24 Dupatta Draping Styles With A Twist

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Bored by the same conventional styles of draping your dupatta, for parties and occasions? Want to shine bright in your Indian attire but not sure how to style your dupatta like a diva? Well, we have sorted out the issues for you. Here is a list f the trending dupatta draping styles making the rounds in the fashion industry which we have handpicked just for you!

1. Free Falling From Shoulders On Both Sides

It is one of the simplest and the most elegant dupatta draping styles that you can carry for an everyday style. The free falling dupatta draping style from your shoulders without any pleats or creases, can be styled with both salwar-kameez and lehanga choli too. The ease of wearing this style makes it ideal for regular wear, both formal and casual and can be flaunted by women of a heavy bust line too without feeling uncomfortable about it.

2. The Shoulder And Wrist Drape

The style of draping your dupatta and then rolling the other end of it to your wrist makes for a classy look. The advantage of this style of dupatta draping is that you can flaunt your neckline of the salwar or lehanga with ease and yet, maintain the charm of the dress without going all bare. The dupatta can also be tied to your wrist at one end in case you are looking for ease of movement too, along with style.

3. The Slipped Pallu Style

If you are looking for an effortless style for the elegant Patiala you have just got your hands on, this casual style of draping the dupatta on is just for you. In this drape instead of pinning the dupatta on both sides of the shoulder, only one side is pinned and the other is casually dropped or slipped that falls down like a fountain and rests on your one hand, giving the look a feel that you are totally effortless yet in control of how you look.

4. The Head Covering Style

The traditional yet the most popular style of draping the dupatta are to turn it around your head to cover it and let the rest fall on your shoulders. It is the archaic yet very much in demand style of draping a dupatta, be it on a kameez or a lehanga choli. This style of draping a dupatta is very common in occasions such as engagement or marriages, festivities or religious celebrations. The brides don this style a lot for a shy and elegant look and appeal.

5. Front To Back One Side Drape

To bring some change to your regular style of draping a dupatta, you can consider going for this style for a nice surprise. To up the game of styling your dupatta, you can flaunt this style of draping that goes perfectly well with a crop top choli and a lehanga worn below the navel. To balance the act, you can opt for a full sleeve high neck choli that shows off your midriff only so that people can concentrate on one point and the look does not feel like it’s scattered all over.

6. Pleats Gathered At One Side

The classic and easy way to drape the cotton dupatta over your churidar, anarkali or the salwar kameez styles is to make small pleats of the entire dupatta and place it on the left side of the shoulder. You van tuck it with a safety pin or brooch to one shoulder too, so that running around and doing everyday tasks do not seem difficult, while managing the dupatta. The look can also be styled with a lehanga or sharara or even the palazzo styles.

7. Dupatta Thrown Over The Shoulders

The style of casually throwing the dupatta over your shoulders to achieve a mess-free look is something that can be done even when you are in a rush to catch that meeting or appointment in your office. There is hardly any need to go for the hassles of pinning it on your shoulders if you are wearing heavy dupattas such as the cotton ones with decorations of conch and sea shells that way down the dupatta naturally and keep them comfortably on your shoulders.

8. Draping Dupatta Around Your Arms

Another style that looks quite regal and gives you the feeling of royalty is throwing the dupatta from the back of your arms instead of carrying it on your shoulders that is the usual styles. This style of draping the dupatta goes well with lehangas with heavy flare, anarkali suits and even the long gowns with intricate thread and sequin work on it to illuminate the look. Since it is a style that is a bit hard to maintain, it will be great if it is styled for selected occasions and not taken as an option for regular wear.

9. Dupatta Flowing From One Side

Yet another way to flaunt that yard long drape is carry it on one side of your shoulders without the pleats and letting it flow from that side. You can pin it to your shoulders but do make sure that it is not creased or has got unnecessary pleats or folds that might ruin the look.

10. Dupatta Worn As A Stole

Another casual and chick way to drape your dupatta fro an everyday and effortless style is to drape it around your neck in v-shape or u-shape. The style works especially well on kurtis and printed dupattas that makes for an awesome style statement and keeps you warm in winters too.

11. Draping Duptta In V-Shape

Pinning the dupatta across your shoulders in a V-shape style is yet another favorite of ladies. It is a style that can be flaunted best over the lehanga with a long drape or a heavy saree that has a heavily worked pallu and you do not want the detailing on the pallu of the saree or the lehanga to go unnoticed.

