10 Engagement Invitation Cards Ideas For The Awesome Couple

An engagement is a beautiful beginning to a lifetime of togetherness and is also a personal milestone in the journey that is marriage. And engagement invitation cards take the centre stage for being the first official announcement of your impending nuptials. A little window of sorts to the wonderful celebrations that lie just ahead.

Do you know The Origin Of The Engagement Ceremony?

The origins of wedding engagement began with the Jewish law, where the wedding consisted of two separate acts, called the Kiddushin (sanctification) vis-a-vis the betrothal, and the Chupah which is the actual wedding. TheKiddushin changes the couple’s interpersonal status, while Chupah is the legal change of status as man and wife.

This idea was later adopted by the Greeks as the Gamos and Engeysis ceromonies, with swearing the oath of marriage intent and the exchange of rings also being a borrowed phenomenon which later gained global acceptance and popularity.

Whether you are looking for something quirky, funny, traditional or something that bears a stamp as unique as yourself, our top 10 list has something for every couple.

1.The Polaroid:

The Polaroid

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Show em’ your love with this beautiful picture invite. A stylish set of hand written invites, with Polaroid prints that are finished in sepia, monochrome and vintage ivory. It can even be an inspiration for an interesting DIY project for the couple, making the engagement invitation cards even more personal and beautiful.

2.The Simple Modern:

Via: Source

Via: Source

A simple and modern engagement invitation card set in a gold and cream theme with embossed hearts in pink. Its easy to read and pleasing for the eyes.

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3.The Thumbprint:

The Thumbprint

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A rustic design on eco-friendly Kraft paper with the thumb prints of the couple placed askew to form the shape of a heart. A a very popular engagement design, but with an innovative personal touch.

4.The Photo Bookmark:


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A set of monochrome pictures of the couple designed to make a classy photo bookmark the guests can use everyday. Innovative and quaint, it is a sure shot way of making sure they remember the date, especially when paired with memorable engagement invitation wording.

5.The Photo Postcard:

The Photo Postcard

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A photo-postcard invite with the couple kissing outside the cinemas. An easy DIY idea for the couples that is quick, easy and can be printed at home.

6.The Digital Print:

The Digital Print

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An easy and quick digitally printable engagement card with a pleasing design that’s universally likeable. A very good choice for people on budget.

7.The Black & Gold Bow Tie:

The Black & Gold Bow Tie

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A glitzy black card with a golden bow tie. This is for those party lovers who are inviting friends for the most awesome engagement bash in town. Ever. Period.

8.The Wooden Board:

The Wooden Board

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A compelling combination of design elements from the most popular engagement invitations. The text is set in chalk over a black board, while the lights, the roses and the rustic wooden elements are designed around it; the combine to give this card a quirky, yet engaging theme.

9.The Fairytale:

The Fairytale

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A vintage scroll like theme with brown and black ink gives this engagement invitation old world charm. Designed like a tag, it can be hung as a decorative piece. This is one of those cards that ensures you get an amazing engagement gift as well!

10.The Tiffany & Co.

The Tiffany & Co.

Image: SDesignz

This is a beautiful Tiffany and Co. inspired engagement card. The card has a shimmery white theme with an engagement ring in the middle that features a semi-precious crystal. The invite comes with the iconic Tiffany blue coloured pochette that is tied with a white satin bow.