10 Engagement Photography Ideas For Couples In Love

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The engagement is a beautiful beginning to a lifelong relationship of love, sharing and togetherness. Engagement photography is a fast catching trend in India, where by couples who are about to be engaged are documenting their love, bonding and all those precious “special” moments before they take the final plunge – of being an engaged couple, all set to wed in the near future. Engagement photography by itself is a specialized industry nowadays with varying styles, themes, exotic locales and production values. However, one consistent quality that shines through is the love and the bonding that the couple share, and everything else – be it the dress designs, the locations or the photographer’s theme are only props to accentuate and truly express the couple’s love and capture their precious moments in a 6×4 photo frame. We have some very stunningly beautiful and romantic engagement ideas that could help you in deciding a theme, style or idea for your own engagement photo-shoot.So go enjoy your engagement photography session.

1.The Aashiqui Idea

Image: I Moment Photography

A striking picture of a couple kissing each other with the guy’s coat over their heads, covering their faces as they are kissing, hopefully. The pose was made popular by the song, Tum Hi Ho from the blockbuster hit Aashiqui 2, which was pictured with the leads Aditya Roy Kapoor and Shraddha Kapoor in the said pose, as they were getting drenched in rain.

2.The Silhouette And The Cloud Idea

Image: Nikhil Kumar Photography

A picture that has a hidden meaning. The couple’s silhouette is beautifully captured as they share an intimate moment and strike a pose, while the background is bright and cloudy. The big cloud with beam sun-rays is like a metaphor for “cloud 9”, the state in which the happy couple are – engaged and excited as they begin their journey of togetherness.

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3.The Designer Indian / Traditional Idea

Image : Dotdusk Studios Photography

A beautiful engagement picture with a very vintage feel and aura. The couple in this picture are dressed in traditional Indian designer wear and are standing under a tree outside the portico of an old house. A picture that is striking and stylish.

4.The Fountain Or Pool Themed Idea

Image : Dotdusk Studios Photography

A beautiful couple holding each other as they stand together and strike a pose with a stunning, mirror-finish pool or fountain in the background. A picture that is straight out of a royal Indian love fantasy.

5.The Royal / Palace Themed Idea

Image : Dotdusk Studios Photography

Another picture of the same couple, but here they are holding hands and facing each other as they look into each others eyes. The theme here being a palace background – a white washed royal courtyard can be seen, one which enhances the appeal of the picture.

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6.The “I Do” Beach Idea

Image; Shutterink Photography

A pretty picture of the bride-to-be holding a slate with “I Do” written on it while the groom, who is jumping in the air, is out of focus in the background. The background for this picture is an open beach, which makes the whole picture look very natural and bright.

7.The Harry Potter “Groom On A Broom” Idea

Image; Shutterink Photography

A funny engagement picture this. The bride in her beautiful gown is all surprised as the bride in cool tuxedo is flying towards her on a broom! Just like a happy dream from the Harry Potter fantasy series. A picture that you can proudly share with your grand children too, and tell them how cool you were.

8.The Rickshawallah Idea

Image : Dotdusk Studios Photography

A nicely done natural street themed picture with the groom riding a rickshaw as the bride sits prettily at the back. There is great attention to detail, with a “Save the Date” message that is painted on the closed shop shutter. An engagement photography theme you can definitely consider.

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9.The Couple In A Window – Portrait Idea

Image : Dotdusk Studios Photography

A beautiful picture of a couple, framed by a window as the picture is taken from the inside of a grand hotel / palace. The couple on the outside look clear and colorful as there is natural light falling on them and it in a way accentuates their portrait. The insides of the building have been suitably dimmed, giving the picture an appeal and aura that is unparalleled.One amazing Indian engagement photography idea.

10.The Romantic Outdoors Idea

Image: Sameer Walzade Photography

A couple sharing an intimate moment in an outdoor setting. The perfect love birds, having a day out. A simple theme adds to the appeal of this engagement picture idea.

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