Do Girls Care About Their Boyfriends' Looks? 5 Girls Respond Truthfully

The answer, of course, is more complicated that a single yes or no… but that’s the starting point for most of the answers we have reviewed. Don’t just take our word for it though, read for yourself what 5 girls have to say on the matter.

Meghna Gowda

Meghna Gowda is a techie, an amateur writer and a light-hearted personality and she starts off by saying “No. Of-course no. Looks are subjective because everyone has a different opinion.”

“Looks are subjective” might not be as insightful or in depth as we would have liked, but to reinforce her point Meghna cites the example of Dipika Pallikal who rushed to the defence of her husband. Dipika and husband Dinesh Karthik were recently featured in an article that read “7 Reasons Why Attractive Women Often Date Unattractive Men.” Dipika’s reply on Twitter: “Try publishing things which make sense. Oh and just btw my husband is HOT.”


She’s got a point. Who is to decide what “good looks” are?

Aparajita Kaur

This young lady with a background in news and publishing takes a more balanced view. She opines that:

“At first sight, looks are really important. However, as two people start knowing each other better, looks take a back-seat and move down the priority list. But it’ll be unfair to say that they don’t matter.”

We’re going to guess – at the risk of speaking for her – that she means dress sense, trimness and other stuff pools into the whole “looks” package, which is a fair enough answer.

Aparajita Kaur

Once chemistry and affection kick in however, looks definitely do take a back-seat, in our experience too.

Stephanie Vardavas

“Mutual respect is the secret sauce” is the mantra for this entrepreneur and business lawyer. But when it comes to the importance of how a girl’s boyfriend looks, she says:

“All women are different. Having said that, it is safe to say that the vast majority of women care about their boyfriends’ looks. The good news is that they all care in different ways. Some like longer hair or shorter hair. Some like blue eyes while others like brown eyes. Some like skinny guys and some like stockier or more muscular guys. So it’s not really possible to generalize.”

Stephanie Vardavas

I think it’s about time we start respecting why more and more girls come up with similar answers. It’s not a big conspiracy, they all do really care about different things and in different ways. Here’s a secret tip from us though – they all care if you act yourself and are confident in who you are.

Sharon Kong

Sharon Kong, a South Korean entrepreneur is another one in the “mostly no” camp, in that she doesn’t think looks matter too much when it comes to meaningful relationships. “One of the most important things for me to feel emotionally and physically attracted to someone is the ability to be vulnerable with them, and vice versa,” she says.

“Attraction is one of the most important things at the start of a relationship, but attraction isn’t always based on looks. Looks matter very little while friendship and bonding matter a lot, and if the emotional connection isn’t there, it’s a dud relationship. I’d much rather spend my time with someone I could talk with till 3 am, debate the ethics of some odd piece of history, or throw Cheetos at while marathoning Breaking Bad on a squashy couch.”

Sharon Kong

Not only doesn’t she explicitly say looks don’t matter much, she tells you what does.

Andrea Mandal

In the same vein, Andrea Mandal says that (and this makes for excellent reading for us guys) “There isn’t just one standard of attractive. You have to be attractive TO HER. And everyone’s got a different standard. I like guys with glasses and curly hair who wear a size large and enjoy cooking and having intellectual discussions. I don’t find Channing Tatum, Hrithik Roshan, or Brett Lee attractive in the least.”

Wow. But that’s not even the only part of her answer worth reading, because when speaking of love she says “You don’t love someone because they are beautiful. They are beautiful because you love them. I’m not going to be the heroine in the next Hollywood blockbuster but my husband thinks I’m hot, even though I’ve got a ton of weight to lose and a disturbing hairline.”

Andrea Mandal

And we’re going out on a limb here to say she’s absolutely right.


There you have it folks, looks are important, not so important, important initially… but what are good looks anyway? These women have had their say and it’s almost as if all girls are different!

But to put the jokes aside for a second, almost half of the world’s population, i.e. over 3.5 billion is what women in this world number. Of those, the ones that are single, willing, around, and of a suitable age, well, that number is still very, very high. Just a thought to keep in mind when looking for one standard of beauty.

Story based on the article that originally appeared on Quora

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