Disney Love Quotes: The 15 Cutest Disney Love Quotes Ever!

Disney love quotes, because that’s how i learnt to love! Let’s go down the road of nostalgia. Here is a list of some of the cutest and amazing Disney love quotes that you can share with your loved one. Read along and spread the magic of love.

Disney Love Quotes For The Disney Baby In You!

1. Disney Love Quotes - Enchanted

It is a sweet and adorable number one on our Disney love quotes list, from the famous Disney movie Enchanted that confirms our belief in true love and genuine affection. Indulge your love in some mushy love by sending him or her this sweet love quote from the world of Disney.

2. Disney Love Quotes - Pocahontas

It is a memorable quote by the leading lady of the Disney love quotes, in the movie of her namesake, Pocahontas that tells a tale of two lovers belonging to two different worlds and cultures. Yet, their love is strong enough to survive all odds to be together.

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3. Disney Love Quotes - The Princess And The Frog

This is a story of faith and dedication on your true love and it also tells us how the superficial beauty is just a show, the real beauty lies within. It is surely the best of all Disney love quotes that you can send to your partner for a beautiful moment of cherished love.

4. Disney Love Quotes - Winnie The Pooh

It is an awe-inspiring and adorable Disney love quote that you can share with your loved one and celebrate a special moment together. The joy of being together is truly felt through this quote of love shared in the movie.

5. Disney Love Quotes - Tarzan

When it comes to love, you do have to trust the other person and take a leap of faith. If you two are destined to be together, nothing in this universe will be able to stop you to from being so. That is the strength of true love, and the strength of Disney love quotes!

6. Disney Love Quotes - Aladdin

If you love someone too deeply, you are bound to share your whole world with them. Send this amazing winner of Disney love quotes from Aladdin to your sweetheart and see the sparks of love flying in the air.

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7. Disney Love Quotes - Finding Nemo

When you are with your one true love, secure and warm in their embrace, it truly feels like you are home. It is an abstract feeling that cannot be expressed in concrete terms and this love quote does express the thought in the simplest yet expressive terms. Remember “Ohana”, well this is the basic theme of love, and the basic theme of most Disney love quotes too.

8. Disney Love Quotes - With Your Heart

Sometimes we are too carried away with the thoughts of our mind that we do not hear the music of our heart. So, close your eyes and try to listen to what your heart is saying for a person who is in love with you and you will surely get the answer.

9. Disney Love Quotes - Bambi

Okay, so everything about Disney love quotes started with Bambi. If you truly love someone for sure, you will know that this love is never going to die or diminish for the person, even if you two do not end up being together. It will keep ringing in your heart like a sweet melody all your life.

10. Disney Love Quotes - Hercules

Love is passionate and love is full of potential, if Disney’s prince section got it right . You will cross any mountain or move any river just to see a smile on the face of your love. If this does not make love a beautiful feeling, then what does? If you don’t know where these lovely magical Disney love quotes are from, then you have a marathon waiting for you.

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11. Disney Love Quotes - The Incredibles

Life is unpredictable and monotonous but if you find your soul-mate it can turn out to be a thrilling and adventurous ride, full of new turns and twists, sometimes amazing and sometimes painful, but you will have your partner with you to make every moment come alive, and someone to laugh about Disney love quotes with!

12. Disney Love Quotes - Peter Pan

Declare your love in the truest way possible by sending this awesome love quote to your soul-mate and cherish a life of happiness and bliss together.

13. Disney Love Quotes - Up

Up marked the beginning of an acceptance of newer outlooks in Disney love quotes. This is such a cute and loving message that you can send to your loved one in a greeting card or a flower bouquet and let them know how much you adore them.

14. Disney Love Quotes - Frozen

Love is selfless and it is all about making the one you love happy and cheerful. You can send this Disney love quote to your love of life and let them feel your love.

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15. Disney Love Quotes - The Lion King 2

The very epitome of Disney love quotes, the Lion King series. This is an inspiring quote that you can send your loved one when he/she is feeling low and it is sure to bring a huge smile on their face.

Hope you enjoyed reading some of my favourite lovely Disney love quotes. Wish to share some more? Comment below and add to the list.