Divyanka Tripathi Marriage: Finding True Love The Second Time

There has been a lot of buzz about a certain Divyanka Tripathi marriage. With the beauty finally tying the knot with Vivek Dahiya, this is surely one cute love story with a happy ending. Divyanka Tripathi has been the blue-eyed girl of Indian television for nearly a decade. The alluring beauty from Bhopal started her career as a radio jockey on the state-owned All India Radio, and later moved to short telefilms that later catapulted her career to great heights. In spite of all the accolades and fame she achieved, she has always maintained an intrinsic simplicity, which exudes from her sincere smile. All this meant to things, one, she’s a super-eligible bachelorette, and two, a Divyanka Tripathi marriage was on the rumour mill horizon.

Divyanka dated her co-actor Sharad Malhotra for nine years and there was a lot of speculation that a Sharad Malhotra Divyanka Tripathi marriage would eventually happen. But things didn’t work out that well and the couple called it quits. She then met co-actor Vivek Dahiya and love blossomed again. And we are glad it did. Let’s take a look at how it all started here’s all you want to know about the Vivek Dahiya Divyanka Tripathi marriage.

Divyanka’s Rise To Fame

Divyanka Tripathi was born in the year 1984 in Bhopal. She started her career when she was still a teenager with a job at All India Radio in Bhopal. Although she did not have any significant interest in acting or showbiz, she decided to participate in Zee TV channel’s reality talent show India’s Best Cinestars Ki Khoj. To her surprise, she was crowned the winner from the Bhopal zone. Her victory brought her instant recognition, and soon she started appearing in telefilms on All India Radio’s associate television channel, Doordarshan. Her big breakthrough came in the year 2006 with the Zee TV show called Banoo Main Teri Dulhann in which she played a dual role. There has been no turning back since then for this talented actress, and she has played some pivotal roles in popular TV shows since then.

Finding THE ONE

Divyanka And Vivek Dahiya Post A Pic Online

Divyanka met co-actor Vivek Dahiya on the show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein. Slowly their friendship blossomed into love and Vivek and Divyanka kept everything hush-hush up till late 2015 when the duo started making public appearances together and were often snapped cozying around during breaks on set; obviously the press speculated a Vivek Dahiya Divyanka Tripathi marriage.

It is said that Vivek Dahiya, who is from Chandigarh, was looking for a suitable girl to settle down with. Unlike Divyanka, was relatively new on the TV showbiz scene, and initially started out as a model back in 2011. The affinity between the two increased day by day. After all, Divyanka wanted a guy with whom she could settle down soon, and Vivek was looking for suitable girl with whom he can spend the rest of his life. Vivek proposed to Divyanka on her birthday in December 2015, and she said YES!. Everything just fell in place and the loving couple got engaged in January 2016, and we were onward to the the Vivek Dahiya Divyanka Tripathi marriage!

The Low-Key Engagement

Divyanka And Vivek Dahiya With Family In The Official Engagement Portrait

The couple had a private engagement ceremony, and invited only close friends from the industry. Divyanka looked dashing in a pink Anarkali dress while Vivek looked dapper in a navy blue suit and a pink tie, which was of the same shade of Divyanka’s dress. After the Vivek Dahiya Divyanka Tripathi marriage engagement, Divyanka had shared that they definitely intended to get married in 2016, and they had left the decision of the date to their parents. It was later shared by the couple that had decided to tie the knot on 8th July 2016, and the venue would be Bhopal, which is Divyanka’s native city.

Haldi And Mehndi Ceremony

Divyanka At Her Haldi And Mehndi Ceremony

The the Vivek Dahiya Divyanka Tripathi marriage festivities kicked off on 6th June with the haldi ceremony. It was a family affair, where friends and family applied haldi to Divyanka who looked playful and pretty. She wore a yellow lehenga, with a yellow choli and dupatta, which went well with the theme of the event. It was a fun-filled affair. And in spite of the sangeet ceremony being a day away, Divyanka and the ladies shook a leg to some music and were seen having a ball.

Divyanka Tripathi Marriage - Divyanka With The Gal Pals At Her Mehndi Ceremony

The next day was the mehndi ceremony, which was held in the morning. For this event, Divyanka was decked up in a pink lehenga and choli. The excitement for her upcoming marriage was evident on her face. What was interesting was the mehndi design, which was dulha-dulhan style mehndi but with a twist. Her mehndi had actual illustrations of the dulha (Vivek) and dulhan (Divyanka). Take a look at the lovely mehndi design.

Sangeet Ceremony

Divyanka And Vivek Dahiya Pose At Their Sangeet

The night of 7th June was reserved for the Vivek Dahiya Divyanka Tripathi marriage sangeet ceremony which was held in Bhopal again. For this event, the couple invited their close friends from TV showbiz. Divyanka wore a lovely blue salwar with heavy gold coloured embroidery on it. Vivek looked absolutely dashing with a black kurta and white pyjama and topped it with a red jacket. The sangeet ceremony was a fun-filled affair and Divyanka and Vivek serenaded the audience with a slow and romantic dance performance. It was a truly festive event, and the guests surely had a wonderful time.

