10 Endearing Good Morning Love Sms For Girlfriend To Make Her Smile

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A new day, a fresh beginning! Ah, how wonderful would it be on this wonderful morning to wake your girlfriend up with a beautiful and romantic message filled with love, so share your love for her and let her know that the first thoughts to enter your mind in the morning are thoughts of her! These 12 romantic love smses for your girlfriend will do the trick.


This is the perfect good morning sms for caffeine addicts, and of course, those with a sense of humour.


This simple and straightforward love message is honest and endearing, and will make her feel special and wanted – the perfect feelings to start a beautiful day.

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This is a good morning love sms that tells you girlfriend that she is the first thought that entered your mind that morning. You don’t need fancy prose to make her feel special.

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This beautiful love quote that tells your girl friend how special she is and how blessed you are, this quote that will make her blush as she begins another day full of love, all thanks to you!


This good morning love sms carries a positive message that is sure to boost her confidence and kick start her day with a bang! It is always nice to make your partner feel loved and special, and nothing is better that starting it with a lovely good morning sms.


This is an awesome love quote that could be the perfect good morning sms to send to your gorgeous girlfriend. Share your love for her, and tell her every day and every sunrise is an opportunity to love her even more!

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Subtle in its tone, this is a message you could put to use when things aren’t actually going your way but still want her to know that you care and are always there.

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This funny love sms that is sure to make your girlfriend start her day with a smile on her face. Share it and we’re sure you’ll have a real good day as well!


This simple message of love that speaks of how much you always care for her, wish her well and want to be there for her.

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Telling a girl she’s beautiful as soon as she gets up is great way to express your love and admiration for her, so why not tell her so with this romantic good morning sms.

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