15 Elegant DIY Wedding Centerpieces That Are 100% Idiot-Proof

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If you’re a hoarder of DIY pins and love craftsy projects, here’s an opportunity to unleash your creative side… in your life’s biggest project, no less. With planning, zeal, and plenty of time, the options are boundless. It’s an opportunity to save a chunk of money and enhance the prettiest detailing of the decor.

Remember to start planning ahead – that is the only key here.

Here are some easy, elegant and vibrant DIY centerpieces you take inspiration from, depending on your wedding theme, budget and the time you have at hand.

1. Painted Wine Bottle Christmas Decor

An easy project for winter or festive themed weddings. Spray paint wine bottles and add some glitter, faux flowers, christmas accessories and teacup candles to tie it all together.

2. Natural Herb Or Flower Pot

This chic herb pot is a budget friendly project and can also be given away as a wedding favour. It’s refreshing and highly contemporary.

3. Mason Jar Flower Pots

Mason jars are a godsend when it comes to wedding décor and centerpieces – there are a million things you can use them for. They make for a cool center piece and all you need is to spray paint them in colours that complement your wedding theme. Then, simply stick in some flowers of your choice and you’re done.

4. Burlap And Seashell Tumbler

Fun to look at and easy to make! A project that is not heavy on the pocket and fits perfectly for destination or beach weddings.

5. Crystal Candle Holder And Vase

This monochrome candle and vase combination brings a refined and polished touch to the table, with a minimum of fuss. Customize as per your taste.

6. Rose Bouquet Stand

For this lovely centerpiece, you need: teacup candle holders, beads and flower stands in assorted sizes; all of which are easy to get hold of, either from Ikea or Marshalls or… Also, don’t forget rose bouquets to fit each of these sizes!

7. Rustic Flower Pots

You can easily recycle the tins in your pantry with a little spray paint… and viola! A rustic flower pot with fresh or faux flowers for a crisp look. Doll it up with magic wands, personalized table cards or anything else you might have in mind.

8. Crystal Jars

This is probably the most inexpensive, easy and effective DIY project that is fail-proof. These crystal jars work exceedingly well when it comes to smaller gatherings or daytime ceremonies. Get crystal – plain or tinted – glass jars and LED lights to assemble at the venue.

9. Wine Glasses, Candles And Flowers

Another DIY project that just takes one trip to the Ikea store. A gorgeous centerpiece with simple elements like wine glasses, candles and mirrors. Works like a charm for any setting and theme.

10. Burlap Vase On A Wooden Base

Glue burlap thread to a few wine bottles and plant the entire thing on a slab of wood (you can get these slabs from Home Depot and give them a good polish). Add flowers or natural bonsai plants in smaller containers, especially if you plan to have a garden wedding. This can be a creative way to display table numbers, personal messages or the wedding itinerary.

11. Festive Accessories In A Jar

Add definition to your tables with these glass jars filled with Christmas accessories and candles. Fits the bill if you are running tight in terms of budget or time (or both), but looking to add a warm personal touch.

12. Flowers, Candles And Cuteness

This centerpiece is all about tying all the parts together – to go with the overall wedding theme and aesthetic. Stores like Marshalls carry a range of accessories and faux flowers – Mix and match, add candles, and any other personal touches to create and ensemble DIY centerpiece.

13. Wooden Candle Holders With Festive Decor

Bringing a rustic and festive feel to your tables is this gorgeous centerpiece.

14. Crystals, Flowers And Candles

Most wedding centerpieces revolve around crystals, sparkles and candles. They are easier to assemble, inexpensive to buy and beautiful to look at. The flowers, candles and tumbler stickers can be customized as per your theme and desires.

15. Rose Petals In Glass Jars

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Well, you know what they say – less is more. This sort of centerpiece carries with it a certain romantic flair, with minimal cost and preparation involved.

From invitations, to return favors, theme and centerpieces – there are a myriad places for you to put in personal touches when it comes to your wedding, even if you’ve never done anything of the sort before. We hope we’ve provided just a bit of information for you to get started on your DIY journey!

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