Divyanka And Vivek Dahiya Dance It Off At Their Sangeet

The Big Wedding Day: The Beautiful Vivek Dahiya Divyanka Tripathi Marriage Ceremony

Divyanka And Vivek Dahiya At The Wedding

On 8th July, 2016 the Vivek Dahiya Divyanka Tripathi marriage was held in Bhopal with the ceremony being a fusion of Punjabi wedding traditions, and wedding traditions from Madhya Pradesh. Just like the previous ceremonies, the couple decided to keep the wedding a close-knit affair, and only invited their close friends and family members. It is said that the couple had no more than 150 people at the venue and the number included their very own family members.

Divyanka And Vivek Dahiya Right After The Phera Ceremony

It was a fun-filled event, and the beaming faces of the bride and bridegroom said it all. Divyanka was seen wearing a bright red lehenga and choli along with a red dupatta. Her bridal attire was accessorised well with a gold choker necklace, along with an array of red bangles. Vivek looked dashing in a cream coloured sherwani with a matching pagdi. The sherwani and pagdi were embellished with golden design patterns that made him look like a traditional Punjabi dulha. The wedding ceremony was a traditional one. For the main wedding pooja, Divyanka changed to a yellow lehenga and dupatta since it is a custom in Madhya Pradesh for the bride to wear yellow during the main wedding ritual. The wedding elation was in the air since Divyanka and Vivek were officially soul-mates, and it was quite evidently the most happiest day of their life, for them as well as their families.

Reception In Chandigarh

Divyanka And Vivek Dahiya Pose At The Wedding Reception

On 10th July, the couple hosted a wedding reception for friends and family members in Chandigarh, which is the home city of Vivek Dahiya. It was an evening event, and therefore the newly-weds were dressed appropriately. Divyanka wore a maroon lehenga and choli, along with matching jewellery. Vivek was decked up in tuxedo, and looked quite dashing indeed. The reception was restricted to Vivek’s relatives and acquaintances in his home city, and the couple plan to have a special Vivek Dahiya Divyanka Tripathi marriage reception, for all their friends in the industry, on 14th July, 2016 in Mumbai.

Thing of The Past – Dating The Co-Actor Back Then And The Split

Divyanka With Her Ex Sharad Malhotra In 2005

Back in 2004, when Divyanka was participating in the reality talent show, she happened to bump into a certain Sharad Malhotra. Sharad was an aspiring actor, and was participating in the talent show to gain a platform to kick-start his acting career. The two became acquaintances, and exchanged contact numbers but never significantly stayed in touch with each other. Things continued that way up till the shooting of Divyanka’s first hit show Banoo Main Teri Dulhann in which Sharad also had a part to play. They started off as friends first. As the show progressed, the duo started playing out some romantic on-screen scenes, whose effect slowly trickled down into their real lives as well. The pair would indulge in some harmless flirting on the sets but there was nothing more than that. Once the show ended, the two went on with their lives.

Sharad went abroad for an year, and the ‘best friends’ would communicate via phone once in a while. It was a year later when Sharad returned back that they rekindled their close friendship, this time with some serious romance infused into it. It was clear to them this time around that they were very much in love with each other. In fact, many close friends of Divyanka shared that she was head over heels in love with Sharad. She saw a soul-mate in him, and a potential life partner. She was indeed sure that he was the right man for her, and it is said that by 2014, she expressed her intention for a formal Divyanka Tripathi marriage to Sharad Malhotra. Apparently Sharad took it in a sportive way but was not too keen on putting forward a marriage proposal any time soon. Divyanka, on the other hand, was known to make public remarks and statements of her perpetual love towards Sharad, and how she expected him to make a truly enchanting proposal any time soon.

Though there was love in their relationship, the duo were stuck to the status of being love-birds, and Divyanka was very much keen on elevating it to the status of becoming life partners. By early 2015, things were definitely going stagnant for Divyanka, and she would frequently quiz Sharad about where he intended to take their relationship. Their discussions would often lead to arguments, and over a period of time the pair realised that it is time to end their nearly decade old relationship. Although there were rumours of their relationship going sour, it was only in March 2015 that the couple released a joint statement stating that a lack of compatibility in their relationship is making them part ways.

While many cited Sharad’s disinterest in getting married as the major reason for breakup, it was also said that Sharad was apparently getting involved with a certain TV actress, which created additional stress in Divyanka and Sharad’s relationship. Eventually, the nine-year old relationship of this once doting couple ended abruptly, and it seriously left Divya shattered.

In an interview soon after her breakup, Divyanka shared that how she was thrown into a realm of sadness after her breakup, but at the same time found herself to be more wiser. Guess her distress pushed her to seek a shoulder for comfort, and that’s when she met Mr. Right!

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