65 Engagement Quotes Perfect For That Special Moment

Engagement is a promise (and an occasion too) which marks the stepping stone towards a partnership between two souls that would last a lifetime. It is the day when the couple take the solemn promise of companionship – a promise that culminates with the big wedding day. If you are getting engaged and want to dedicate something special to your partner then here are 65 wonderful engagement quotes that help wonderfully communicate the essence of the engagement ceremony, and of course your feelings too. If you are attending the engagement ceremony of your friend and want to say something nice then we have some options for that too. Read on.

1. Engagement Quotes - By Your Side

Let’s begin the list with something that is the most closest to the vows taken by the loving pair. This engagement quote is outright dedicated to the camaraderie, which the two soul-mates will share with each other for a lifetime.

2. Engagement Quotes - Hearts And Claims

Okay, this engagement quote is clichéd and you must have heard it a number of times, but hey, that is one aspect of engagement and wedding right; with the engagement being the trial run for the girl to try out his last name with her first name.

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3. Engagement Quotes - Your Home

You might be months or maybe years away from tying the knot but your engagement marks the moment when you take the first pledge to start walking together even on the most difficult paths of life.

4. Engagement Quotes - Chapter One

With each passing chapter, the bond between the pair gets deeper and stronger. A nice quote that wonderfully captures the sentiment of engagement with the use of some good analogy.

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5. Engagement Quotes - My Favourite

The chapters from the previous quote add up to form the love story of this quote, which is the only love story that the couple will ever know. A love story of which they form a deep integral part.

6. Engagement Quotes - What Our Souls Are Made Of

A brilliant engagement quote that works great as a love quote as well. This one actually talks about compatibility, which is quite relevant and apt precondition for any relationship to be successful.

7. Engagement Quotes - All Of Our Adventures Together

Love together, laugh together, live life together – that is what a wedding is all about. In fact, one attains the very first realisation of this fact right on the day of engagement.

8. Engagement Quotes - Mine Always

A simple adorable quote that you can whisper in the ears of your fiancé/fiancée when you are done exchanging the engagement ring.

9. Engagement Quotes - Our Sweet Little Story

Another great use of analogy with a love story to capture the crux of engagement in a charming manner.

10. Engagement Quotes - Meant To Be

The roughest roads make the toughest travelers, and that is very much applicable even for wedlock. The low points in life are the ones that really test the strength of this relationship, and the couples who are really meant for each other are the ones who fight through these times with united resilience.

Engagement Quotes - Fact 1

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11. Engagement Quotes - The Rest Of Your Life

Guess that is what explains the fact mentioned above! When you know you are made for each other then you would like that journey to start as soon as possible since you can’t wait to go from being casual love birds to serious soul-mates.

12. Engagement Quotes - I Choose You

Now those are some strong romantic words that wonderfully encapsulate the feelings in the heart of the pair that are about to step onto the engagement dais

13. Engagement Quotes - Everything

As a couple, you form a team of two who will hang around with each other for rest of the life, learning to turn each other’s weaknesses into indomitable strengths.

14. Engagement Quotes - To Make A Beautiful Ending

An engagement quote that focuses on the link between the engagement and wedding. In other words, one can say that you draw the starting line with the engagement to initiate the wonderful journey of married life with the wedlock.

15. Engagement Quotes - An Eternal Love Story

It is the short sweet reason for most engagements, which can be coupled by another reason that we saw in Quote #11.

16. Engagement Quotes - Exchanging Expectations And Promises

Promises that are fueled by the strength of the bond shared by the couple, with their expectations playing the role of a catalyst that guides them to act in the rightly manner.

17. Engagement Quotes - Grow Old Together

A thoughtful and mushy engagement quote that you can use to wish someone on their engagement.

18. Engagement Quotes - The Best Vision

If wedding is a cliff you would like to scale then engagement is a base camp where you sit and introspect about your approach towards having a successful run after the wedding.

19. Engagement Quotes - You Are Holding My Hand

There is no obstacle great to overcome when you have the wilful strength bestowed upon you through the faith your partner has in you.

20. Engagement Quotes - Love, Joy, Peace And Contentment

It is after all the day the pair had been waiting for since a really long time.

Engagement Quotes - Fact 2

21. Engagement Quotes - A Commitment Of Dreams, Love And Feelings

A commitment that unites the hearts, minds and souls of the pair and leads them to a path of perpetual love and togetherness.

22. Engagement Quotes - My Heart

An adorable engagement quote that you can share with your fiancé or fiancée right before the engagement day. This one is surely going to leave a smile on his/her face.

