12 Brilliant Engagement Bands That Are Better Than Rings

If you have been debating between a band or a ring or unsure of what really is the difference between the two – let’s just say you are not alone. Somebody who has been recently engaged, I found myself in similar shoes a liitle while back and the conclusion I arrived after discussions with my friends, colleagues and hours of research, online was this – “An engagement band is an engagement ring that makes your life much easier”. Sounds simple isn’t it? Well, engagement rings are regular conventional rings with elaborate, intricate and heavy designs, not to mention, bulging bejeweled crests. If that is not your idea of an engagement ring, then there are these light and easy-to-wear engagement bands to fit your liking. Mind you, they aren’t plain Jane. Don’t believe us? Check out the stunning list of 12 enchanting engagement bands that promise to blow you away.

1.The Victoria Diamond Engagement Band Victoria Diamond Engagement Band - Engagement Bands

A representative of the classic 1930’s Victorian style diamond paved engagement bands, in pure platinum by Temsah Jewelers. An elegant and stylish engagement band that will take you back in time. Royalty when it comes to engagement ring bands.

2. The 14 kt White Gold And Diamonds Eternity Engagement Band

White Gold And Diamonds Band - Engagement Bands

A stunning 15mm wide diamond engagement band with eternity diamond setting on a 14 kt white gold ring. A light and intricate engagement ring that exudes style and substance.

3. The Vintage Bezel Set Diamond Engagement Band

Vintage Bezel Set Diamond Engagement Band - Engagement Bands

Search as you might, you will be hard pressed to find a unique engagement ring as lovely as this 14 kt white gold eternity engagement band with a vintage theme inspired bezel diamond arrangement is striking and exquisite in its style and feel. Something you should consider, if you are going for the vintage element.

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4. The Gold Wheat Patterned Engagement Band

Gold Wheat Patterned Engagement Band - Engagement Bands

The wheat engraving pattern for wedding/engagement rings is seriously old school, but it also happens to be one style/design theme that is truly timeless. A ring that is classy, and one that has an old-world appeal.

5. The Baguette Eternity Engagement Band

Baguette Eternity Engagement Band - Engagement Bands

This stunning blend of yellow gold with black rhodium and machine cut baguette diamonds is another great option for those who are opting for the vintage look, but don’t want to opt for a gold engagement ring.

6. The Etched Floral Pattern Platinum Engagement Band

Etched Floral Pattern Ring - Engagement Bands

This is an early 1900s- era antique ring which features a particularly unique floral pattern etched on to the platinum engagement band. This minimalistically styled option is perfect for brides who don’t want any bling on their engagement band, but like to have a simple and intricate detailing.

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7. The Gold And Black Hammered Wood Grain Engagement Rings

Gold And Black Wood Grain - Engagement Bands

A beautiful pair of light wood grain engraved engagement rings in black metal alloy and pure yellow gold. A perfect pair of rings for the pretty couple who wish to have their initials of personal messages for each other engraved on the insides of the rings.

8. The Curved Stackable Engagement Rings

Curved Stackable Rings - Engagement Bands

A set of three stackable simple curved gold and diamond engagement rings that you could have for your engagement. Something very unique and different.

9.The Square Gold Engagement Ring With An Onyx

Square Gold Band - Engagement Bands

One of the most unconventional designs on this list, this square gold engagement ring sure makes a bold style statement, and the square onyx stone on top makes it even more unique. A ring that will truly stand out.

10. The Woodland Designs’ Range Of Engagement Bands

Woodlands Design Bands - Engagement Bands

The Woodland Design’s range of nature inspired engagement rings have tons of options to choose from. A vibrant palette of colors, trees and textures adds to the appeal of this range of engagement rings. An easy-to-use and maintain, modern and unconventional engagement band option that you can consider.

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11. The Wood And Silver Engagement Band

Wood And Silver - Engagement Bands

Probably one of the coolest designs on the list, this engagement band is a modern mix of seasoned wood and machine polished pure silver. A silver engagement band that looks like it was dipped in wood! A fascinating option for the experimental bride or groom-to-be, especially those looking for the feel of an antique engagement ring married to something natural.

12. The Hand Forged And Stamped Latitude And Longitude Engagement Ring

Latitude And Longitude Band - Engagement Bands

A custom-made hand-forged and stamped silver engagement band which has the coordinates of a place – it could be the place you first met or the place where you are engaged. The longitudes and latitudes look cool and almost like an encrypted message on the engagement band. A must-have engagement band for the geography nerds out there.