Top 10 Dragonfly Coloring Pages For Toddlers

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Does your little one like observing dragonflies in the park? Are you searching for some high-quality dragonfly coloring pages to further his curiosity? If you nodded along, consider reading the post below.

Dragonflies are long-winged insects, spotted in gardens and places of vegetation. These insects are famous for their large eyes, transparent wings and ability to fly at great speed. They have bright red, blue, purple and green patches on their body.

Dragonfly coloring pages are one of the most popular insect coloring pages. So today, we’ve shortlisted ten of the best dragonfly coloring pages for your little ones.

10 Best Dragonfly Coloring Pages:

1. A Dragonfly:

Here’s a perfect coloring image to introduce your little one to a dragonfly. The coloring page contains all the necessary information about a dragonfly. Dragonflies are ancient insects. They have been in existence even before the dinosaurs. The ancient dragonflies were much larger than those we see today. There’s a fossilized impression of a dragonfly wing in a coal mine in England. The dragonfly lived around 300 million years ago.

2. Black Saddlebags Skimmer:

Here’s a realistic dragonfly coloring page of a Black Saddlebags Skimmter. The body Black Saddlebags Skimmer is shorter than its wingspan, much shorter. The wings of Black Saddlebags Skimmer appear as if they are carrying two load bags. Your fourth grader will have a great time learning about dragonflies from this informative worksheet.

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3. Blue Dasher:

The Blue Dasher dragonfly is one of the most widespread dragonflies in North America. You will find it hovering over slow-moving water sources like ponds and marshes. Adult Blue dashers have four wings with dark streaks. They have a striking blue color that ends in a black tip on the abdomen. The colorful body of blue dasher dragonfly is ideal to use brighter shades of crayons.

4. Blue-Eyed Darner:

The Blue-eyed Darner dragonfly is one of the earliest darner dragonflies to appear in the spring west of the Rockies. These dragonflies have beautiful and large eyes that help to spot and identify them. And the black and blue coloring on the abdomen is too hard to miss. This dragonfly coloring sheet will engage your little one in a fun coloring exercise while learning about dragonflies.

5. Evinrude Dragonfly:

This coloring page features Evinrude dragonfly, a popular Disney character. Evinrude is a character from Disney’s animated film “The Rescuers”. This a dragonfly famed for owning the fastest boat in the Devil’s Bayou. He does not speak much in the movie but is very well capable of communicating with others.

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6. Dragonfly Mandala:

Here’s an excellent coloring page of a dragonfly mandala. The coloring page has a radiating pattern of the dragonfly in eight different sections. There is also a small floral design in the center. Children will enjoy giving colors to this whimsical mandala design.

7. Dragonfly With Butterfly Fairy:

Jump into the spring with this fun coloring page featuring a butterfly fairy surrounded by dragonflies. The scene is overflowing with springtime joy and cheer. The dragonflies are usually full of blue and green patterns, but your child can color these dragonflies in any way he likes.

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8. Blue-Fronted Dancer:

The damsel featured in this coloring page flips and bounces while flying, making it a natural choreographer. The Blue-Fronted Dancer is a bit smaller than most of the dragonflies but is just as colorful. The elongated and multifaceted body of the Blue-Fronted Dancer dragonfly is clearly visible in this image. Children can use light or pale shades for the transparent wings.

9. Common Green Darner:

The common green darner is one of the fastest flying dragonflies. The common green darners are native to North America. This dragonfly is renowned for its striking green color. And it has transparent wings. You will find this water-loving insect around the creeks, lakes, ponds and marshes.

10. Common Sand Dragon:

This coloring page features a common sand dragon. The common sand dragons prefer moving water, so you will find them in the creeks, streams, and small rivers. They like to rest on logs, branches and rock boulders. Female Common sand dragons have slender abdomens while males have a bulge at the end of their tummy..

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Our dragonfly coloring sheets are both educative and fun. It will let your child learn about the appearance of dragonfly while experimenting with the colors for filling these images. Please do not forget to show off your kid’s coloring skills in the comment section below.

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