Engagement Invitation Ideas: 25 Romantic, Creative & Crazy Ones

Engagement invitation ideas are so hard to come by these days. Everything that you come up with has been done, re-done and probably overdone. You don’t want to be one in a flock now, do you?

Ideally, you’re supposed to send out your save the dates six to eight months in advance of your wedding to let your friends and family know that you’re finally getting hitched before the formal invitations.

People often have a special photo-shoot to send out photos as their save the dates, but here’s a brilliant idea, you can hire yourself a photographer, or even ask a friend to capture your proposal or post-proposal moments and send them off for your engagement invitation ideas! You ciould even use them as pre-wedding reminders!

So here is a mix of 25 engagement invitation ideas and marriage proposals to draw inspiration from.

1. Collage Sweethearts

Engagement Invitation Ideas - Collage Sweethearts

Goofy, cute and swoon-worthy; one of the cutest engagement invitation ideas. This save the date photo is perfect! No one can resist smiling at a cute candid photo pouring love.

2. Fishy News

Engagement Invitation Ideas - Fishy News

A newer choice among engagement invitation ideas, but a fun one. Coz you’re hooked! He’s reeled you in! She fished you out from the depths of the sea. I could go on with these fishy analogies. Apparently marriage is all about fishing, huh?

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3. Silhouettes

Engagement Invitation Ideas - Silhouettes

“Shadows speak when light cannot express.” Honestly, I thought it fits well as a tip for photography to capturing photos so brilliant and artistic like this one.

4. Fall For You

Engagement Invitation Ideas - Fall For You

This super cute photo is a must have. I mean who doesn’t love fall? The orange leaves, the slight cold breeze in the warm sun. Sure this photo is staged, but the feel is still amazing. One of the most classy engagement invitation ideas yet!

5. Chalk It Down

Engagement Invitation Ideas - Chalk It Down

Chalkboards are the next in-thing. Write down your dates on a cute little black board and pose with it. To make it cuter, throw in a dog with the board around his neck!

6. Rope In

Engagement Invitation Ideas - Rope In

Put your dates on a rope, hold it close for the camera and ta da! You have yourself a beautiful, tumblr-raging insta-breaking save the date winner of engagement invitation ideas. Coz you’re tying the knot.

7. Kings And Queens

Engagement Invitation Ideas - Kings And Queens

Quirky, cute and something people will definitely remember. This sweet side-walk art photo is a brilliant mémoire to have for the years to come.

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8. I Heart You

Engagement Invitation Ideas - I Heart You

Scenic photography has always had a great effect on the human mind, and these stills make for great engagement invitation ideas. Something about setting sun and still waters warms up your heart. And the cute couple-y picture just… makes sense.

9. Journey Home

Engagement Invitation Ideas - Journey Home

I’m all over this pic! Look at it! It’s got a theme, it looks as though we sneaked into their cute little moment. And the best part is that it’s in classic black and white. You literally CAN’T go wrong with black and white.

10. My Fairy Princess

Engagement Invitation Ideas - My Fairy Princess

Another black and white, slightly-out-of-focus, couple-in-love picture that would make anybody’s heart melt. (Unless you are fresh out of a bad break-up. In that case, this will make you weep buckets).

11. Water Wonderland

Engagement Invitation Ideas - Water Wonderland

Nature seems to be the crazy liked theme for most engagement invitation ideas. But the sell point, apart from the absolutely beautiful background and the brilliantly lit image, is the pose. It’s a classic lift that still makes any woman’s heart flutter

12. Yes!!

Engagement Invitation Ideas - Yes!!

Okay, yeah… so maybe it’s staged. But you cannot tell me that this is something you don’t want to see. That you will sit down at 2 a.m. and not re-blog this!

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13. Balloons

Engagement Invitation Ideas - Balloons

I’m having a field day with all the black and whites on the list. Honestly, this one doesn’t even need me to present its case. Just look at it! You know you want to be that couple. You already know.

14. Boats And Beauty

Engagement Invitation Ideas - Boats And Beauty

Winter/autumn proposals and engagement invitation ideas look so heavenly! The clouded sky casting a constant Valencia effect and the cold giving you even more reasons to come closer. A proposal at such a beautiful spot is only going to make the memory better.

15. Shoe ‘Em Your Love

Engagement Invitation Ideas - Shoe 'Em Your Love

The no-face save-the-date photos are soon picking up great popularity. These are quirky, chic-themed engagement invitation ideas that can be customised as and how you want them to be.

16. Sparkles

Engagement Invitation Ideas - Sparkles

There is something magical about glitter and you have to agree to that. Whether it’s because it reminds me of pixie or fairy dust or simply because of its shine, I don’t know. But either ways, it presents a magical element in engagement invitation ideas.

17. Hollywood-y

Engagement Invitation Ideas - Hollywood-y

If you are going to go ahead and have a photo-shoot and if you are hiring a professional photographer and edit designers and all that jazz, you might as well go all out and have stupendously ridiculous Hollywood movie posters mimicked as your engagement photos. Just go for it.

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18. Fingerprints On My Heart

Engagement Invitation Ideas - Fingerprints On My Heart

This one is for you cool artsy couple who are into technical professions or are really enthusiastic about minimalistic art. This picture is simple yet holds artistic merit, and I’m betting it’s hella cheap when compared to a Hollywood-themed photo-shoot.

19. Framed

Engagement Invitation Ideas - Framed

There is something about visual irony that humans can’t resist. But it does help to send the message across. Try this idea out with an old wooden frame or maybe you could hang a grand frame from the tree branch.

20. Umbrella!

Engagement Invitation Ideas - Umbrella!

Kissing under the umbrella is one of the most clichéd engagement invitation ideas yet a must-happen, if not for the world, then just for the two of you. A private little moment, captured perfectly.

Engagement Invitation Ideas - The Private Moment

Talking about private moments, this picture is bound to make you go gaga. Its so damn cute! This save-the-date is going to get you so many ‘aww’ s. I promise!

21. Pop-Up

Engagement Invitation Ideas - Pop-Up

Okay. So I saved the cool ones for the last. Look at this beautiful craft-work! How can you not throw your money at it? Literally anyone can be impressed by pop-up engagement invitation ideas. Everyone.

22. When Time Freezes Over

Engagement Invitation Ideas - When Time Freezes Over

Please, please, please find this place and re-create this photo. I bet all of my 10 toes that this is one of the most magical proposals that ever existed in this non-magical deadly logical earth!

23. For The Love of Summer

Engagement Invitation Ideas - For The Love of Summer

This one is for the summer birds. It’s beautiful and sunny outside and you’ve been planning to pop the question. Take her to a fancy picnic in the fields with trees (hopefully one with a river around there somewhere). It’ll be worth the hike.

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24. Is the Lucky Number

Engagement Invitation Ideas - Is the Lucky Number

I’m all for close-ups but sometimes the better picture is a bigger picture. This is one of the engagement invitation ideas for a staged pre-wedding engagement photo idea. But that doesn’t mean you need to act out the clichéd poses. Do what your heart feels like. Candid pics are the best. Believe me.

25. The English Spring

Engagement Invitation Ideas - The English Spring

If you can manage to propose in a cherry blossom tree filled street then GO FOR IT. If not, this is a brilliant replacement. And the smiles she sports that day is something you want to remember her by for the rest of your lives.

So that was my list of cute and romantic engagement invitation ideas. If you think I have missed out on a few, lemme know!

Till then, happy lovin!

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