In Titanium

It’s about the promise that the engraving carries, not the money. Also attainable in the precious metal of your choice, we recommend platinum.

30. Silver Promise Rings

Fully customizable with name, date and heart symbol. However, your promise remains unique.

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31. Stylish Diamond Engagement Rings

If design is what is most important to you, we’re sure you’ll connect with this exceptionally designed set of engagement rings for couples, that can also be customized with a personal engraving, names, dates and everything else.

32. Inscribed Gold Rings

Engagement Rings For Couples - Inscribed Gold Rings

Image: Shutterstock

Wear a heart on your finger, not on your sleeve.

33. Contemporary Delight

Engagement Rings For Couples - Contemporary Delight

Image: Shutterstock

While engagement rings for couples may have a timeless appeal, this particular way of styling them is most certainly something more contemporary, and highly warranted, when we look at the finished product.

34. Gold Rings With Diamonds And Stones

Engagement Rings For Couples - Gold Rings With Diamonds And Stones

Image: Shutterstock

A solid pair of rings for those looking to marry elegance and style.

35. Precious Stones And Patterns

Engagement Rings For Couples - Precious Stones And Patterns

Image: Shutterstock

Intricate and detailed designs accentuated (to put it mildly) with encrusted diamonds. Unique, contemporary, stylish, and a delight to wear.

36. Concentric And Circular

Engagement Rings For Couples - Concentric And Circular

Image: Shutterstock

If you’re looking for a design that is different and beautiful, then you’re probably looking for a set similar to these gorgeous platinum and diamond engagement rings for couples.

37. Diamond Cluster And Plain Gold

Engagement Rings For Couples - Diamond Cluster And Plain Gold

Image: Shutterstock

We may have moved on from forced conceptions of the masculine and feminine, but to deny that it informs our sensibilities (or that such a thing is inherently wrong) would be folly. Here, the difference is evident and the set perfect.

38. The Extravagant And The Impeccable

Engagement Rings For Couples - The Extravagant And The Impeccable

Image: Shutterstock

There isn’t very much to say about this set of engagement rings for couples except that these are the kind of rings where you feel a connection with them before ever asking for a price.

39. Lines Of Diamonds Against Gold

With four lines of diamonds per column, this gorgeous set of engagement rings for couples brings a refreshing design and a defiant allure.

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40. Silver And Tree Bark Rings

Natural and nature-friendly, these gorgeous engagement rings are for those who are looking to feel more connected, not just to each other, but to nature and the environment as well. Plus, the fact that they’re gorgeous rings doesn’t hurt.

41. Roman Numeral Silver Rings

A distinct design that depicts a custom date in Roman numerals, with the date hand-etched into sterling silver.

42. Heart Promise Rings

Remember, it’s the thought that counts.

43. Contemporary Chic

Engagement Rings For Couples - Contemporary Chic

Image: Shutterstock

There are many stylish engagement rings for couples out there, and this set is undoubtedly one of them.

44. Gold Rings With Encrusted Diamonds

Engagement Rings For Couples - Gold Rings With Encrusted Diamonds

Image: Shutterstock

These contemporary engagement rings for couples have a vintage appeal to them owing to their classic design. The sleek profiles as well as choice of materials make them an excellent choice for those looking at something special, but timeless.

45. Fine Silver Leaf Handmade Rings

Patterns and textures might not be the immediate concern when it comes to engagement rings for couples, but when they look and feel this nice, maybe they would rank higher in the list of priorities when looking at rings. Nonetheless, these handmade rings represent an excellent option for all couples.

46. Ecru Engagement Rings

Engagement Rings For Couples - Ecru Engagement Rings

Image: Shutterstock

That colour… yes, we’ve seen wedding gowns in a similar shade, but when you look at a set of exquisitely designed rings in a shade of ecru, we have to say that they are mightily attractive indeed.

47. Contemporary Oxidized Silver Rings

Something entirely unique and wholly artistic.

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48. Minimalist Wooden Bands

Simple, yet able to stand out in a crowd.

49. All That Glitters Is Not Gold

Engagement Rings For Couples - All That Glitters Is Not Gold

Image: Shutterstock

Beautiful and symbolic, our best feature of this set of engagement rings for couples might be the not-so-symmetrical heart.

50. Radiant And Resplendent

Engagement Rings For Couples - Radiant And Resplendent

Image: Shutterstock

A giant rock, a contemporary design, and a precision crafted and supremely stylish matching partner – extravagance meets elegance.