8 Graceful Dulhan Mehndi Designs For Legs And Feet

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Every time the dulhan gently lifts her lehenga to take a step, the crowd admires her graceful walk and the beautiful designs that decorate her feet. On one of the most important days of her life, a bride must adorn herself with precious jewels and intricate mehndi designs. And for all brides who like it simple, and even for those who like full flashy mehndi, we have short-listed eight Latest dulhan mehndi designs for legs that you will want to wear more than just once.

1. Peacock & Peahen

An intricate of mesh-work covers the toes, free flows on the sides of the feet, goes around the heels and joins the toes. The cursive lines of clouds outline the border of the mesh-work. This leaves ample space in the front for highlighting any beautiful and intricate design. Here, the peacock and a peahen dancing together symbolize togetherness and happiness in the bride’s life. This is one of those dulhan mehndi designs for legs that looks very elegant and regal.

2. Linear Floral & Paisley Vine

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If the bride doesn’t want a very elaborate design on her feet, she get her toes decorated with bouquet of flowers, and let a vine of flowers and paisley free flow from the tip of big toe up till her ankles. This designs looks very simple and graceful.

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3. The Crowned Peacock

Image Courtesy: Alankritaa

This design look extremely extravagant and absolutely beautiful, and is one of the best motifs to have in any of the dulhan mehndi designs for legs. The emphasis is on the peacock that is drawn on the front. Intricate designs decorate three toes leaving two with minimal designs of dotted circles. And the peacock feather crown drawn above the peacock looks very elegant and royal. A mehndi design does not necessarily have to cover the whole foot. Sometimes utilising negative space around a design makes the design look more beautiful than crowding it with other minute details in any dulhan mehndi design.

4. Bedazzling The Feet

A simple design can be made to look very extravagant and chic as evidenced by this dulhan leg mehndi design. Simple decorations on the toes followed by concentric circles in the front. One can either stop here or make it look a little more graceful by drawing two big tear drops above and below the concentric circles. And just by adding colourful gems and stones, this simple design comes to life and sparkles like twinkling stars of heaven.

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5. Sideway Decoration

In this wonderful mehndi design for legs, the mehndi artist doesn’t begin drawing on the front of the foot. Instead, she begins from the heel of the foot and gradually spreads out the design to the ankles, toes and the front of the foot. Intricate designs of flora and fauna look very beautiful and artistic.

6. Anklet Crown

The simplicity of this design is beyond praise. Although this design has nothing too spectacular, the intricate detailing on the toes, in the paisley and in the anklet crown just makes this design look even more graceful than a full design covering the entire foot.

7. Floral Border Line

In this design a floral vine free flows from the big toe, goes around the heel, and joins the little toe. This vine border lines the beautiful flower in the centre that has been decorated with leafy vines above and below the flower. This design is perfect for those brides who like floral designs, want something simple, but want to make it look a little extravagant by adding colourful stones in the design (may be).

8. Foot Accessory Design

The first thought that comes to mind is that the bride is wearing a beautiful anklet that has delicate pendant hanging from it. The mehndi artist has opted for minimal intricacy in the design. But the delicately designed dotted strings hanging from the mehndi anklet and joining the pendant looks very opulent. This design of mehndi foot accessory is perfect for brides who don’t wish for floral vines or peacock design mehndi.

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