51 Emotional Love Quotes: Can You Handle The Truth?

Ah, love. Of which so much has been written, that it seems almost impossible to say anything new and worthwhile on the subject. And yet, millions across the globe do just that every single day to great effect. For every situation that a lover may find themselves in, there have been a thousand who have been there before. Of course, their experiences, contexts and understanding needn’t at all be similar to ours, but hey, it would be silly to think that we have nothing to learn from there.

Here are 51 outstanding emotional love quotes that can help us better understand, experience and cope with whatever situation we are dealing with – whether it’s understanding a past love or best handling our current situation.

1. Emotional Love Quotes - Only Fools

Aye, this emotional love quote be true! If almost the totality of humanity since time immemorial is to be considered foolish, then either the definitions have to change or I’m very much a fool as well.

2. Emotional Love Quotes - A Decision

It’s a decision because the simpler thing to do is back away and convince yourself that it’s not worth it, it’s going to hurt or it’s going to use up all of your time – all of which are valid reservations. It’s a judgement because you think the reward is worth it, and it’s a promise because it just is.

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3. Emotional Love Quotes - Experienced By The Many Enjoyed By The Few

This is such a cynical view on love and yet we’re not really keen on simply discarding it as such, because underneath our hopeful and optimistic exterior, we wonder if there’s some truth in the statement, and more importantly, which side we’ll eventually end up on.

4. Emotional Love Quotes - Light And Shadows

If everyone were to objectively analyse the context, consequences and course of action whenever the opportunity for love presented itself, nobody would ever be in love.

5. Emotional Love Quotes - Perfection

We’ve all heard variations of the above quote but when you pause to look at all of the statistics and stories of couples who all want to change something in their partners, you have to wonder, we hear, but do we ever listen?

6. Emotional Love Quotes - Sometimes We Cry

No one says you have to keep being strong, because, well, you can’t. Not everyone who cries does so at the first sight of trouble in paradise, some have just lived through “hell” for too long.

7. Emotional Love Quotes - Love Doesn't Hurt

This emotional love quote makes the fundamental difference and while it sounds as crazy as the NSA’s “guns don’t kill people, people kill people argument,” love isn’t inherently a weapon of destruction. It just happens to warp into one with one too many wrong moves and choices.

8. Emotional Love Quotes - To Love Means

“If I can’t have you, nobody should ever have you” sounds about right if you have the emotional maturity of a fourteen year old. Keep wearing your grudge like a crown and it will soon attach itself to your head permanently – a reminder of how you only “loved” for self-benefit and so, never at all.

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9. Emotional Love Quotes - The Most Powerful Emotion

It’s hard to argue against this point, especially when one sees the crime section of the papers filled with stories of “crimes of passion.” In love, everyone seems to mean well right up to the point where they actually (often physically) hurt someone.

10. Emotional Love Quotes - You Still Care About It

If you’re thinking about it, you “care” about it in some form or the other and it’s clearly affecting you. It sucks. But it is what it is.

11. Emotional Love Quotes - It's Okay

Do it. Do it now. And if anyone demands such an ideal from you then tell go right ahead and tell them of this emotional love quote too.

12. Emotional Love Quotes - Something We Never Had

There’s a difference between what could have been and missing something that’s pure fantasy. There is no right and wrong, but it’s quite amazing the kinds of things we can contrive and then of all things, miss!

13. Emotional Love Quotes - Indifference

This is the quote we were referencing from earlier. Not caring and truly not giving a damn is very different from actively taking time out to hate something.

14. Emotional Love Quotes - Someone Who Know How

Margaret Mitchell’s take on love is a pretty sound one. We are sure there is some research out there that backs up the wonderful things being lovingly and routinely kissed does for a person, but we don’t need to read it to be sure of the conclusion.

15. Emotional Love Quotes - Tis Better

Lord Tennyson’s eternal emotional love quotes echo every time the subject of love is brought up, and not for nothing. If we were to simplify his message into something almost unrecognisable (and still useful), it would be this: Maybe two months after love has passed you by (or six months, or six years), you’re going to look back and smile at the moments that made you smile even back then, and you’re going to be glad whatever happened happened at all.

16. Emotional Love Quotes - Love's One Condition

If you’ve not come across such a feeling in all of your experience with romantic love, ask your grandparents. If that’s not an option, ask a mother how she feels about her child. That is the ideal.

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17. Emotional Love Quotes - One Is Loved

Paulo Coelho often weighed in with his feelings on the subject of love, and more often than not the world sat up and took notice. Don’t try and justify the “why,” just go with it.

18. Emotional Love Quotes - It Doesn't Matter

Roald Dahl is another writer whose nuanced thoughts on love aren’t as apparent as some of the other great writers of our time, but whose profound sayings shape our understanding of that complex state of being for the better.

19. Emotional Love Quotes - At Ever And Ever Sight

Vladimir Nabokov was a literary powerhouse whose description of love in his novel Lolita has been as controversial as it has been influential. Here, in this emotional love quote, he describes that which a few of us feel, nay, know when we come across it.

20. Emotional Love Quotes - Love Doesn't Just Sit There

You can erect a monolithic testament to your love for the other; take a look at the Taj Mahal for example. But even the Taj, that resplendent metaphor for true love is built upon the everyday connection, interaction and shared love of a husband and wife.

