Wedding Gowns In Bangalore: 7 Best Designer Boutiques You Can Trust

 Wedding Gowns In Bangalore: The Best Designer Boutiques In The City! Matrimony is in the air, and you have a date fixed. This being done, now you need a wedding gown that will blow your would be’s socks off. And of course, you might want to impress the other guests and your near and dear ones at the wedding, so a classy and mesmerizing wedding gown will surely pave the way to a beautiful day.Well for all the brides-to-be in Bangalore today, we have you sorted. So power on and wedding-gown-up! Scroll on down to see the best places to find wedding gowns in Bangalore.

1. The Bridal Boutique

The Bridal Boutique - Wedding Gowns In Bangalore

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Weddings need not necessarily be solemn events; they can and should be fun. And this is a philosophy that the good people at The Bridal Boutique are fully behind. Promising you a wide variety of choices, they have everything from amazing gowns with sleeves to gowns that are soaked in understated elegance. Packed with all the dresses you and your bridesmaids will need, they also offer the option of completely customizing your gown so that you can achieve the dress that exists in your heart.

2. Elan Design Studio

Elan Design Studio - Wedding Gowns In Bangalore

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True to their name, the Elan Design Studio truly offers you a selection of wedding gowns that have their own distinctive flair. Understanding that you have to feel good if you want to look good, these veterans have been making blushing soon-to-be brides very happy for over 14 years. Specialising in made to order couture, Asha and Samantha will have you leaving the store with a completely personalised and unique gown and a beaming smile.

3. Gown Town

Gown Town - Wedding Gowns In Bangalore

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Blending Asian grace with Western couture, Gown Town offers you a selection of heart-stoppingly beautiful wedding gowns. Working with lace, satin and even chiffon, their gowns will complement anyone. They also cater to more full figured brides, who are guaranteed happiness and satisfaction from their extensive collection. Walk in, get pampered and after you place your order, walk out knowing that you will soon be the proud owner of an unforgettable wedding gown.

4. Bridal Brigade

Bridal Brigade - Wedding Gowns In Bangalore

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With made to order imported designer wedding gowns that are offered at affordable prices, Bridal Brigade will cater to your every need for bridal attire. Also housing all the veils, gloves and tiaras you would want, this is a one-stop destination for you girls!.

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5. Juno Marie

Juno Marie - Wedding Gowns In Bangalore

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Firm in the knowledge that your wedding day is one of the most special days of your life, the good folks over at Juno marie will offer you the best available gowns at prices that won’t bust your wallet. With a wide assortment of choices available, you no longer need to struggle to find the right dress for yourself, since you can visit their shop and get a custom made dream wedding gown that will make you the undoubted star of your wedding.

6. Sparkles Bridal

Sparkles Bridal - Wedding Gowns In Bangalore

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Aptly named, the wedding gowns in Bangalore that are on offer at Sparkles Bridal will make you glitter like a rare gem. They understand that buying your wedding gown is one of the most important decisions of your life, and are passionately dedicated to ensuring that not only will you not regret it, but you will have a dress, and moments, that you will treasure for your lifetime.

7. Gene Bridal Boutique

Gene Bridal Boutique - Wedding Gowns In Bangalore

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With the mission statement of providing their customers with the highest quality wedding dresses and bridal gowns at the best prices, the Gene Bridal Boutique will deliver to you a wedding gown for the ages to come. Delicate, ephemeral and mesmerising, these wedding gowns in Bangalore will make your day, and rock your wedding day.

We hope you liked our list of wedding gowns in Bangalore. Do share your thoughts and boutiques you think can be added to this list, we’d love to put them up too.