10 Lip-smacking Engagement Cakes to Tastefully Sweeten Celebrations

People desire things of a singular nature; the mark of uniqueness is what sets them apart from the rest of the milling crowd. The aesthetic and theme of your engagement can be perfectly complemented by the right choice of engagement cake. And your choice in the matter is only limited, sadly, by your wallet. Scroll on and read for some interesting ideas that go beyond the usual veil of interest!

1. Animal Inspired Cakes

Animal Inspired Cakes

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What says India more than elephants and peacocks? Well, tigers I suppose, and a host of other things, but those aren’t that relevant to your nuptials. Cake decorators are taking things to whole new levels with these gorgeous engagement cakes which actually add to the decor of the function. Deck out your birds and elephants in the colours of your choice, choose from myriad colours and textures, and you can even choose to make the howdah or the feathers edible as well. Imagine a peacock feather crafted from dark chocolate with little bits of white chocolate to help in making it look pretty, oh the tastegasms you will have!

2. The Cupcake Falls Close to The Cake

The Cupcake Falls Close to The Cake

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In addition to your centrepiece cake, you can have many little satellite cupcakes that complement the tone. Making it easier to get cake from the table and into your guests’ mouths by removing the hassle of cutting, these are a definite shoo in. Besides, they are supremely cute and who doesn’t get a thrill from eating something cute? The facilitation of the cup also makes eating a cupcake a much easier and admittedly tidier process than trying to eat a slice of cake without getting some crumbs, or heaven forbid, some cream on your fancy and expensive wedding dress.

3. Nouveau Generation Designs

Catch all the vibrancy and youth of your relationship and crystallize them in the form of an engagement cake. Tell your story, even though it might be only read in crumbs and bits of cream. With advances in food technology, you can print almost any conceivable thing on the face of your cake, and still get to eat it. You’ll have your cake and eat it too.

4. Follow the Bride

The Cupcake Falls Close to The Cake

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It’s not just the bride that is decked up these days. You can choose to have something that looks like a saree, but which is actually folded layers of tasty goodness, that is thrown artfully across the rest of the stunningly decorated cake.

5. Layered Opulence

Layered Opulence

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3 tiers or more, commission a tower of beauty, surpassing extravagance. Bejewelled engagement cakes with gems to catch the light and let it flare as bright as your impending romance.

6. Flowers Everywhere!

Flowers Everywhere

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Flowers bloom and help love to blossom, this is now true especially for cakes. And what better way to give flowers to your partner than letting him or her eat them in the form of sugar, butter and chocolate. With the whole spectrum of colour to choose from, your only problem will be – well choices. Take a gander at some of these beauties!

This one is even done with a wood finish and handmade fondant flowers.

7. Art is Smart

If you want to go off the beaten track, then don’t go into medicine or engine… I mean get an arty cake. Dazzle your guests and loved ones with this modern art cake; which, if it were a painting would be sold for a bajillion dollars! (This estimate is brought to you by people who have no idea about the appreciation evaluation of what is considered to be modern art.)

8. Get Funky!

Get Funky!

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Why get a normal, boring cake when you can get one that doesn’t look like a cake at all! Go wild and ask for the impossible, you never know what you might end up getting.

9. Make a Note: Strawberries + Chocolate = Goodly Gooey Awesome.

The utility of the combination of strawberries and chocolate is endless, and has far more potential for implementation than on cake. Mind you; other methods might require experimentation. Prepare yourself for these scintillating treats!

10. Take it to The Next Level, Figuratively Of Course.

Lip-smacking Engagement Cakes next level

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Leave behind your old notions of cake, the sky is only the beginning. Your imagination can soar and bring you to gastronomic heights seldom seen by people.

This one rests on a water tank that is backlit. Did I mention that it has live fish? It has live fish.

You want cake, but you also want a fountain. You can have both!

Light up your engagement with this beauty!

You have an amazing cake fit for royalty, but you’re not sure where to put it exactly? Simple, put in on wheels!

Up your bling quotient with this massive, Swarovski crystal embedded cake that comes with its own chandelier!

Raise your family and friends expectations and bring them up high with this top-down stunner!

11. Tiered Designs

 Tiered Designs

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If you want to be classy, while still going for a more traditional cake, then something like these superbly designed cakes would be more to your pace.