10 Engagement Party Food Ideas You Need To Try!

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The big announcement – you’re getting engaged! There is nothing more than a warm gathering of friends and family celebrating together in happiness of a couple’s engagement. An engagement party is something you can choose to unleash your little dreams upon right from decorations to food. You may have thought up little DIY ideas for empty light-bulb flower decorations, but food, my friend, can make or break the party. You want nice and interesting, healthy and filling, but also light at the same time, when it comes to thinking up engagement party food ideas. Here is an eclectic array of 10 mouth-watering food ideas for a beautiful engagement party.

1. Veg Salad

A little bowl of freshly cut tomatoes, cucumbers and a little bit of onion and some coriander, with the right seasoning of salt, lemon essence and some pepper, can be a crunchy start to cleanse the palate as well. Add a thousand island dressing or some mayonnaise for some more texture.

2. Fruit Salad In Pineapple Dishes

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Make an interesting fruit salad with your staple grapes, apples, strawberries, papaya and pineapples, served in a cut open pineapple base, a healthy and tasty feast for the eyes!

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3. Fish ‘n’ Chips

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The classic fish ‘n’ chips can be a surprisingly good starter in an engagement party. Nothing goes better with some intimate gossiping like a plate of fish ‘n’ chips with some hot sauce! Add simple green dressing and onion rings to make it a more filling main.

4. Hot Wings And Sauce

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The words give themselves away when talking about a nice plate of ‘em wings and sauce. It is very informal yet a filling dish, and not to mention a timeless classic. Add few mugs of beer and you have yourselves a party, people!

5. Variety Sandwiches

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You can also throw in a few types of sandwiches like hams or cheese, and vegetarian options too. They can be easily carried around and can really add a picnic vibe to the gathering, especially for an outdoor engagement party.

6. The Indian Heritage: Chaat

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If you are having the most desi engagement party ever witnessed by mankind, then make sure it is replete with a chaat stand serving pani puris, kachori and dahi chaats, samosas with salted hari mirch. The list is mouth-watering, but who can resist?

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7. Classy Lemonade

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When you plan food, think venue, especially for an outdoor engagement party. If it is a sultry evening in the city or a sunny morning in the fields, a nice lemonade or ice-tea stand can really cool the evening. Add a cinnamon stick or an umbrella for a tropical engagement party!

8. Floral Cupcake Bouquet

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Cupcakes have recently been revolutionized over the past decade. Cupcakes have become an art, and the thing that home-cooks and pastry chefs around the world have made their subject of experiment, ans they work even on a budget. There are some incredible cupcake ideas for a nice engagement party, like there are for birthdays or anniversaries. This glorious floral cupcake bouquet gives the satisfaction of having shared a wedding cake, and is a pretty feast for the eyes indeed!

9. Ice-cream Cakes

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Everybody loves the cassata, right? I have wondered if it was an Indian thing. Well, we have lot many more kinds of ice-cream cakes today. These delectable delicious little pieces of heaven can really be a wonderful addition in an engagement party menu. Get a slice and share the fun with some ice-cream cakes.

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10. Milkshake Shots

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Like the chocolate shots, milkshake shots can give you the same sugary zing for your engagement party. A nice little shot glass filled with a smooth strawberry milkshake with a strawberry popped in there, or a chocolate milk-shake shot.

Pick some of these great food ideas for your engagement party. Add your imagination and put a twist to the way you serve the dishes. Have fun with the ingredients, and most importantly, have fun at the party, you two!

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