4 DIY Tamil Bridal Makeup Looks You Have To See

Which woman does not want to look like a Goddess on her D-Day? BEEP! ZERO! It is the only day in a woman’s life when she gets to look like a queen, laden with jewellery and the most beautiful dress she could have ever dreamt of. But jewellery and clothes are not the only aspects to looking gorgeous. Rosy cheeks, red lips, long curly eye lashes – makeup as a whole plays an important role in making the bride look stunning. Most brides get makeup artists to do their makeup while some like to do it themselves. And we have picked out four easy and beautiful DIY Tamil bridal makeup looks that you can get done all by yourself.

1. Tamil Bridal Makeup: The Dusky Beauty

The Dusky Beauty 1

Image Courtesy: Ramya Hanumana sagar

An old practice in the Tamil bridal makeup tradition, if you have a wheatish or a dusky skin colour, you must be very subtle with the lip and blush colours you choose. The foundation can be a shade lighter than your skin tone, but certainly not a shade darker than your skin tone. The best way to check which foundation works best for you is by smudging some on the pulse area of your wrist. If it blends well, then that’s the one for you. For blush, go for shades like rose, coral and deep orange. They will give you a natural blush on your cheeks. Highlight your eyes by wearing a hint of black eye shadow, kajal and mascara. And avoid wearing brown, mahogany and maroon lip shades. Choose frosty and shimmering shades in either matte or gloss finish. Berry, plums and nude look the best.

2. Simplicity At Its Best

Simplicity At Its Best 2

Image Courtesy: Shalini Naryanan

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If you are one of the brides who does not like wearing a lot of makeup, and likes to keep it simple, then this look is the best for you. After nicely moisturising your face, wear a foundation that best suits your skin tone. Go for a light shimmering eye shadow. Wear eye liner, kajal and mascara. Make your jaw-line look slimmer by applying an orange, rose or pink blush in the hollow of your cheek bones. Go for a gloss finish lip colour. And finish the look by highlighting the brow-bone (below your eye brow) and the apple of your cheeks. A simple and effective Tamil bridal makeup practise.

3. Sizzling Gold

Sizzling Gold 3

Image Courtesy: Page 3 Salon

If you are planning on wearing a gold colour saree, you have to be very careful about the makeup you choose to wear. If you want an overall bold look, go for smoky eyes. Otherwise, you can always wear a medium dark colour eye shadow in brown or copper, wear eye liner, kajal, and mascara. Go for a light bronze blush. And a medium dark lip colour like mocha or maroon. Highlight your brow bones and the apple of your cheeks to finish the look.

4. White & Gold

White and Gold 4

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A white and gold combination looks celestial. But makeup, on the other hand, can completely go wrong. You don’t need dramatic contouring or matte finish. You want to keep it simple, fresh, and glowing. Apply a foundation that gives you an illuminating finish. Don’t apply bronzer or highlighter anywhere. For sun-kissed look, opt for peach or coral cream-based blush. And just work it on the apples of your cheeks. Go for neutral or pastel shades for the eyes. They shouldn’t be glittery, but shimmery. Wear eyeliner, kajal and mascara for the eye to pop. A bright coral or fun fuchsia will really stand out.

If you are planning on doing your makeup by yourself, remember to cleanse, wash, tone and moisturize your face. And try practising your makeup style a few times. Practice makes you perfect!