Diamond Wedding Rings Simplified: 10 Most Worthy Picks

Popular culture is full of references to diamonds, whether it be James Bond’s now classic theme “Diamonds are Forever” or Rihanna’s hit single “Shine Bright like a Diamond”, a sign that these marvelous and naturally occurring carbon formations are always sure to impress. It can be said that the exchange of diamond rings is a strong show of commitment and love for any couple. So if you’re in the market for one, here are the 10 most amazing diamond wedding rings, the possession of which would put your beloved in a state of wonderful, dream-like nirvana.

1. The Bijou Ring

The Bijou Ring

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As the ring is revealed from its casket, you can be quite certain to expect your lover to be in a engagement-rock induced trance. 18 karat white gold flows seamlessly around the precision cut 1 carat diamonds, making this a heavenly one of the best diamond wedding rings in a million ring fit for a one in a million person.

2. The Olympius Band

The Olympius Band

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With the touch of expert craftsmanship that only one of the best jewelers around can bring, the Olympius band is a jaw dropping diamond wedding ring, simple as that. The incredible design is responsible for creating the magical aura that surrounds this ring. With certified 18 karat yellow gold and lined with 5 diamonds in perfect symmetry, this ring will make you fall in love again.

3. The Liba Ring

The Liba Ring

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When two lovely people come together, the occasion demands a gorgeous ring on her finger. Behold, The Liba Ring. Featuring two rings made out of 18 karat white gold and stunning diamonds embedded all over, the three diamonds bridging together mementos make this ring as unique as it is special.

4. The Opus Trinity Ring

The Opus Trinity Ring

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Look up into the inky black night sky and you will see the Big Dipper asterism, look closely and you’ll find within it, three especially twinkly stars. With the Opus Trinity ring on your finger, you can wear a similar celestial spectacle. Three diamonds lined in white gold similar create a magical experience as you get married your heavenly guy.

5. The Diva Ring

The Diva Ring

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A perfect representation of togetherness in white gold, this gorgeous ring features two beautiful diamonds. Out of the diamond wedding rings, this is for the perfect diva bride, watch your love further blossom as he slips this gorgeous solitaire on your finger.

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6. ORRA Diamond Semi Mount Ring

ORRA Diamond Semi Mount Ring

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With its sheer brilliance and dazzling aura, this ring is a sure blessing to the lovely lady in your life. Two glorious diamonds sit on either side of the ring, with the distinctive design of the bridge giving a solid foundation to the ring – similar to the bond shared by you two love birds!

7. FOREVERMARK Setting Solitaire Pave Ring

FOREVERMARK Setting Solitaire Pave Ring

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If you took a metaphor for love and togetherness and crafted it to perfection, you would end up with this ring. The diamond sitting in the center is so brilliant that even the slightest glimpse can cause a state of awe in the beholder. The ring comes with a permanent forevermark printed on the diamond for quality.

8. Fantasy Butterflies Diamond Wedding Ring

Fantasy Butterflies Diamond Wedding Ring

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How would you feel if diamond butterflies are immortalized on your ring finger? If they were of the sort envisioned in this ring, I’m sure you would be pretty thrilled! 22 karat gold captures the lovely butterflies that are made out of a hundred diamonds; this is one wedding rings that is definitely going to sweep you off your feet.

9. Nakshatra Diamond Ring

Nakshatra Diamond Ring

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With a touch of an artistic magic, this yellow gold beauty is made for the perfect wedding – yours! The 19 Diamonds overflow with luster and you will find yourself often times just looking at it and admiring its beauty, reminiscent of a Cartier engagement ring, but in gold.

10. Encordia Solitaire Ring

Encordia Solitaire Ring

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When the Beatles first sang their popular tune “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds”, they couldn’t have known that one of those diamonds from the sky would be brought down to Earth to fit perfectly onto flowing white gold. This extraordinary ring twists into a knot, personifying the bond you, the couple, share together. Tying the knot has never been so lovely!