11 Different Indian Bridal Looks to Make Heads Turn!

Indian weddings, just like most others, are well known for their vibrant colors, festivities, and food. However, within the sub-continent, and especially within India, there a number of different traditions that have their own unique spin on what a joyous celebration like a wedding entails.

Having said that, today’s Indian Bridal looks are the result of a great transition. Contemporary brides are more open to experimentation with new and unique looks that often make them stand out and look stunning! The classic look is still very popular but the newer trends are catching on and making a wave! If you are a soon-to-be bride or just curious, here’s a list of the 11 best and trending bridal looks – sure to make you look a diva!

1. Traditional South Indian Bride

Traditional-South-Indian-Bride-different indian bridal looks

A typical traditional South Indian bride is hard to miss! The flowers in her hair, the elaborate hairstyles, the gold waistband along with lots of gold ornamentation; and a rich silk saree are all typical of a South Indian bride. Effortlessly stylish and traditional.

2. Bold in Gold

Bold-in-Gold-different indian bridal looks

Gold is the color of royalty! Brides today are bringing in the traditional gold jewelry in a big way and also gold crystals, sequins and motifs on the bridal attire. Gold looks surreal yet makes the bride sparkle!

3. Elsa from Frozen!

Elsa-from-Frozen-different indian bridal looks

The Frozen blue has made it big in the fashion world and brides are bringing it into their unique bridal look. Move over from the traditional colors and experiment with striking shades of blue or other unconventional colors!

4. Pastel Queen

Pastel-Queen-different indian bridal looks

Pastel colors are feminine, serene, beautiful and have a mesmerizing look and feel. If you are someone who does not like wearing bright and vibrant colors, opt for the subtle pastel shades of your choice. It’s great for day as well as night-time celebrations.

5. Bright n’ Vibrant

Bright-n’-Vibrant-different indian bridal looks

Bright and vibrant shades create a unique look that make the bride stand out. Statement jewelry pieces teamed up with bright and pop-up colors makes the bride look dazzling.

6. Make-up on Fleek!

Make-up-on-Fleek-different indian bridal looks

Make up trends have come in a big way! Today brides are more particular and aware of different make up look and trends. The classic bridal attire mixed with fashionable makeup looks makes the bride look traditionally trendy!

7. Classic and Traditional

Classic-and-Traditional-different indian bridal looks

New trends will come and go… traditional and classic is here to stay! The classic red, green and gold combination lehenga with statement jewelry and subtle make-up is a bridal look that can never go wrong!

8. The Royal Affair

The-Royal-Affair-different indian bridal looks

This bridal look screams royal and panache! The rich fabric and colors, flattering cut and statement jewelry together make this a spectacular bridal look – be prepared to make heads turn.

9. The Contemporary Chic

The-Contemporary-Chic-different indian bridal looks

The modern day bride experiments with colors, fabrics, and cuts. She wears unique colors with detailed work and embroidery; and statement pieces like the head piece above. All of these are unique elements, and they sure make the modern day bride stand out.

10. Trendsetter Alert!

Trendsetter-Alert-different indian bridal looks

Move away from the basics and the usual, and bring in stylish trends to make your bridal look truly yours. This saree cum gown is an example of bridal attire that is at once effortlessly chic, as well as perfect for the many functions before and after the wedding.

11. Inspired By Bollywood

Inspired-By-Bollywood-different indian bridal looks

Take inspiration from our Bollywood beauties and look like a star. Our own Bollywood babes have displayed some of the finest bridal looks over the years; each unique and stunning!

So what’s your take on our different Indian bridal looks? It almost seems that each is better than the last! While every bridal look is beautiful in itself, the best ones highlight the bride’s personality and unique features. You need to be comfortable in your skin, be sure of your ensemble and flash that pretty smile!

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