12. Punjabi Style Drape

This style of draping the dupatta is perfect for our desi chick. The Punjabi style drape of dupatta is ideal with patialas and kameez and can be worn with bold jhumkas, parandi and bangles too. Keep your look minimal and effortless and go for a style of Patiala that suits your personality. The draping of the dupatta in Punjabi style then will truly make a statement.

13. Bold Pleated Dupatta Taken Across One Shoulder

Instead of making small pleats, make bold pleats of your dupatta and let it reside over your left shoulder for a comfortable and stylish drape. The bold pleat style is ideal for dupattas that have a heavy border and can be flaunted properly only when the pleats are made big enough for the design to be visible and not be hidden inside the pleats.

14. Dupatta Taken Over In U-Turn Covering The Head

This is one style that is quite similar to the style of draping your dupatta that covers your head, but with the difference that instead of the dupatta hanging down as a trail, it is taken over the shoulders in a U turn to give your style an elegant look. This style of draping a dupatta can be donned with salwar kameez, churidar and sharara suits which enhance the look of your attire.

15. Draping Dupatta With A Waist Belt

The fusion of the east and the west can be best displayed in this style of draping a dupatta that will make the heads turn. In this style, you pleat the dupatta in bold pleats and hand it over your left shoulder. Then you take a bold belt with embellishments and a style that goes well with the dress and tie it around your waist with the dupatta tucked inside it and tightly secured.

16. Saree Pallu Style Dupatta Drape

If you are bored with the regular draping styles of the dupatta over your lehanga, you can try out the style of draping the dupatta like the pallu of the saree. All you have to do is tuck one end of the dupatta to one corner of the lehanga and wrap it around your bosom from the back, pleat it and take it on your left shoulder, pin it nicely with a pin or brooch and you are good to go.

17. Dupatta Draped In Rajrani Style

The royal way of draping the dupatta of your lehanaga or the pallu of your saree is to go the rajrani style. It looks quite an elegant and an elaborate style that makes for the special occasions when you want to dress the part. The style goes well with cloth of heavy texture and work such as zardosi and brocade works.

18. Carrying Out The Cowl Drape

Yet another fusion style of draping the dupatta over your kurtis and salwar kameezes is the cowl drape. It is worn like a stole but with the whole neck and bosom portion of yours covered with the dupatta. The style looks effortless and pretty and can be carried off for both formal and casual outings especially when you wish to keep the style minimalist and effortless.

19. Dupatta Held In Gown Style

The latest trends in the fashion world are to adorn the gown style churidars and kameezes whose length reaches the floor. The best way to flaunt that style in the most fashionable way is to drape the dupatta of the salwar in the gown style by simply draping it around your wrists and letting the trail of the dupatta follow behind you.

20. Assamese Style Dupatta Drape

There is a lot to learn about styling from the North-East and even the styles of draping a dupatta is something that they have mastered very well. Taking a cue from their effortless style and glamour we have come up with this style of draping the dupatta or the pallu that gives you the exotic look for sure.

21. Draping Dupatta Choker Style

The sensuous yet delicate style of draping the dupatta that you can opt for is the choker style if you have a moderate or small bust line. Siimply throw the dupatta over the neckand let it be there, while the neckline of your salwar or lehanga is oretty much in view, and so is the delicate work of thread and sequins which will bedazzle the beholders of your beauty.

22. Dupatta Worn From Back To Front

Another unique and effortless style that is easy to rock when wearing the dupatta is worn in this back to front style that is sure to give some edge to your look. In styling this draping style of dupatta, the pins are going to come handy, to tuck and pin the dupatta at the shoulders from the back and bringing down the pleats in a cross or diagonal manner, again from the back. Tuck the pleats from the back in bold pleats and let the world see the glory of the embroidery or work that is done on your dupatta.

23. Dupatta Taken On Side And Pinned To The Waist

A pretty usual yet easy way of draping the dupatta is to style it around your waist and pin it with crystal brooches. It is a rare style that makes its way out of the usual styles of draping dupattas and can be frequently seen on the ramp shows and fashion walks, adopted by designers such as Rohit Bal, Sabyasachi and Ritu Beri. The designer dresses also come with drapes that are pre-styled in this manner so that you save a lot of time and hassle in donning the dress.

24. Dupatta Draped With A Long Trail

This style of draping a dupatta is inspired from the Christian brides with their beautiful gowns and long translucent, embroidered trails that are the glory of the gown. In this style, a long dupatta is draped; keeping it over the head and the trail is allowed to follow you behind. It is a favorite of the Indian brides too, who are quite hyped about wearing long, trailing dupattas with their bridal lehanga.

Liked these styles of dupatta drapes? Want to share your ideas too? Feel free to do so in your comments.

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