10 Fun Dinosaur Crafts For Preschoolers And Kids

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Kids are fascinated by the many creatures they see. But one creature, which they can’t see, but which captures their imagination is the dinosaur. While it may be extinct, and it may not even be real, the dinosaur continues to be an all-time favorite among kids of all ages.

From stories to movies to coloring pages and toys, dinosaurs have ruled kids’ hearts. And, if you are looking for some fun dino-themed activities, consider engaging your little one in some dinosaur crafts for kids. To help you get started, here are some great ideas:

10 Fun Dinosaur Crafts For Kids

1. Dinosaur Fossil:

  • Ask your kid to shape some air-drying clay in a rough plaque.
  • Ask her to imprint some other materials into the clay, such as shells, tree barks, and leaves.
  • The clay will harden when left in the open air. Once it is dry, it will resemble a fossil. This is must to try dinosaur craft for kids.

2. Dinosaur Bones:

  • Help your kid cut some bone shapes and a skull shape from thick cardboard boxes or sheets.
  • Your daughter has to mix equal parts of water and equal parts of PVA glue in a disposable container. Now let her apply the glue all over the bone and skull shapes with the help of an old paint brush.
  • Ask your kid to scrunch up white tissue paper into balls and press all over the skull and bones cut outs.
  • Now leave the cutouts aside until they are completely dry.

3. Dinosaur Door Hanger:

  • Ask your kid to cut the shape of a door hanger using green felt.
  • Let her cut a long dinosaur neck and head shape using the same felt.
  • Now ask her to glue the dinosaur neck and head to the middle of the door hanger shape.
  • She can make the dinosaur eyes using googly eyes and write her name on the dinosaur shape using a marker.

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4. Dinosaur Bookmark:

  • Help your kid make the dinosaur shape using the steps mentioned above (Read no. 3).
  • However, to make a bookmark, she will have to use green paper instead of green felt.

5. Hand Paint Dinosaurs:

  • Let your kid dip her palm, little finger and thumb in red paint, but make sure she does not dip her fingers in the color.
  • Ask her to make an imprint on a white sheet and let it dry.
  • The thumb will be the tail, and the little finger will be the head. She can add a pair of googly eyes to make the dinosaur look cute.
  • Help her cut small triangle shapes from red paper and stick them on the dinosaur once it is dry. This is one of the great dinosaur crafts for kids to make. Make this simple dinosaur crafts for children.

6. Clothes Pin Dinosaurs:

  • Ask your kid to paint the closed part of the clothes pin in black paint and let it dry. Add teeth using white paint. This part will be the jaw.
  • Now let your kid cut dinosaur head shapes from felt paper. Add the eyes using black paint and make the eyebrows using marker pens.
  • Let your kid create a variety of dinosaurs by using felt sheets in different colors.

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7. Dinosaur Feet:

  • Help your kid cut a space in the center of two shoe boxes. The space should be wide enough so that she can place her feet in.
  • Now let her cover the box with green paper.
  • Ask her to cut dinosaur nails from orange paper and stick it to the edge of the feet. It can be one of the best dinosaur craft ideas for kids to learn more about dinosaur.

8. Dinosaur In Ice:

  • Ask your kid to take small dinosaur figurines, shells, marbles and small stones and place in a container.
  • Fill it with water and keep in the freezer overnight.
  • In the morning, help them dig out the dinosaurs. For the same, add a few drops of food coloring to some salt and sprinkle on the ice to make it melt. Help them add some warm water with syringes and dig using spoons and toy spades. This is an easy dinosaur crafts for kids, they will definitely get fascinated!

9. Dinosaur Table Tails:

  • Help cut a big triangle shape from fabric and sew, leaving the base open.
  • Ask your kid to fill it with cotton. Once done, sew it up.
  • Glue more triangle shapes cut from fabric to the body of the tail.
  • You can use ribbons and sew them at the edges so that the tails can be tied to the chairs.

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10. Dinosaur Felt Puppet:

  • Help your kid cut two identical dinosaur shapes from felt.
  • Your kid can decorate the dinosaur as she wishes and add a popsicle stick in the middle.
  • Glue or sew the edges. Enjoy and make this dinosaur themed crafts for kids.

Making dinosaur crafts will be a lot of fun for your kids, so make sure they try these ideas that are easy to do at home. Moms, do tell us which ones your kid loved the best.

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