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23. Engagement Quotes - Don't Forget

These are the promises that will endure forever because they will be nurtured by the strength they receive from the pair’s fortitude. This is what basically leads to a successful marriage.

24. Engagement Quotes - I'd Choose You

It is in fact the best place to make an expression of your ultimate love towards the person who would now officially become your soul-mate.

25. Engagement Quotes - Some Knots

A journey towards eternity that you will lead holding each other’s hand, which you will never let go even in the most troubling and testing times of life.

Engagement Quotes - Fact 3

26. Engagement Quotes - We're King And Queen

It is a great engagement quote to share with your Queen/King while planning for a life after tying the knot.

27. Engagement Quotes - Sounds Cuter

A cute engagement quote to share with your beau when you have finally consolidated your relationship to lead its way towards engagement.

28. Engagement Quotes - Time

That journey is the small run that you make towards your marriage once after you have pledged yourself to each other. You might know each other for a long time but now is the time to put in some extra effort to refurbish your knowledge about each other to help develop a better bond after marriage.

29. Engagement Quotes - It Means Everything

When your partner is everything that you wanted and wished for then that is how you are going to feel once you have exchanged rings and entered into a formal bond.

30. Engagement Quotes - The Luckiest Person

If that is how you feel with the person sitting next to you on the engagement altar then congratulations! You have just chosen the right person to be your life partner.

Engagement Quotes - Fact 4

31. Engagement Quotes - It Would Last Forever

If you love analogies then look no further than the piece of metal that you wear on your finger. In fact, that is the reason we put a ring on it, to captivate the moment in a metal loop that would last forever.

32. Engagement Quotes - Wherever You Go

A nice touching engagement quote that works great if you are among the ones who are in a long distance relationship. If you are looking for some comforting yet impactful words to reassure your beloved about your undying commitment then this quote makes a powerful statement to share.

33. Engagement Quotes - The First And Last

In other words, you will never let the spark of your love die and you will maintain it just the way it was when you first met.

34. Engagement Quotes - The Only One

A combo of this and the previous quote is surely going to leave a blush and a smile on the face of your beloved. For better effect and maximum impact, send it out just few hours before the engagement ceremony.

35. Engagement Quotes - Awesome

If your babe/beau is that one person with whom you would love to spend your rest of your life, then nothing gets more awesome than the moment of exchanging the rings, and eventually, tying the knot.

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36. Engagement Quotes - Into My Heart

If you just received a proposal from your long time beau, said ‘yes’ and now the dust of excitement has settled, grab him and say this engagement quote out gently in his ears. See his eyes wonderfully glitter with boundless joy.

37. Engagement Quotes - Goosebumps

This one makes a great quote to encompass your feelings when you are madly in love with a person who also happens to soon take up the role of being your spouse.

38. Engagement Quotes - The Best Part Of Our Love Story

Like it is said, it is the engagement and marriage of two hearts and two souls that stays successful for a lifetime.

39. Engagement Quotes - All The Solutions

Often, the mind gets anxious because of thoughts that litter the mind after the engagement. These are doubts about whether you will be able to be that wonderful life partner you always dreamt of being. Ideally, your partner will never care because he/she has accepted you the way you are yet if you still intend to share the feelings of your heart then this engagement quote works great.

40. Engagement Quotes - My Heart Beats For You

Another great quote to share with your soon-to-be other half right on the day of engagement.

Engagement Quotes - Fact 5

41. Engagement Quotes - The Most Beautiful Words

It takes the summing up of all the courage a guy’s got to pop the question. If you’ve just exchanged engagement rings with your lady love and are now looking for some words to share with her then this engagement quote will work for you.

42. Engagement Quotes - I See Everything I Ever Wanted

You know from your partner’s smile and the way he/she looks at you that you are everything that he/she wanted. It is that kind of smile that spills everything out.

43. Engagement Quotes - You, Our Love And Us

And this is a realisation that you will carry over to your married life too. In fact, it is this feeling that would lead you to live a harmonious life even with all the ups and downs.

44. Engagement Quotes - The Beautiful Journey That Lies Ahead

After all, true love leads to a wonderful engagement, which then is followed by a memorable wedding that is then followed by a lovely and lively married life.

45. Engagement Quotes - As A Couple

If the monotony of married life scares you and your beloved, then it is always nice to assure each other that no matter how the journey ahead will shape up, you will always stay silly in love like you used to be before marriage.

46. Engagement Quotes - Eternal And Beautiful

Eternal, beautiful and sublime just like a classic love tale that has true love infused in it.

47. Engagement Quotes - I Had No Doubts

Long before you decided to get engaged, your heart and soul had already tied the knot since they very well knew that they have found the right life partner.