21. Emotional Love Quotes - Being Unable To Love

Fyodor Dostoyevsky knew a thing or two about hell, it was he who first documented the filth, poverty and squalor of St. Petersburg and the reality of the lives of the ultra poor. Even within such a setting, the true hell for Dostoyevsky was an absence of love, and the scope of never being able to find it.

22. Emotional Love Quotes - The Highest Function

You don’t need a lover, you need your lover. You don’t miss boys in general you miss your boyfriend and that’s what love is all about.

23. Emotional Love Quotes - We Can't Escape It

The above emotional love quote by Murakami makes for some truly unpleasant reading, but burying our heads in the sand about such a thing isn’t going to help. Sometimes, that is the inescapable truth and if you can face it with some degree of grace then you have done well enough.

24. Emotional Love Quotes - The Past Always Looks Better

Notice how memories of a love most painful only seem to throw up the times spent cuddling and eating ice cream, and never the raging fights and heated, hurtful disagreements? So do we.

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25. Emotional Love Quotes - Set Them Free

The hardest thing to do, but it also ends up freeing you as much as it frees the other person.

26. Emotional Love Quotes - Love Balances Life

No matter how hurt you have been, no matter how low you are, being loved and truly cared for – and having someone to love – can change all of that.

27. Emotional Love Quotes - Caution In Love

Some say throw caution to the wind, some, including the author of this particular emotional love quote, call it the most powerful and dangerous force in the world… who do we believe? The optimists, of course.

28. Emotional Love Quotes - The Only One Who Is

The sweetest of all paradoxes.

29. Emotional Love Quotes - Music And Lyrics

Next time you have your favourite tune on repeat, pay attention to your mood and what part of the song you’re focusing on exactly.

30. Emotional Love Quotes - The One That Got Away

We covet that which cannot get far more than the things that are within our grasp (and probably better for us). Just what it means to be human, I suppose.

31. Emotional Love Quotes - Just Maybe

Seriously! Beating yourself up over not being able to remove someone or something from your head is sometimes fair enough (like when they cheat on you and you still pine for them), but when no such thing has happened, pay attention to what you really want!

32. Emotional Love Quotes - Love Is Complete Trust

Isn’t it just? Hence the “only fools rush in” quip.

33. Emotional Love Quotes - An Irresistible Desire

Mark Twain gave us this emotional love quote, and yes, that is one understanding of love that many people (especially those struggling with unrequited emotions) can relate to perfectly well.

34. Emotional Love Quotes - The Offspring Of Spiritual Affinity

Kahlil Gibran urging those going to marriage therapy to not bother? Not really, but the point of his message would only be missed by a fool or a masochist.

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35. Emotional Love Quotes - The Act Of Returning To The Present

Just to add to the excellent point made by Caroline Myss, it’s important to remember the wise words of Marlene Dietrich who said “Once a woman has forgiven a man, she mustn’t reheat his sins for breakfast.” Her point, of course, applies just as well to men too.

36. Emotional Love Quotes - Sometimes You Create Something That Isn't Really There

This emotional love quote by Johnny Depp, perhaps regaling tales of his youth?

37. Emotional Love Quotes - The Right Person

The corollary holds true also: The wrong person will cease to make an effort once they “have” you.

38. Emotional Love Quotes - Our Link With The Others

If a lifetime of Buddhist learning is required to understand the above, let us just try and take her words to heart even if we don’t understand the implications of this emotional love quote fully well yet.

39. Emotional Love Quotes - The Only Real Emotion Is Love

Sometimes all of the Hollywood depictions of the mega rich and the wolves of Wall Street and their ilk lead us to the conclusion that love isn’t the end goal, and that maybe Bentham was right in his “live it up” philosophy, but deep down even we know that true happiness lies elsewhere…

40. Emotional Love Quotes - Show And Tell

Actions speak louder than words.

41. Emotional Love Quotes - There Will Come A Time

One of the better definitions of the notoriously hard to define concept of love we’ve ever heard.

42. Emotional Love Quotes - It's About Being True

See, sometimes you see an emotional love quote, and you’re not sure love is supposed to be an effort; but it kind of is. That’s like the only explanation for the fact that love actually exhausts you even when you both know you want it for now and forever after.

43. Emotional Love Quotes - Say A Little More

Life is short and missed opportunities, or even worse, weak showings hurt more than anything else.

44. Emotional Love Quotes - Love Outlives Us

Case in point: The Taj Mahal. Or your future grand kids.

45. Emotional Love Quotes - Just The Cherry On Top

If you don’t love yourself, don’t expect somebody else to do so.

46. Emotional Love Quotes - If You Have Love

Ann Landers makes a simple point very clear with this emotional love quote: first sort out the love, then aim for that Lamborghini.

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47. Emotional Love Quotes - Love And Kindness Are Never Wasted

A hard to get over feeling is the “wasted time” syndrome, where one rues the time lost in a relationship that didn’t work out. There is no such thing as wasted love.

48. Emotional Love Quotes - Love Deeply

Love breeds love.

49. Emotional Love Quotes - Those Who Fear Life Are Already Dead

Bertrand Russell doesn’t mince his words here – love is not a thing to fear.

50. Emotional Love Quotes - All It's Cracked Up To Be

We already knew this, but just in case we weren’t fully sure, here’s an emotional love quote to remind you.

51. Emotional Love Quotes - Honey To The Bees

Victor Hugo showing us why he’s one of the most respected poets of all time. Maybe your life isn’t like a flower, except that when you think about it, it probably is.