9 DIY Ideas For Wedding Tray Decoration To Try Out

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When hours are spent on deciding how the mandap should look like; how the varmala should be made; how the bride would make an entry, then why ignore other things like trousseau packing? You cannot dump everything in a flashy suitcase and send it to the in-laws. Everything at a wedding should sparkle and be absolutely glam. Below are 9 easy-peasy, and absolutely beautiful DIY wedding tray decoration ideas.

1. The Paisley Tray

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This wedding tray decoration involves cutting a wooden piece in the shape of a paisley and covering it with sparkling silver paper, then sticking strings of pearls on the border and decorating one side of the paisley with artificial or fresh flowers. Depending on what you plan on setting on this tray, the size of the paisley may vary to suit your requirements.

2. The Dual Platforms

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Circular, rectangular, square and paisley. Select two shapes of your choice, one being bigger in size than the other. With the help of a wooden block, set the smaller one in one corner of the bigger tray. This way the smaller one overlooks the packing space of the bigger one. Cover the lower one with velvet paper, and the above one with mirror paper or sparkling paper. Decorate the borders with pearls or gems of your choice, and top them up with sparkling artificial flowers or fresh flowers.

3. The Sparkling Rectangular Tray

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A simple rectangular wooden tray can be covered in shimmering gold paper. Walls of thermocol, wrapped up in golden paper or bedazzled with gems and stones, are mounted on the four sides. For the final and a glamorous touch, one of the corners can be decorated with sparkling artificial flowers or fresh flowers of your choice, making for an elegant wedding tray decoration.

4. Two Tier Cake Stand

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How does a simple, glass, two-tier cake stand come to rescue? Simply by stacking up the fragile and dainty items, and covering the cake stand with cellophane paper. And finally, decorating with flashy ribbons and flowers. Simple. Elegant. And very modern.

5. The Simple Basket

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A simple wooden basket (without handle) is covered in flashy cloth or paper, and the bride’s trousseau like sandals, bangles, sarees, etc are neatly arranged in it. A colourful net is tied into a bow, a little away from the centre, and decorated with pearls, flashy or fresh flowers.

6. The Jhoomar Tray

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Just like the sparkling gold rectangular tray, the floor and the walls can be made. They can be decorated with sparkling paper, glass patch work, sequins and gems. You just have to get creative and think out of the box. With the help of two flexible and sturdy wires, create a dome on the tray, intersecting in the middle where a little jhoomar or a pretty kalire. Make sure you cover the wires with pretty net or flowers.

7. The Flower Basket

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Unlike the jhoomar tray, this basket of bride’s trousseau will have one decorative handle. Either get a jute basket and paint it, or cover it up with flashy net fabrics, or decorate it with fresh flowers. Do not forget the handle! Decorate it with strings or pearls of sequins. Flashy or natural flowers. Wrap a vine of pretty dainty flowers around it. It should just look delicate and pretty. Like a flower basket.

8. The Jewellery Tray

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Cover up a simple rectangular or a round tray with fabric. Make sure you stick it well so that it does not move much. Rest one or two black mannequin’s necklace holder, and decorate with vines of flashy artificial flowers and leaves. It is one of the best ways for packing the bride’s jewellery.

9. The Human Figurine Tray

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Depending upon how big the human figurines are, you can select the size of your tray and cover it up in the most beautiful way possible. Then you can select your dainty little figurines and arrange them in an order on the tray. They could be idols of Radha and Krishna. Doli of the bride and bride’s maids. Musicians sitting and playing music. Any human figurine can be used as long as they are placed in some order to enhance the look of the tray. And then the bride’s clothes, jewellery or cosmetics can be neatly arranged in that tray.

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