50 Engagement Invitation Wording Ideas To The Rescue

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Engagement is the first step towards a lovely commitment of matrimony. It is a ritual which is the stepping stone towards a life-long partnership and friendship between two souls. This thus makes engagement worthy of an attention equal in appreciation to marriage and what better way to do so than having a great engagement invitation message. Therefore, to help you have a catchy engagement invitation message here are some 50 recommendations from us.


Simple yet impactful with a rhyming-words scheme. If you want to do more than a regular engagement invitation card but want it to remain sober then this is something that will work great.


Engagement usually has less formal atmosphere than wedding. Extend the colloquial sentiment even to your invitation message. This message conveniently communicates that it is going to be a ceremony that the guests will fondly remember forever.

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If your engagement is going to be low-profile affair that will be held right at your abode, then this makes a great invitation message. It is also easily customisable with few replacements of words.

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Often, the invites are sent out by the parents who would love to add a sentimental tone to the message. This one fits the bill for a tender invitation message sent by the parents.


When the roots of your union go back to the moment you fell in love, then why feel shy to share it with everyone? This message is surely going to bring a smile on the faces of the recipients.


Engagement is a memorable moment not just for the couple but also their families. It is after all not just about an alliance of two individuals but also their families.


If poetry is your cup of tea then this one is for you. A good poetic invitation message, which will surely leave the reader(s) amused.


You know how hard you worked to elicit that ‘yes’ from her. It’s time to let your hair down and have a great time in a party which is also called your engagement ceremony.


When you want a formal tone in the message and keep it to the point, then this one will do.


This one is a subtle way of saying that marriage is on calendar soon, so save your holidays for it. You can also add an element of surprise by announcing your wedding date at the engagement ceremony.


This one is a simple love-centric invitation message. Good one when you want to keep things formal yet add a pinch of emotion to your solicitation.


When every moment spent with your beloved is nothing short of bliss and now you are overflowing with joy for you will spend rest of your life with your dear one.


Got a girl gang and want to declare your indomitable happiness of finding the right guy? Then express it with this apt invitation message.


Great way of announcing that you are about to begin a journey towards living a dream which you always dreamt and that is marrying your partner.


The buoyant nature of this invitation message will surely strike a chord with your bestie.


This one will be a good one to send out to common friends and acquaintances since they will get the gist of it immediately.


Let everyone know that your journey to your engagement has been of total commitment and perseverance towards your beloved.


This one is surely going to give you the most RSVPS. The rhymed use of words creates a deep impression on the reader along with communicating the invitation message.


A good one for parents when they are looking for an impressionable invitation message for the engagement ceremony.


It is always not necessary that parents send out sombre invitation message. If they have a fast friend from childhood, then this one will work great to invite them.


It can be used when you and your partner are issuing a common invitation with an intention to also declare your perennial love for each other.


The best invitation message you can send to your besties. The informal and quirky tone of the message will be best understood and appreciated only by a best friend.


You can use this one when the recipients are high profile individuals or someone whom your hold in high esteem and would love them to be a part of your celebrations.


Another invitation message with a play on words. It is a delightful way of inviting someone for your engagement ceremony.


When you have a relationship of reverence with your friend and would like to use more choicer words in the invitation.


Simple yet alluring. This one works great when all you want is to communicate an invitation with terse use of words.


These should be your choice of words when your engagement is on a Friday night. It undoubtedly conveys the point that the guest will have more than just an ring ceremony but a fun and frolic night.


A great one for parents who are sending out the invitations, and want to laden it with some humour and pleasantry.

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Having a pool-side engagement party? Then try out this message that effortlessly communicates the relaxed ambience your guests can expect.


Another great message for parents who would like to strike a light-hearted chord with their invitations.


After all, the journey for her to become your wife begins from your engagement. The perky use of words will surely leave your invitees smiling.


Your choice of words when you want no connotations in your invitation message and all you want to do is make a simple appeal to everyone to make your day special by their presence.


We all have those friends who can lighten up the atmosphere with their charming presence. One surely doesn’t want to miss them in an event like one’s engagement. This one will conveniently convey the point across to them.


Another simple invitation message which will ensure the message is carried across to the point to your invitees.


A formal invitation is the last thing you would think of when inviting your friends. This message will take care of the whimsical tone you would like to set while inviting your friends.


Sometimes, all that will help you calm the anxiety of an event like engagement is the presence of some close friends. This message will surely ensure they don’t miss the engagement ceremony.


When the celebrations are going to be big and everyone’s presence is needed. A simple message with amiable wordings.


When all you want to do is to send a simple uncluttered invitation message.


Often, you would need more than someone’s presence and therefore would like to send more than an invitation. This one is a great way of asking someone’s help for managing the arrangements of the ceremony.


This is a great message when you are sending the invitation to a couple whose presence you are looking forward to.


Another simple and subtle engagement invitation message which will always work great.


Can’t do without your best friend on your engagement day? Then this is the best way of sending across an invitation message.


Like said before, the starting point of your matrimonial journey begins at your engagement and you would love all to be a part of this.


You don’t have to be downbeat while inviting! Let the fun trickle down to the invitation as well.


Getting engaged before eloping is a good idea and everyone should be invited.


Straight to the point with a fun and frolic tone.


If you like to showcase some poetic talent then what better way to incorporate it in the invitation message.


There are always certain significant people to whom you would like to send a special invite. This one makes great wordings for their invite.


Communicate your confluence with this invitation message that is amusing and quite inviting.

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A good message to send across to common friends of the to-be bride and to-be bridegroom.
So these are our picks for engagement invitation wording ideas. So if you find yourself at a loss of words not knowing what to type or write, you know where to look.

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