48. Engagement Quotes - We Are Engaged

An adorable engagement quote that wonderfully communicates the feelings in the heart of the newly engaged couple.

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49. Engagement Quotes - I Want To Let You Know

No matter how sad it might sound, engagement is kind of a fragile institution and unlike marriage it gives a lot of free-way for a chance of breakup. In many cases, one from the engaged couple might start feeling insecure about this matter and in case you sense this then make it a point to unequivocally demolish his/her doubt by making an honest expression of your perpetual love and commitment.

50. Engagement Quotes - There's Still Time

A nice quote, which works well as an extension of the previous one.

Engagement Quotes For Her


Engagement Quotes for Her - You Will Forever Be my Always

Image: Lovewishesquotes

A simple quote that’s deep and from the heart, “You Will Forever Be my Always”. This line might be very small and crisp but we think this is the most beautiful love message you can ever share with your fiancee, making this one of the classic engagement quotes for her.


An engagement quote that holds the promise of a better tomorrow. This ” I love you more today than yesterday, but not as much as tomorrow” message is an expressive assurance of your ever growing love for her. She will surely love what you are trying to put across and your commitment to keeping her happy, always. A positive love quote that’s got a truckload of good hope tagging along with it.


“I promise that there will never be a night where you are not the subject of my final prayer and the keeper of my dreams” is a beautiful engagement quote that’s actually a very personal vow. An acknowledgement of your love and an assurance that you truly and deeply care about her. It also subtly tells her that she is your future and that she is always a part of your plans. A touching engagement quote that will renew her confidence in your love.


“Wherever You Go Whatever You Do I’ll Be Right Here Waiting For You” is happy and humorously rhyming engagement quote that is sure to make her smile all the way to the altar. This simple quote has a pretty strong message that will surely make her feel extra special all the way. This quote also doubles up as a heartfelt romantic love quote for her.


“Meeting you was a fate, becoming your friend was a choice, but falling in love with you was beyond my control’ is like a quote from some Shakespearean drama. This quote is romantic, honest and heart touching, the best bet to let her know that you’re crazily in love with her byeond hope of possible redemption, and you’re fine with that..


“You are the answer to every prayer I’ve offered. You are a song, a dream, a whisper, and I don’t know how I could have lived without you for as long as I have” is a beautiful true love quote for her written by Nicholas Sparks ( the author of many love books including “A Walk to Remember”). So we’re sure you’ll not go wrong with this one and we guess this is that intimately warm and lovely engagement message she’s secretly praying for.


These soothing lines on love by Courtney Kuchta are sure to make your significant other feel extra-special on the big engagement day. A promise of a beautiful future, of togetherness and of love that’s all about her. Wonderful lines that she will be thrilled to hear, pep it up with a lovely kiss and dear fellow, she’s yours forever.


A quote from the heart, these romantically hard hitting lines by Pablo Neruda are personal, straight forward and deep.With a touch of class that’s exclusively Neruda, these lines can be a wonderful inspiration for an engagement speech or a small personal chat, where you can express your love for the love of your life, all over again .


“When I Saw You I Fell in Love, and You Smiled Because You Knew” is the ultimate love quote from Shakespeare’s romantic drama Romeo & Juliet. There’s nothing much to say, a quote that says little but means a million beautiful things. A quote that’s all about understanding and thoughts of matching wave lengths, a true complete union of minds.


As loud and clear as a love message can ever get ” Life’s Good as Long as You’re in It”. A blunt, flat statement that’s surely gonna bring a smile to her lips on the engagement day.


“You are the First and the Last thing on my Mind Each and Every Day”. A wonderful way to let her know that she’s always on your mind and in your heart. An engagement quote that’s honest, personal and real, something she’ll surely love to hear over and over again; we include a statutory warning here, such actions might lead to ageless love and evergreen commitment.


“You wanna know who I’m in Love with? Read the first word again”is a superb engagement love message that’ll make her blush all day. Write it on a small piece of paper, keep it simple and pass on when she’s in the middle of something. If love is all about the little things you enjoy together, we promise this sure is gonna be one heck of a little romantic moment.

Engagement Quotes for Her - That Feeling In My Gut

” I love you enough….” is an expressive engagement love quote that is true and touching in every sense. A message that will make her happy, it is a tangible reminder of your love for her.


“You are not my number one, you are my only one”. This love message is as clear as a crystal, and she’ll absolutely love it. There’s no girl on this planet who wouldn’t want be treated specially by the one they love, but this just takes it to the next level in just one line.


“Baby, …………I’m yours till I die” is a heartfelt love message that hold the promise of a lifetime. A line any girl would love to hear on her engagement ( and beyond). This line’s a winner for sure in our books. What do you think?