10 Easy And Exciting Plate Craft Ideas For Kids

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Is your kid bored during the summer holidays? Are you hunting for something to help your kid get away from the TV to do something creative and constructive? Check out these simple paper plate craft ideas for preschoolers and younger kids that will help to explore their creative side.

Paper Plate Crafts for Kids To Make:

Paper plates can be used for many craft activities, other than for the regular party purposes. Here are 10 best ways to put old paper plates to use and keep your kid busy too!

1. Paper Plate Tags:

A simple yet effective trick to put old paper plates to use is to simply hand over them to your kid. Ask him to trace the outline of some cool-shaped gift tags using a stencil. Then help your kid cut along the lines and create a small hole at one of the edges to pass a ribbon. Finally, ask your kid to decorate these tags as per his ideas and creativity.

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2. Simple Paper Plate Painting:

 Simple Paper Plate Painting
Image: Via Pinterest

There are instances when you fall short of white card papers; and that’s when these simple paper plates will come in handy. Ask your kid to get his pack of poster paints and paint his ideas on a paper plate instead of a white sheet of paper. You can also ask him to draw some inspiration from magazines and newspapers.

3. Paper Plate Masks:

Image: Via Pinterest

Paper plate masks are fun and easy to make. Ask your kid to pick out his choice of animal and draw it out on the paper plate. Then, if he’s old enough, ask him to cut out spaces for eyes and the mouth, and then paint it appropriately. Lastly, create 2 tiny holes at each horizontal end and pass an elastic thread to secure.

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4. Cartoon-Style Cut-Outs:

Another cool trick to try out is to first draw and paint a simple object (a tree or a vegetable) on a paper plate and then cut it out. Now, using the cut out as a reference, trace the outline on a sheet of white paper, and cut out, leaving a 1 cm extra gap, such that the white cut out is a bit larger than the original. Now stick the white cut out below the original one, and allow it to dry!

5. Paper Plate Scrapbook Idea:

Here’s another cool idea to put old paper plates to use. Cut out equal sized squares from the middle flat portion of each paper plate. Tie them together using a glittery ribbon. This makes for a cool and easy scrapbook. Now ask your kid to let his imagination run wild and create his own masterpiece in this scrapbook.

6. Paper Plate Hand Painting:

Paper Plate Hand Painting
Image: Via Pinterest

Hand painting doesn’t necessarily have to be on white papers, you can also get your kid to do them on paper plates. Spread out paper plates on a clean area and allow your kid to experiment with different colors and variations with hand and thumb paintings on them.

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7. Paper Plate Frame:

Paper Plate Frame
Image: Via Pinterest

There’s nothing better than this simple trick to put paper plates to use- cut out the middle portion of the plate such that only a ring of paper is left behind. Now ask your kid to paint and decorate this frame, and once done, you can stick a cute family picture behind it and hang it in your kid’s room.

8. Button Heart on Paper Plate:

Trace out a shape of a heart on a paper plate and hand over some old, colourful buttons to your kid and ask him to stick them within the heart. You can also get your kid to decorate it using glitter or sequins. See your kid go bonkers with this activity.

9. Paper Plate Card:

Paper Plate Card
Image: Via Pinterest

Trace a cool shape on a square cut out from a paper plate and cut it out. Now stick another colored paper behind this cut out, and ask your kid to decorate it to create a nice greeting card.

10. Paper Plate Decorations:

Paper Plate Decorations
Image: Via Pinterest

You can also get your kid to cut out different shapes from a simple paper plate and color it as per his choice. These can be used for decorations and other craft purposes and is very easy to make.

We hope that you enjoy these simply fabulous craft ideas for kids using paper plates. Being with your child for a while and participating in the activity will kick start his enthusiasm better. Enjoy the summer vacation along with your little one. Bring out the inner child inside you!

Don’t forget to share if you have any other ideas for simple paper plate crafts for kids with us.

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