9 Wedding Areas You’re Spending Too Much On. And What To Do About It

It takes diligent tracking of money and handling of expenses to not remember your wedding as the day you won a partner but lost a fortune! In fact weddings can get so expensive that a 2012 report in USA Today stated that weddings in the US cost about $27,000 per ceremony. To many, that’s one year’s income!

Though there are a number of reasons why wedding costs soar, the most common one is the lack of careful and efficient wedding planning. There are various avenues in which couples tend to spend money effusively, which ultimately leads to an expensive wedlock.

Keeping this in mind, we have collated nine key areas where you may tend to totally binge with your wedding budget. Hold onto your purses, and here we go!

1. Plush Invitations


Let’s start with that harbinger of joy, the wedding invitation. You don’t need that gold foiling on your wedding card to tell folks you are getting married. Cards are no collectibles, and your guests are going to toss them into the trash, at max, a few months after your wedding. So save money here, as much as possible.

2. Too Many Guests


Your wedding list need not be a representation of your Facebook friends list. In other words, you need not invite every obscure acquaintance of your life to be a part of your big day. It is a day to be celebrated with those near and dear, and so, use your discretion when making the guest list. Inviting hordes of guests to your wedding means you can kiss any reasonably understood definitions of ‘budget’ goodbye, meaning you end up splurging way beyond what you had in mind.

3. That Colossal Venue


The scale of the venue is directly proportional to the size of the guest list. A smaller venue is more manageable – everyone is a few feet away. Many couples want things grand and lavish with little regards to their wallets. The net result? They spend so much on the venue that their honeymoon hotel budget takes a serious hit. Don’t do this.

4. The Decorations


Do you really have to decorate every branch and twig of every tree at the venue? Sure it may look good but those sparkly ribbons and confetti come at a price, and this is one department where you can cut your expenses. Also, at the end of most weddings there is always a cache of unused items, which most couples rightly struggle to find an appropriate use for in the future.

5. That Hip DJ


This is your wedding, not a New Year’s Eve bash. Do you really need that avant-garde DJ to to take you wedding guests on an exploratory journey? There are always local DJs and musicians whose services you can avail at a more humble price. Just like those decorations, this is an expense where you can considerably avoid over-spending by being more sensible with your choices.

6. Expensive Jewelry


Alright, this one is debatable. Usually you would have saved a couple of month’s pay checks for the shimmering wedding ring. But jewelry pieces that predominantly work as accessories should be purchased on a minimum budget or given a pass, if possible. In simple words, stick to the necessities – those matter – and simply avoid over ornamentation.

7. Lavish Food


Having a sumptuous platter at your wedding makes sense on one front. However, when the spread is aligned to the preferences of your guests, it makes things a lot simpler – and cheaper. Many overlook this point and have every imaginable dish on the table. Instead, opt for cuisine that best caters to your guest’s taste buds.

For example, if significant chunk of the attendees are vegetarian, then you can skip non-vegetarian food all together. Perhaps you can have more vegetarian delicacies that will definitely come cheaper than their meaty counterparts.

8. Unlimited Liquor


Oh yes! An open bar and free-flowing liquor is just what the doctor ordered. While your guests get their tequila shots on your tab, you realise your liquor bill has burgeoned to overshadow almost every other wedding expense. The mistake lies in opting for the ‘pay per drink’ model rather than ‘pay per head’. The latter gives you unlimited booze per guest at a fixed price negotiable with the vendor. That way your guests can indulge in a drink or two more without giving you the jitters.

9. Wedding Favors


Now this is a personal choice (and tradition), but favors have become less and less relevant in today’s life and economy. Do you think your guests are going to retain that ‘return gift’ forever? Do they even need it in the first place? Often, couples get custom-made favors for their guests – for example engraved with guests’ names – that actually inflate the costs involved significantly. In case you cannot opt out of favors, stick to a standardized favor for every guest, which is easier on the budget.

Alright, so these are nine most common areas in which couples end up splurging (rather unnecessarily), ending up with wedding costs that must be read only while sitting down. Do you agree with our assessment? Anything to add? Share your thoughts below!

Images Source: Shutterstock