Engagement Makeup: 15 Ethereal Looks + Things To Keep In Mind

The engagement ceremony is equally important as the wedding. It is the perfect occasion for you to doll up and look uber cool in something trendy. You can absolutely go all out with your experiments and ideas. Weddings would still require you to be a little traditional but the engagement is one occasion where you can experiment. The kind of makeup look you choose has a lot to do with your outfit. It needs to be in sync when it comes to the colour schemes used. However, there are loads of ideas that you can consider for your special day! Here we present to you some cool engagement makeup looks to draw some inspiration from.

Do’s And Don’ts First

First let’s focus on some do’s and don’ts for the skin right before your D-day!

  • The most important thing here is to follow expert advice. If you’ve hired a professional makeup artist then you need to take down notes and ask them what you must and mustn’t do.
  • Go organic! Use organic products for cleansing, moisturising and even bathing! ‘Ubtans’ of besan, multani mitti and haldi help in maintaining the glow without damaging the skin.
  • Minimize the use of cosmetics. Don’t use a lot of foundation and lipsticks too much as they will reduce the effect of whatever beauty treatments you’re taking.
  • Keep yourself hydrated. Water works wonders for the skin! You yourself will notice the difference when you start drinking water religiously and keep your skin hydrated.
  • Watch your spice intake. Excessive use of spices in food can also add heat to your body which in turn can cause an outbreak of acne.
  • Minimize your sun exposure. If you have to rush out during the day, carry an umbrella. It will not only keep your skin safe from the sun but will also keep you cool from the heat.
  • Don’t wax or go for beauty treatment just before the ceremony. Get it over with at least two days before so that your skin has time to adjust to it. It also minimizes the risk of last minute allergies with no time to fix.
  • Read up on Asian bridal makeup basics, to know everything you can.

Engagement Makeup Looks That Are In Vogue

1. Simple Makeup Look

Engagement Makeup - Simple Look

The look isn’t as simple as the name suggests. It involves using lighter shades to let your outfit do the talking. If you put up extremely bright makeup with a bright dress, you might look a bit odd. So with a heavy dress, try keeping it sober, especially if you want all attention on your outfit.

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2. Sober Makeup Look

Engagement Makeup - Sober Look

If you’re having a small ring exchange ceremony with limited guests then you can also go for a simple and sober look for the engagement. This will give you an opportunity to get your ‘bling-on’ at the wedding!

3. Smoky Eyes Engagement Makeup

Engagement Makeup - Smoky Eyes

Smoky eyes have been trending since quite some time now. Actresses do it best, and at Kareena Kapoor’s wedding and Priyanka Chopra’s red carpet classic, they brought the look into limelight and this one is the most preferred looks now. It goes with almost every occasion and every dress.

4. Engagement Makeup Using Highlights

Engagement Makeup - Using Highlighter

For people who have clearly defined sharp features, using a lot of contouring would not be advised as that would simply make it more visible and may not look too appealing. So what you can do is go for a highlight look that highlights other parts of your face and evens out the sharpness of other features.

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5. Contoured Makeup

Engagement Makeup - Contoured Look

For those who have round faces with the features not sharp or well-defined, contouring is an amazing option that makes you face look thinner by giving it the edge it needs. However, it needs to be used wisely or else it may look too dark.

6. Nude Effect Engagement Makeup

Engagement Makeup - Nude Effect Look

Nude effect is a makeup trend that’s fast catching up these days. This is a major makeup preference in the West due to the white gowns. It stabilizes the entire look and makes a bride look elegant and classy. So if you’re planning on wearing a light coloured dress for your engagement, this is a look you can definitely consider.

7. HD Makeup For Engagement

Engagement Makeup - HD Makeup

HD makeup is simply a style of applying makeup which helps it stay in place for longer number of hours. Also, it makes your face picture-ready and also really appropriate for all the lighting at the ceremony.

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8. Airbrush Makeup

Engagement Makeup - Airbrush

Airbrush is another technique used for application of makeup. It strengthens the longevity of the makeup and makes it weather-proof.

9. Matte Makeup

Engagement Makeup - Matte Look

A matte look is something that many women are opting for now due to the subtle look it gives to the face. Also, it really balances out the look if you have a dress with a lot of bling.

10. Glossy Makeup

Engagement Makeup - Glossy

Many women also prefer to go for the glossy look as it is extravagant. It beautifully complements the bridal look and can also be perfect for an engagement party.

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11. Glitter Shine Engagement Makeup

Glitter shine makeup includes an added layer of glitter on the eye shad

Engagement Makeup - Glitter Shine

ows and skin base giving it an added dimension. It makes the look stand out, especially during the photo session.

12. Vintage Makeup

Engagement Makeup - Vintage Look

Vintage makeup gives a bit of rustic look with light shades of lipstick and an equally light shade of eye shadow and base foundation. It does not include heavy blush-ons and leaves the cheeks with a nude touch.

13. Eye Makeup For Engagement

Engagement Makeup - Eye Makeup

Eye makeup is a very important part of the entire look. It can make or break your look. It needs to be completely in sync with your dress and its colour scheme. But remember to not make it too dark.

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14. Day Makeup

Engagement Makeup - Day Look

Now, if you’re having a day ceremony then you need to keep your makeup on the lighter side because natural light makes your skin glow even more.

15. Night Makeup

Engagement Makeup - Night Look

Under the blinding lights of a night ceremony, your makeup too needs to be bright and heavy to complement your skin texture.

Some Additional Tips For Your Engagement Makeup

  • Always make sure you show your dress to your makeup artist so that they can decide the colour scheme for your eye shadow.
  • Remember that you will be having a heavy makeup on your wedding day, so try to keep your engagement makeup on the sober side, only to strike a balance.
  • Choose your makeup look based on the event timings. Go for a light breezy makeup if you have a day-time outdoor ceremony. In case of a night-time ceremony, choose a brighter look to enhance your features under the lights.
  • If you have a thin face with a well-defined jaw line and cheek bones, then you can definitely avoid heavy contouring.
  • Strike a balance between your dress and makeup. Everything should not be heavy or else it will give a very unappealing look.
  • Keep the blush-on to a minimum. Heavy blush will minimize the effect of other features.
  • Avoid glossy lipsticks if you have plump lips. Go for a matte look.
  • If you have thin lips then you can definitely try the contouring and highlighting technique for the lips to give them volume.

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So these are some of the tips that you can follow to get your engagement look perfect as you want! Remember to always strike a balance and keep it simple if possible. Keep all your ceremonies in mind and plan your look in a way so that you’re able to get a different look for each ceremony.

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