10 Engagement Gift Ideas For Couples

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You return from work tired and settle into the couch with a drink. You imagine the card on your table giving you a sly look as if to say, “Ignore me until it’s too late, haha…can’t wait to see you weep later!”

That’s an engagement party invite on your table and it knows! You are not someone who is creative at gifting. While it’s not compulsory to carry a gift, you won’t look good walking in empty handed. But then you have no idea what would make a good engagement gift! All you can think of are flowers and a wine/champagne bottle or…..

FEAR NOT! We have put together a list of brilliant gift ideas. These won’t burn a hole in your pocket and there is an off-chance the couple will be so touched by your thoughtfulness they might introduce you to a cute cousin of theirs (if you are single, that is).

Who are you picking the gift for? Is it for your BFF/a close friend/a family acquaintance/a relative/a co-worker/ for two friends getting married? Here are some beautiful ideas that you could use for any of them.

Tip: Use the little/lot you know about the couple to choose a gift that will feel like them and that they can use together.

1. Groom The Broom (Bride + Groom = Broom)

KAMA: Luxury Ayurveda for pre-wedding beauty regimens for him and her.

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LUSH: A kaleidoscope of bathing pleasure.


Just drop the bomb and sink into the bright colours and luxuriating aromas!

2. Fragrances

Scented Soy Candles: Create lasting olfactory memories!

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Psst…! Our olfactory senses have a powerful influence on our moods. Don’t forget to light one on those ‘special nights’.

Matching Fragrances

Most couples would have thought of coordinating their outfits but not of coordinating their scents.

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And no! It’s not cheesy! Couple fragrances that complement each other raise the couple’s chic quotient.

Tip: Check Vogue’s “Couple fragrances” piece to know which pairings work!

3. Best Used Together

DIY prop for the pre-wedding photo-shoot

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Enclose a note on how you look forward to seeing the pics on your Instafeed.

Adoration Spoons

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Every mouthful the couple eats from the other’s hand will include a declaration of love.

What a brilliant idea! Don’t like mouthing ‘I LOVE U’? Fear, it will sound too cliché?

This is a perfect way to express your feelings without saying them out loud.

Couple That Drinks Coffee Together Stays Together

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Okay! I made that up. These beautiful coffee mugs can be personalized with the initial letter of each couples name.

Your daily dose of morning coffee never looked better!

Couple Watches

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These ones from Fossil are the most understated yet elegant time-keepers we have seen in a long time. The couple will ‘crow with joy’ when they see this one! Okay maybe not! We definitely did.

4. Gourmet Foods

Food coma for tired brooms.

Home-made Jams

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Specialty Teas/Coffees

5. Sage Advice From The Wise Ones

This one will have the most impact on the couple’s marriage.

*All three books available on Amazon.

Remember Robin Williams as the annoying priest who makes couples pass his “marriage preparation course” in License To Wed? He was hilarious! The film drives home how even the most in-love couples are totally unprepared for marriage.

Divorce rates are pushing states in USA to consider compulsory marriage prep courses prior to a legal wedding!

6. Chemistry Through Cooking


Cooking with chemistry to build your chemistry. For couples who are foodies and MasterChef fans, this will make a great gift. A molecular gastronomy recipe book – ‘Cooking project’ and ‘Science experiment’ combined! What a fun idea!

7. Home Décor

Kiss & Makeup Hourglass

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All white hourglass with Kiss & Makeup written across it. This powerful home accent will help couples adhere to the first rule of a successful marriage:

#1: Never go to bed angry with each other.

Tea-Lights At Twilight

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Lotus tea-light holders are the perfect way to light up the couple’s romantic dinner dates.

Hidden Perk: They make beautiful home accents and party décor items.

8. The New ‘House of Stork’

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Personalized couple insignia complete with their initials on a regal wax stamp? How cool will their wedding invites look with this vintage touch?! Can’t wait for your invite?

9. Couldn’t Pick A Gift? Cash It Has To Be

Not embarrassing at all! It will just go into their wedding budget/piggy bank. Hell! Most couples face a cash crunch during weddings, so you might have just helped them. But packaging the cash creatively can never hurt. A littledeception never hurts!

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If you have a mithai/chocolate box lying around and some cupcake liners in your kitchen, you are rescued. Just use notes of different denominations rolled and placed neatly in each cupcake liner like this lady here did.

Alt + Ctrl (alternatives that will bring the situation under control)

Shagun Boxes

Order some shagun boxes for occasions like this. This beats handing an envelope.

10. Sweet Memories For Her, Memory Aids For Him

Research has now validated that what men forget, women remember. They found women remember their own life stories better and in greater detail, they are natural autobiographers.

Men on the other hand are often sketchy on both dates and details. Lands them in trouble, it does! They forget birthdays, anniversaries, first meeting, first date, the day she said ‘yes’, her parents birthdays, his parents birthdays….phew!

The Perfect gifts that match their talents….

The Bride-To-Be Book: A Journal of Memories From the Proposal to “I Do”

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The bride can record all the details on her thoughts and feelings as she prepares to be married. She will revisit this book many times later, wondering if there were warning signs she ignored(just kidding!)

Birthdays + Anniversaries Book

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The groom can record all the details that the bride would expect him to remember. Trust me, this simple exercise will save him a lot of marital grief.

Finally, what’s the best gift you could give? We feel it’s one that will make some beautiful memories for the couple.

If you liked any of our ideas and decide to use them, do share your experience with us.

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