18 Effective Fitness, Beauty & Makeup Secrets From Ayesha Takia

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We are back! This time with the beauty and fitness secrets of another celebrity—the super curvaceous Ayesha Takia Azmi!

With ‘Tarzaan-The Wonder Car’, Ayesha quickly made her mark in the Bollywood. She was not only noticed for her innocent looks, but also received an award for her very first film! Known for her versatile acting skills, she married Farhan Azim, her long time boyfriend. Farhan Azim is a restaurateur and son of Samajwadi Party leader Abu Azmi. Now she is happily playing the role of a mother! She gave birth to her first child in December last year.

The ever-so-beautiful Ayesha has won millions of hearts with her simplicity and beauty. She is down to earth and the-girl-next-door beauty. She is someone to whom we all admire and aspire to be like her! She looks super gorgeous even without makeup! And her super fit body took a lot of work—she had shed quite a few pounds to get her super slim and sexy figure. So, what makes Ayesha tick?

18 Effective Fitness, Beauty & Makeup Secrets From Ayesha Takia:

Let’s have a look at her fitness and beauty secrets—let’s get inspired!


  1. This hot babe rules many hearts with her super sexy looks and figure. She is said to have lost many extra kilos to acquire her ultra slim figure.
  2. The secret behind her fab body is regular strenuous workout schedules and 2 hours aerobics sessions daily. She also devoted herself to yoga and meditation.
  3. Needless to say, yoga and meditation have not only helped her get in shape, but also has enhanced her natural beauty.


  1. Ayesha had gone on an almost ‘no-carb’ diet sometime back to achieve her target weight. She did not touch rice and bread, and not even roti! She became a pure vegetarian.
  2. She doesn’t indulge in smoking, alcohol or drugs, which according to her takes a person away from reality and life.
  3. Her diet mainly comprises boiled vegetables, and fruit and vegetable juices like that of carrot, orange, watermelon, and coconut water.
  4. Though she has a sweet-tooth for chocolates and pastries, she manages to resist the temptation! Surviving only on fruits and veggies is difficult for sure. Hats-off to Ayesha!

Fashion And Style:

  1. Ayesha is not too fond of wearing specific brands or designer wears. According to her the brands and designer wears try to impose their style on us.
  2. She prefers her own style and wears clothes, which reflect her personality and make her feel comfortable.
  3. Her favorite brands are Mango, Zara, Fcuk, Guess and G-Star. Her style statement is to dress in jeans, shirt, jacket and any footwear with heels, especially boots.
  4. Gold waist band, silver naval rings, finger rings and payal are her close-to-the heart possessions. She is fond of belts.
  5. Her favorite shopping destinations are Italy, Malaysia, Singapore, London and Amsterdam.


  1. Talking about her beauty, the first thing that strikes us is her super awesome, thick long lustrous tresses. She’s been blessed and born with them. Locks to envy and die for! She takes immense care of her hair and oils it twice a week.
  2. She also has flawless skin and facial features, which looks beautiful even sans makeup. Her healthy diet is also a factor. Her long neck adds to her beauty.


  1. Mostly Ayesha likes to use minimal or no makeup when she is not shooting. A natural eye-candy—that’s who she is!
  2. She can pull-off all kinds of makeup from deep to light to nude and natural. All look equally good on her. Blush-on, mascara and Mocha lipstick from Mac and chapstick from Molten Brown are her favorites. Her wedding day makeup too, was soft and almost natural, perfectly matching her beige-golden wedding dress.
  3. Recently, Natasha Couture launched Ayesha Takia Designer Suits. She looks fab in these resham embroidered Indo-Pakistani suits.
  4. With those perfect eyebrows, the intoxicating eyes, a perfect nose, broad shoulders, Ayesha is a heart breaker for sure! We are pretty sure that she will manage to look her fab self as a mother too!

Do you like Ayesha Takia? Do you think you can follow her diet plan to shed some weight? Share your views with us in the comments section below.

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