What Are The Different Types Of Body Piercings?

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Originated as a part of the punk culture in USA, body piercing has become a popular trend all over the world today. This body art makes a unique fashion statement, and India is not left behind in following this trend. Piercing involves puncturing a body part with a sharp needle to insert or fix a piece of jewelry like rings. Apart from styling, body piercings are also done for cultural, religious, and sexual preferences. Piercing may symbolize Gothic fashion, but when done in unhygienic conditions it may cause infections and allergic reactions. Today, body piercing is not restricted to women alone, as men have also started taking up this art.

Comparing Body Piercing Between Ancient Times and Today

Although modified over time, trend of body piercing dates back to ancient times, when people used to pierce their bodies for different religious reasons. Then, the art of piercing marked spiritual rites of passage and of liberation. On the other hand, some people preferred intimate or erotic piercing for sexual enhancements. Today people recognize body piercing as Gothic fashion or bold fashion accessory or to make a statement. The piercing locations have also changed with the time. In recent times, piercing is a more visible pattern in both men and women.

Let us know the various types of body piercings and their significance.

1. Ear Piercing:

Ear piercing is probably the oldest form of piercing still in practice from the ancient times. This is done on all areas of the ears including the cartilage and lobe. One of the most popular styles is tragus piercing that offers a cover on the ear canal opening. Earrings look stylish, and one may go for more than one piercing on both the ears.

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2. Nostril Piercing:

nostril piercing
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Along with the ear piercing, nostril piercing dates back to the ancient civilizations and was mostly prevalent in Native America. It made its way to India at a later stage, although some people mistake nostril piercing as a local culture of India. Nostril piercing has been a popular choice for facial piercing. Nose is in fact the first location from where facial piercing initiated. In addition to the nostrils, septum is another popular location for nasal piercing. Septum piercing locates at the base of the nose on the narrow divider of the skin. Septum piercing is often marked with a ring making a bold statement.

3. Eyebrow Piercing:

eyebrow piercing
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Eyebrow piercing made its entry in the 1970’s. Eyebrow piercing is a unisex approach, and is seen mostly in American societies. This style of eyebrow piercing has now slowly engulfed the youth of South East Asian countries and Europe. One can try different tiny jewelries on pierced eyebrows.

4. Tongue Piercing:

Tongue piercing
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Master artist Elayne Angel introduced the art of tongue piercing. Ever since then, tongue piercing has won the hearts of several Americans. This art is not popular in rest of the world when compared to other forms of piercing. Nevertheless, daring youngsters around the world prefer it.

5. Nipple Piercing:

Nipple piercing
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This extreme fashion is seen majorly in male gender. Mostly adorned by the Americans, people in India and South Africa too have adapted this style. The trend of nipple piercing dates back to the Victorian era when men used to pierce their nipples as part of their chivalry and valor.

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Body piercing is a Gothic art which enables a person to express his views on certain subjects. Not all go for this bold art; it takes a lot of strength for a person to sport the look. Apart from the above-mentioned, there are other different body piercings in areas like lips, navel etc. Are you planning to get piercing done? Go ahead and flaunt your new fashion accessory!

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