10 Best Engagement party Decoration ideas That Are Oh So Very Charming

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Engagement is the first step, for two very like minded and madly in love souls to team up and take on that crazy adventure called living together. Unlike a wedding which mostly is a very public celebration, an engagement is a relatively private affair. It’s more of a get together with friends and family where you formalize your commitment to each other as a couple. Hence the tone, theme, flavor and the setting of an engagement is very different from that of a wedding or any other celebration for that matter. It’s got to be romantic, and most importantly feel personal. So if you’re looking for engagement decoration ideas, we’ve picked out some of the most interesting engagement decorations that are the perfect blend of romance, style, elegance and simplicity.

1. The Paper Heart Curtains

A very simple, easy and DIY idea of paper hearts pinned to a thread and placed as curtains. You can have different colored papers for different places and even write or paint the hearts with personal messages. A simple decoration like this will give the whole place a very lively and intimate feel.

2. Burlap And Lace, Mason Jar Flower Vases

A beautiful DIY engagement decorations idea that will surely stand out. Design and garnish solid pieces of burlap with beautiful laces and wrap them around mason jars to create your unique and personalized set of flower vases to place around the venue. These can even double up as personalized giveaways for guests at the party.

3. Let Love Sparkle

A simple slate with a message that reads “let love sparkle” along with a bunch of eco-friendly sparkles for the guests can really set the stage for the celebration. You can build around the idea and also include a “lead the way” ceremony for the couple to walk in holding hands or as a stage for the dance party at night. Engagement decoration ideas don’t come any simpler, and the chalk and board gives off a charming vintage wedding decoration theme!

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4. The Heart Shaped Theme With Floating Balloons

Who wouldn’t love balloons? The cute cupid, heart shaped balloons is a simple, happy theme for an engagement. Tying ’em up to those lovely candle lanterns only adds to the pretty decor all round. An idea that can definitely be an option for the engagement party.

5. The Up-side Down Glass Candle Stands

A piece of decoration so simple that you will actually fall in love with the idea. Turn around wine goblets or champagne glasses, put a nice flower (preferably a rose) inside the glass and use the base of the glass (which is the exposed flat top) to place a candle on it. You can use it all over the place and keep changing the flowers to suit the theme and setting in that area/part of the engagement venue.

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6.The Love Balloons

A set of alphabet shaped balloons put together to form the word LOVE. An engagement decoration that you can further personalize: with names or initials of the couple, the engagement date and more. The balloons by the way are available on most of the e-comm sites, and are reminiscent of the wedding balloon decoration style.

7. The Mud Flower Pots

Another engagement decorations idea that’s very easy to do. Place mud flower pots all over the place to give the venue a distinct natural and rural theme. You can have a pre-engagement get-together where friends can help with the pottery. This DIY idea surely adds to the fun and bonding that’s associated with an engagement!

8. Sea Blue Theme With ‘Two Less Fish In The Sea’ Monogram

A perfect idea for a sea side engagement party with a beautifully monogrammed picture that reads “two less fish in the sea”. A light-hearted idea that will surely brighten up your celebrations!

9. The Ladder Frames

Put the old mason ladders from the barn to good use. An amazing decor idea where you can deck up the old ladders with flowers and candles placed randomly at different levels or even picture frames. A rustic decoration idea that will be a conversation starter.

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10.The Beer Boat

Here’s an idea that isn’t exactly about the decor but still a cool one to include ( it will definitely find many takers). If you are planning a beach engagement party or cocktail dinner rent or buy a wooden boat, fill it up with ice and you have a super-cool icebox for your drinks. You can even color the boat according to the theme of the party. Isn’t this awesome?

11.The Rustic Open Party

A perfect decoration idea for an outdoor engagement, with dangling clear yellow bulbs all over to light up the place. The idea is to make the theme look open – be it the setting, the decor or the lighting. This is a great example of a simple rustic theme with the bulbs on a clothesline, giving the engagement party a warm glowing look.

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