Engagement Mehndi Designs - 4 New Designs To Blow Your Mind!

Mehndi is drawn for several occasions in India, including festivities like Diwali in the North or Pongal in the South. Especially in Indian weddings, the bride is featured wearing mehndi on her hands, both for the engagement and the wedding. Over time, even though it does seem to have become an optional accessory for the bride, mehndi is still a popular adornment for the bride in the Indian wedding. Mehndi ki raat is a time for women of the family to gather in celebration for the bride-to-be! The mehndi drawings done for the engagement may or may not be as extensive as those done for the wedding ceremony, but they definitely are given the same attention to detail as the latter. We have handpicked four of the best engagement mehndi designs for you to adorn yourself with on the day you will declare your partnership and promise a marriage full of love in the midst of your loved ones!

1. Peacock Feather Motif Design For Engagement Ceremony

engagement mehndi designs - Peacock Feather Motif Design

Image: Into Candid Photography

There is nothing more awe-inspiring than the hues of a peacock feather. Want to see how you achieve that in just the red colour left behind by the mehndi? The intricate strokes in mehndi patterns incorporating the peacock feather in them add a certain painting-like dimension. This simple design can give a graceful look on the bride’s engagement day!

2. Dulha-Dulhan Mehndi Design For One Hand

engagement mehndi designs images - Dulha-Dulhan Mehndi Design

Image: Sameer Walzade, Sonder Frames Photography

Asymmetrical designs are in vogue in clothes, hairstyles, and much more. Well, it has become the fad with engagement mehndi designs as well! The bride and groom motif designs are a part of wedding mehndi designs, but for the engagement they can be drawn with details as shown — the bride’s plait, the hanging bird decorations, even the detail of the choli sleeve border. Drawing this on one hand for the asymmetrical touch can add glory to the bride’s engagement day look!

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3. Engagement Mehndi Designs – Cuff And Finger-chain Design

mehndi designs for engagement ceremony - Cuff And Finger-chain Design

Via: Source

This beautiful design for the back of the hand is drawn as a cuff linking to the central finger as a finger chain. Fit for any festive occasion, this can really accentuate accessories for the fingers like hand chains, or nail embellishments, or in the case of the bride-to-be — the engagement ring!

4. Circular Design For The Back Of Hand

Circular Design

Via: Source

Sometimes a little can do a lot. This simple central circular design for the back of the hand does exactly that by maintaining a graceful simplicity, elevating accessories like cuff bracelets or bangles that the bride chooses to wear on the day of her engagement. Add the red to your engagement profile with this mehndi design!

Images Source: Google, Pinterest, Shutterstock