7 Different Types Of Panty Collection For Women In 2019

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Whether it’s your date night or just a pyjama party with the girlfriends, everything that you wear matters. From that bodycon dress to the lacy underwear, there’s so much that needs to be taken care of. Wearing panties is essential (if you like going commando, we’re okay with that), and there are not many women who would step out without wearing one. So, when it’s such a necessity, why not invest some time, effort, and interest in your lingerie collection? Don’t let another year pass by where you’re unclear about your panty choices (boyfriend choices can wait ladies).

There are different kinds of panties out there for every woman which is meant for various occasions. Most of the women are either too lazy or are genuinely not aware of figuring out which one to wear when. Or they, in general, get conscious while shopping for the panties. But, don’t you worry, dear women, we’re here to help. We surfed the cyberspace and most of the elite fashion magazines and came up with the below-mentioned list of various types of panties that you should be considered this New Year 2019. Let’s take a look.

1. Boy Shorts

Well, it doesn’t take a genius to guess this but the style of this panty is modeled after men’s briefs; these panties have a more rectangular shape. They can be considered very similar to the hipster style, the difference between these both is the lower cuts near the legs. In boy shorts, there are certain brands that have extended the lower-cut for legs (almost till the thighs).

When Can You Wear Them?

If this style of panties is made from the right fabric and fits seamlessly, then this glides under your dresses effortlessly. It can be your comfort wear or just worn under proper fitting clothes to avoid any panty lines. If the shorts are longer, then it can even be considered as a loungewear option.

2. Lacy Hipsters

Lacy Hipsters
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This can be considered as the most sensuous form of hipster style panties. They are just like hipsters (panties that come up to your hips) that cover the baby fats around your hips. But, these are the kind of hipsters that are made of lace which makes them quite hot in terms of looks.

When Can You Wear Them?

If you want to wear a panty that will cover your innocent love handles and also look attractive when you unbutton your jeans, then pick this style of panty. Trust us, your man will not be disappointed!

3. Supporting Panties

Supporting Panties
Image: Shutterstock

These are the kind of panties that help support a heavy stomach. They go slightly higher than the hip in terms of fit. They are the most comfortable.

When Can You Wear Them?

These panties are meant for pregnant women and are generally worn by them. Women who are obese or overweight can also consider trying this style of panties for the most comfort.

4. Bikini Panty

Bikini Panty
Image: Shutterstock

As the name suggests, these are panties that are a part of a bikini. They are sensuous, they are colorful, they are appealing, and they are neither too loose nor too tight. They come in various styles too — like a normal panty or a panty which needs to be tied on both sides like the picture above.

When Can You Wear Them?

On days when you’re sure you might just turn your car towards the beach and jump into the waters, wear these.

5. Thong Panty

Thong Panty
Image: Shutterstock

Thongs can be considered as the most versatile type of panties ever. You will never have to worry about panty lines if you’re wearing them. Even your man will be content seeing you in them. However, if you’re wearing a thong for the first time you will feel a little discomfort. But with time, you’ll understand it’s the best invention ever in the panty world.

When Can You Wear Them?

On date nights (wink wink). And on days when you’re wearing those uber cool body-hugging skirts and dresses, and you don’t want people to see your panty lines.

6. Lovable Comfortable Panty

Lovable Comfortable Panty
Image: Shutterstock

These are mainly made of cotton, they are soft and extremely comfortable for your down there. These are the type of panties that can be worn by every girl and woman irrespective of the age group. They are the most normal kinds.

When Can You Wear Them?

When you’re wearing casual clothes and when all you care about is just comfort and nothing else, then, pick these.

7. Silky Panty

Silky Panty
Image: Shutterstock

These panties are generally made of satin fabric. It feels very smooth on the skin. They come in very attractive colors. Wearing these can make you ready for a racy night. They are definitely the feel-good panties and they are quite famous for being a favourite among the opposite gender.

When Can You Wear Them?

When you want something that will make you feel like ‘Madame Important’, when you want your man to see you in your naughtiest best, something as minimal as a silk panty can do the trick for you.

These were our guide for you to pick panties which should be sitting in your wardrobe this New Year. All of them are meant for different occasions and moods. Which one is already a part of your wardrobe? Let us know in the comments below.

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