13 Drinks And Their Celeb Siblings. Which One Are You?

What’s your favourite alcoholic drink? To some, alcohol is a companion; to others, it’s a way of life. Who would’ve thought that a drink could teach you so many life lessons? Who would’ve thought that a drink could have a celeb sibling? Let’s take a look at celebs who we think best define these 13 different spirits and what they teach you about life and relationships in particular.


Some may say, what’s in a name? We say, read it again. ‘Royal STAG’, it’s the drink that tells you that breaking up with someone is okay. Staying single is probably not a bad option at all. Take Arjun Kapoor as an example. He is their brand ambassador after all.


This is a wise drink and it tells you that big things come in small packages. Or that not all good things in life are expensive. Listen to the monk. He’s old and wise. I don’t know why but the moment I think of Old Monk, I think of Naseeruddin Shah and his role in the movie Iqbal. He’s old, he’s wise and he says, pointing to his heart and head, “Yeh dimaag ka khel hai jo dil se khela jata hain.” Truly wise.


Friends, or friendships to be more precise, are forever. They’re supposed to be comforting and long lasting like the long island iced tea or like Hrithik, Abhay and Farhan from the movie Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara.


You can have a Jack Daniels on the rocks but you can’t be a rock star like Jack Daniels. Or if you’re a Pirates Of The Caribbean fan, not everyone can be as charming as captain Jack Sparrow. Since there isn’t a pirate movie in Bollywood, I’m going to go with Ranbir Kapoor from Rockstar.


Sometimes, in life as well as in relationships, appraisals matter! So, if your boyfriend or girlfriend is old like the monk, make him or her old news and look for a rock star like Jack Daniels. Or find someone who lives with chivalry, like Arjun Rampal.


It’s okay to mix things up in life. Like some steamy sex on the beach. Or some vodka and peach schnapps. Basically, mix it up. Add some spice to life. It’s a good thing. Talking about sex on the beach, can you think of anyone other than Vivek Oberoi and Kareena Kapoor from Yuva?


“I’ll have a vodka martini. Shaken, not stirred.” Sound familiar? Yeah, that’s Bond. James Bond! Well, learn from the martini. It’s not all that great if it’s shaken and not stirred. Just like life isn’t anything like a Bond movie. However, no one can say the words better than Sean Connery in Goldfinger. “A Martini. Shaken, not stirred.”


It’s a complete knock­out. Ask Ellen Pompeo, she’ll tell you all about it. Meredith Grey from Grey’s Anatomy just loves her tequila but she realised quickly enough that tequila better be avoided. Like some people in life.


Just like you can pass on from one person to another if you don’t invest too deeply in them, you can pass on a bottle of SULA if it’s unopened. It’s wine after all. But only if it’s unopened and untapped like Karan Johar.


If you want to get high, you can do so without compromising on taste. It’s the same with life. You can ride on a high and do it with awesomeness. Now tell me, who’d know about being awesome better than our very own Neil Patrick Harris? After all, when he’s sad, he stops being sad and starts being awesome. True story! Barney Stinson rocks.


Be nice to everyone. Especially the ones who fly frequently. You’ll be rewarded for it. Same stands true in your relationship. Be good and you’ll get all the good stuff. Ask Ranveer Singh. He got all the good stuff in Ladies vs. Ricky Bahl.


Some things in life are best kept at a distance. That’s right. Or you’ll have a dead horse head on your bed, courtesy Marlon Brando.


When you want to forget what happened, have absinthe. You won’t remember what happened. Just ask Shahid Kapoor. He’ll tell you about it. I don’t think anyone’s else even comes close. And I end today’s lesson with this amazing poem about alcohol. Here you go:

In life, problems may go from ‘Haywards 2000’ to ‘Haywards 5000’, But we must take them as a ‘Royal Challenge’. Otherwise, people will call us ‘Old Monk’ and put a ‘Black Label’ on our name.

So, we must learn from ‘Teachers’ to fight like ‘Jack Daniel’. Live like a ‘Bagpiper’, walk like ‘Johnny Walker’, work till ‘8 PM’ and think like the ‘Director’s Special’. Catch ideas like the ‘Kingfisher’ and ‘Knockout’ all the problems.

Then, we will be ‘Imperial’ and may be become an ‘Aristocrat’ and there shall be value for our ‘Signature’.