51 Signs He Does Not Like You

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Not everyone is lucky in love. Often, the attraction is one-sided, and one of the parties is left nursing a broken heart. But, you shouldn’t let it get to the point that you experience heartbreak. If you are developing feelings for someone, you can watch out for certain signs to figure out how he feels about you. It is confusing when a guy likes you and tries to hide it. But if a guy doesn’t like you, well, he is pretty darn direct about it!

Of course, if it is your boyfriend who is showing signs that he is not that into you anymore, it is plain unfortunate. Still, you can get a clearer picture of what is going on in his mind by checking this list out.

If you feel that most, or even some, of these points apply to the guy you have your eyes on, it is time to bow out gracefully and back away. If it is meant to be, it will be. But if not, at least you will not end up looking like a fool. Ready? Let’s go.

How To Tell If A Guy Doesn’t Like You

  1. He keeps his distance, making sure you are not close to one another, physically or emotionally.
  2. He will avoid physical contact with you, such as touching or hugging, at all costs.
  3. He prefers to associate himself with other people.
  4. He seems uninterested in the things you do and never asks any questions even when you tell him all about them.
  5. He avoids eye contact with you or makes sure it does not last long. He looks at you for a just moment before looking away.
  6. He does not laugh at your jokes. He never smiles or laughs when you are together, and he is mostly absent-minded.
  7. He asks you for relationship advice with other girls.
  8. He does the exact opposite of what you advise him to do.
  9. His conversation with you is strictly respectable and revolves around generic things. He never flirts with you.
  10. You are always the one to start the conversation. He never makes an effort.
He does not congratulate you on your achievements
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  1. He does not congratulate you on your achievements. He just responds with a “Good for you” without much enthusiasm.
  2. He never notices when you put on perfume, makeup, or sexy clothes.
  3. He does not get jealous when you hang out with other guys.
  4. He has never gifted you anything.
  5. He tends to avoid you and the places you hang out.
  6. He never calls unless he has a work-related thing to discuss with you.
  7. He doesn’t seem very upset when someone harasses you. He may ask the guy to back off mildly for your sake, but that’s about it.
  8. If he avoids being seen with you at social functions, he may be trying to avoid you.
  9. When you borrow something from him, he keeps asking you to return it.
  10. He never notices your absence.
He does not comfort you when you are going through difficult times
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  1. He does not comfort you when you are going through difficult times.
  2. He would rather spend time doing things that are not very important to him than spend time with you.
  3. He does not seem to care about your whereabouts.
  4. He never asks if you have reached home safely.
  5. He never tries to impress you.
  6. His body is generally turned away from you when you are talking to him.
  7. He never asks you about your social life. He is not interested in your friends, family, interests, or hobbies.
  8. He offers to help you only when absolutely necessary.
  9. He never offers any financial help, even if you are struggling to make ends meet.
  10. When you ask him for a favor, he does not go out of his way or sacrifice his commitments to help you.
He does not attend your birthday party even when you invite him
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  1. He does not attend your birthday party even when you invite him. He makes up some excuse as to why he can’t come.
  2. He talks to you like you could be his sister.
  3. He is not interested in getting to know the real you. He never asks any personal questions.
  4. His body language is mostly guarded. He crosses his arms while speaking to you.
  5. He never compliments you about anything.
  6. He never notices your new haircut or new dress. Hell, he probably wouldn’t even notice if you painted your face red.
  7. He flirts with other girls in front of you.
  8. He never texts you and mostly leaves you at “seen” when you ping him.
  9. He is indifferent when the gang hangs out without you.
  10. He keeps fiddling with his phone even when you are talking to him.
He will probably not notice if you stop contacting him.
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  1. He will probably not notice if you stop contacting him.
  2. He hardly listens when you talk and never remembers what you tell him.
  3. He never contacts you first or by himself.
  4. He flirts with everybody but you.
  5. He is always busy when you want to hang out with him.
  6. He never defends you, even if there is a shouting match involved with someone.
  7. He never shares anything personal about himself with you, even when you prod and poke.
  8. If he is nice to you, you get the feeling that it is more out of politeness than any real affection.
  9. He puts his hands in his pockets while talking to you.
  10. He stiffens when you touch him.
  11. He detangles himself from you gently when you playfully put your arm through his arm.

We all want to be swept up in the exciting feelings of love that hit us when we fall for someone. It can be really challenging to keep a cool head and take a step back when you are experiencing that intoxicating rush of emotions. As hard as it may be, you need to be strong and look at the situation objectively.

In the long run, this is the best thing you can do for yourself. It will save you time and energy and possible heartbreak, which can be extremely painful. “Look before you leap” is an old saying, which may not be very romantic, but it will protect you from feeling hurt or humiliated. Also, it is your duty to love yourself first, so do this as a favor to yourself. Better things are in store for you, girl! Take care!

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