10 Earnest Love Breakup Sms Mesages To Ease The Pain

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It is never easy to say goodbye. It is even harder to come to terms with the fact that life as you imagined is going to change, irrevocably, forever. But sometimes, you need to be strong and do what’s right for you and your partner, and if breaking up is the best way forward – take the plunge. It might be painful, it might burn you down – but like a phoenix that rises from the ashes – you will rise again stronger than before. Here are 10 earnest love breakup sms messages that are honest and sincere – you could use them to make things slightly easier for you and your partner. We hope you’ll get better and feel stronger – it is never easy, dealing with a broken heart, but it’ll make you stronger and after all – it is a phase and it too shall pass.


The perfect SMS for the biggest &*T&^% on the planet. Now it’s your turn to fire your parting shot and end it the way you want. This SMS is dripping with dollops of sarcasm, and is something the one who hurt you for so long deserves. Be the badass lover and end it all with this painfully sarcastic breakup SMS.


A breakup SMS that is pretty much self explanatory. Being in a relationship that brings you down is like cheating yourself. It will be hard, but when breaking up is the best way forward – put your foot down and take a stand that’s good for you in the long run.


This breakup message will really hit where it hurts the most, this SMS is like a shot fired from a shotgun, but it also is a message that tells your ex why. If he or she was good enough, cared and loved you like you did them – you wouldn’t be here sending this message. An apt breakup SMS for the ex who never really deserved another chance.


Well, you’ve given him or her enough chances and you need to move on. Let your ex know, in verse, that this breakup isn’t another chance to make up. And, wake up! Move on – life awaits and you’ve been here, in a hole you thought was love.



An honest breakup message that is simple and straightforward. We know it isn’t easy, but this message shows that you are poised and still have the decency to be respectful. Thank him or her for all that they’ve been to you and say goodbye. There’s nothing more hurtful that being hated by someone you loved and vice versa, and if you are in that fix – this is the message that’ll make things easier for you.


A heart touching breakup SMS that is realistic and honest. Share what you truly feel at the moment and wish your ex a good life ahead with this sorrowful message that ends it all.


A simple quote that is a symbolic expression the state your love and relationship are in. It isn’t worth trying to fix something that can never be the same again. Bid adieu with this quote that puts the message across without you expressing anything else or typing a message that is too personal. Keep a distance, even when you’re saying goodbye with this breakup SMS.


Another SMS that is take on the popular quote “loving somebody is completely different from actually being in love”. Tell your ex that you still respect him or her and wish that they have the best in life. Tell your ex you will always love him or her but there is a subtle difference between loving someone and actually being in love. A heartfelt breakup SMS that shows that you respect, cherish and care for the relationship you’ve shared. Sometimes, things just don’t work out but there is no need to hate that person or not acknowledge the relationship you’ve shared. A mature breakup SMS that is simple and respectable.


This poignant breakup SMS has you facing the unfortunate and hurtful truth of your relationship, but in a mature and emotionally stable manner.


It’s like this – little raindrops can make an ocean, and so can little differences lead to a breakup, over time. Tell your ex that it is over with is honest and straightforward breakup SMS. It isn’t harsh or disrespectful; it is what a breakup SMS should be. It isn’t easy, you aren’t going to hate him or her and you are wishing your ex all the best for his or her future – that’s all there is to say, and end a relationship courteously.

Love surely hurts, but there is a brighter side to it too – hang on to hope and live your life to the fullest. It is never easy to move on, but almost always it is the best way forward. We’d like to hear from you – you can share your experiences and even write your own quotes on love by commenting on this post. Stay strong and move on.

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