6 Ultimate DIY Gift Ideas For Lovers This Holiday Season

If you’re anything like us, you’ve been counting down the days to Christmas, and with the holiday season finally round the corner, you’re all but fully immersed in festive cheer! Christmas is a time for family, cookies and feel-good movies for sure, but there’s also the small matter of gift giving to be settled. And when it comes to picking gifts for your very own someone special, there’s nothing quite like a DIY gift to show how much you care. Besides, what better way to ensure they remember you than by giving them something entirely one-of-a-kind and personal? They’d be forced to think of you every time they use it, sneaky, we know, but also very effective.

Here are 6 of the best DIY gifts to give your lover this Christmas:

1. Personalized Camera Strap

diy-gift-guide-for lovers -personalized -camera-strap

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A camera strap is a most useful gift to give to your lover if they are a keen shutter bug. A silk scarf, chunni or similar item of clothing makes for a highly personal gift that they’re sure to appreciate every time they set out to capture that perfect shot. And if that doesn’t appeal to their sensibilities, you can always use a custom leather hand strap, a knitted woollen strap or even a custom painted fancy strap in muslin, cotton, or any other fabric of your choosing. Just make sure it can handle the not so negligible weight of the modern equipment, and you have a highly unique and beautiful gift on your hands.

2. A Custom Frame – With a Twist

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Let’s face it, standard photo frames are boring gifts to receive in 2015 (and we’re sure someone made a similar comment in 2005 as well). Add a personal twist, however, and you create a most thoughtful and romantic gift with enduring value. The personal twist comes in the form of handwriting, of course, and the whole setup involves choosing your favorite photo of the two of you that is about half the size of the entire frame, and putting it against an A4 sheet of paper (or better) on which you’ve handwritten the lyrics of your guys’ song, their favorite poem, favorite piece of prose, or any other text of value. Fashion or decorate the frame yourself for added awesomeness and aww factor.

3. Date Night Jar


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A date night jar is a most practical gift to receive, with the benefits flowing over to the giver as well! You will need for this one mason jar (those wonderful, multipurpose creations) and loads of ice cream sticks. Then it’s simple, color the sticks in three different solid colors, one of outdoor activities, another for indoor activities, and a third for activities involving money. Feel free to get creative here, and fill up the sticks with things you really want to do with your SO, or stuff you guys wanted to try, or even things you guys enjoy, but with a proper setup and setting.

4. Paint Dipped Kitchen Utensils

diy-gift-guide-for lovers-how-to-make-paint-dipped-kitchen-utensil

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The love of your life enjoys spending their time in the kitchen and cooking up deliciousness for the both of you to devour? Gift them some paint dipped kitchen utensils that are as easy as pie to make, and about as enjoyable for the other person to use as well. You’ll need wooden utensils, acrylic paint (colors of your choosing), clear gloss for sheen, and painter’s tape to keep your lines clean. Or if you’d like to mess around with paintbrushes, that’s entirely your prerogative. The possibilities are endless, and the results wonderful.

5. Open When… Cards

diy-gift-guide-for lovers-5th-anniversary-open-when-cards

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Oh man, these are useful. I mean, um, they make great gifts! No, but seriously, Open When Cards are an exceptional way to make something personal for your sweetheart that have value, unlike those burgers you burned so good… which were still enjoyed. Open when you miss me, open when you’re livid with me, open when you doubt my love for you, you get the drift. As for what’s written inside, as long as it’s sincere, you’re good to go.

6. Embroidered Handkerchiefs

diy-gift-guide-for lovers-embroidered handkerchiefs

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Something your love will keep on their person at all times? Check. Something they will proceed to use multiple times through the course of the day? Check. Something that will unfailingly remind them of you when they proceed to do so? Check. And you thought handkerchiefs were lame. All you will need are some cotton handkerchiefs, a needle and some thread. And for those not so handy with a needle, a quick stem stitch tutorial will do just the trick.