10 Unique Lace Wedding Gowns That Exude Elegance

A wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event, and a bride in a beautiful wedding gown is a precious memory that will never fade away. It is the most important day in her life so far and so for every bride, her wedding gown is not just a very special dress but also a manifestation of her personality, and a reminder of some of the greatest moments in her life.

There are many types of bridal gowns and each has its own unique appeal. A bride has umpteen styles of fabrics to choose from, be it velvet gowns, brocades, crepes, chiffons, rare silks or even exquisite satin gowns. These fabrics and their designs have always had a life cycle but one style of fabric that has always held its appeal, and in the process become an example of timeless design is the lace wedding gown. Lace wedding gowns have been a favorite of several brides-to-be, from the princesses of yore to the latest, trendy fashionistas on the circuit. If you’ve always dreamt of elegantly walking down the aisle in a beautiful lace wedding gown, then we have just the list you need to see:

1. The 2016 Rosa Clara From The Barcelona Bridal Week

The 2016 Rosa Clara From The Barcelona Bridal Week

The 2016 Rosa Clara range was the hot favorite at this year’s Bridal Fashion Week in Barcelona. The lace gowns on display are inspired by the divas of the ‘30s and ‘40s with their bateau necklines, clean sleeveless design, and beautiful zoom lace backs in intricate floral patterns that are just exquisite. The lace design continues up to the waist and culminates into the shape of a waist band, enhancing the look and theme of this gorgeous lace wedding gown.

2. Zuhair Murad’s “Look at Me”

Lace Wedding Gowns - Zuhair Murad's

Zuhair Murad is a red-carpet favorite who has mastered the art of gorgeous gown making. This beautiful deep necked and full sleeved lace wedding gown was a part of Zuhair Murad’s widely acclaimed Bridal Spring 2016 wedding gown collection. Truly a gorgeous lace gown from the stables of one of the modern masters of bridal fashion, and a fine choice for any bride.

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3. Vintage Lace Wedding Dress

Vintage Lace Wedding Gown

A vintage styled lace wedding dress with clean cuts, a beautiful neckline and a flawless hemline, similar to the one worn by many Hollywood starlets back in the roaring ‘60s and happening ‘70s. A gown that is as subtle and as it is stunning, and an ideal choice for the bride who wants a lace wedding gown that is subdued, simple, and yet, of course, very stylish.

4. Amsale Aberra’s “Flesh, Buff, Mocha”

Lace Wedding Gowns - Amsale Aberra's

As one of America’s most popular couture wedding gown designers, Amsale Aberra showed us the most excellent use of the slightest pop of colour in her amazing bridal collection. Every designer likes to give their own names to designs and colors, and she calls this subtle tinge of colored lace design the “Flesh, Buff, Mocha”. A subtle change in color makes this boldly styled lace wedding gown a beautiful modern wedding dress, perfectly in sync with the sensibilities of the contemporary bride.

5. The Princess’s Ball Gown

Lace Wedding Gowns - The Princess's Ball Gown

A beautiful open-back, milk white wedding gown with a very modern lace design that is sure to make the bride feel like a princess. In fact, this lace wedding gown is inspired by the royal ball gowns of the British Aristocracy and this is one regal gown that will make you look like and feel like the prettiest bride on the planet on your big day, a description we’d agree with.

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6. Amelia Sposa’s Lace Bridal Gown

Amelia Sposa's Lace Bridal Gown

An alluring wedding gown with feminine detailing, a gorgeous silhouette and an intricate lace design. Amelia Sposa’s bridal dresses are known for their exquisite detailing and beautiful designs, and this lace wedding gown is reminiscent of what Kate Middleton wore for her wedding. A gown that makes you feel special, don’t you like it already?

7. Michael Cinco’s “Lilac Low Neck”

Lace Wedding Gowns - Michael Cinco's

A colourful lace wedding gown designed by Michael Cinco, this low neck lace wedding gown is one of the few good non-white wedding dress options in the market. This gown is beautifully done in a light shade of lilac that is very subtle and pleasing to the eye. The lace design is non-obtrusive and pleasantly complements the theme and scheme of the gown’s design. An excellent choice, if white wedding gowns aren’t your thing.

8. The Comfy Coffee By Cathy Telle

Lace Wedding Gowns - The Comfy Coffee By Cathy Telle

A beautifully flowing non corseted lace wedding gown in a gorgeous coffee colour, this Cathy Telle creation features subdued style and detailing, and a simple, yet gorgeous contrast of white lace work in floral form. It is an offbeat choice that, through its elegance, stands out and has you looking the very picture of grace on the most important day of your life.

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9. The Magical Mint Lace Wedding Gown

The Magical Mint Lace Wedding Gown

Another stunning, non-traditional choice is this lace wedding gown featuring a subtle mint shade. With simple lace work on the neckline that is highlighted by the choice of color, this mint colored lace wedding gown is gorgeous and distinct. This beautiful lace wedding gown can not only look exquisite on the blushing bride, but be an inspiration for the wedding theme as well.

10. The Beautiful Ombre

Lace Wedding Gowns - The Beautiful Ombre

One of the most unconventional, yet most appealing designs on the list, this yellow wedding gown with an ombre effect all through its length, and a deep stunning lace V neck is just out of this world. A must have for the fashionable and decidedly colourful bride looking for a lace wedding gown that will make her stand out wedding day, and how!