7 Dupatta Draping Styles For the Modern Day Diva!

The dupatta is a major part of much of traditional Indian attire. The dupatta’s significance comes from its versatility – it can be worn in a variety of ways that can each play their part in accentuating your look.

There are several styles of draping a dupatta; each with its own unique elegance and style. If you are someone who likes experimenting or are looking to enjoy using old attire in new ways, here are 7 handpicked dupatta draping styles that will add an instant class and charisma to your overall look.

1. Pallu Style


You don’t need to drape a saree to carry a beautiful pallu. A long skirt or lehenga dupatta can be beautifully draped in an elegant pallu style. Let it fall over one shoulder and pin the other end near your waist. It keeps your hands free, making it super easy and comfortable to dance all night!

2. Sheer Show

Sheer-Show-Dupatta Draping Styles

If it’s a heavy attire with a sheer dupatta, just let it drape loosely in a long and flowing manner. Instead of wrapping it around your neck or pleating it to one side, just wear it like a sheer cover. This allows the focus to be on the heavy attire, while adding the grace of a dupatta.

3. Bridal Bling

Bridal-Bling-Dupatta Draping Styles

If it’s a bridal dupatta, all you need to do is to drape it over your head. Don’t let the dupatta drop until the forehead, so that your hairstyle can still be seen. Let the long ends flow over your back – putting focus on your attire while also adding to the length and comfort!

4. Seedha Pallu

Seedha-Pallu-Dupatta Draping Styles

The popular seedha pallu saree draping style can also be achieved with a dupatta. If you are wearing a lehanga, allow one side to fall over one shoulder towards the front, and keep the other pinned around the waist.

5. Elegantly Yours!

Elegantly-Yours-Dupatta Draping Styles

Give a modern twist to the classic way of draping a dupatta by allowing one end to fall over your elbow. Keep one side firmly over the shoulder but drape the other side loosely on to your forearm. It gives you poise.

6. Twisted Tale

Twisted-Tale-Dupatta Draping Styles

Now that’s a trend you want to try! Twist the dupatta, like a rope and just drape it over your shoulders. Keep the absolute ends loose and slightly open. It’s a very cool style that is sure to get you and your outfit noticed!

7. Runway Style!


Take inspiration from the trending fashion statements of the ramp. Drape the dupatta over your elbows, loosely hanging behind you. It looks absolutely gorgeous with opulent and long, flowing outfits.

Now that’s an interesting take on dupatta draping! You can wear the same outfit multiple times but make it look new and stylish just by changing the way you drape your dupatta. Experiment with different styles and transform the way you look.

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