5 Diamond Engagement Rings For Sparkling Summer Engagements

Diamond engagement rings come in all shapes, styles, settings and cuts. Ranging from an Asscher cut diamond set in platinum (The new rage!) to an uncut rose diamond set in a gold band wrought in antique-styles, engagement rings can satisfy every individual requirement. While big can be thought to be better, taste is what really matters at the end of the day. When you wear the ring, you should be firm in the knowledge that it is undeniably, uniquely and completely yours and yours alone. Couples who want to say ‘That’s us’ will acquire rings they’ve tweaked in terms of design, colour and gemstone. Here are 5 things to keep in mind before you get started on your hunt for the perfect diamond engagement ring!

1. Nature Themed Diamond Engagement Rings

Diamond Engagement Rings - Flower

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Blossoming with all the leaves, petals and vines that flora has to offer, nature themed engagement rings are always a hit; especially in summer. Let the sun shine down on your miniature garden, and then, as the light sets your finger aflame, dazzle all and sundry.

2. Blue diamond ring

Diamond Engagement Rings - blue diamond ring

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The most commercially successful diamonds are the clear, transparent stones with no hue. But this versatile gem is not limited in its spectrum of colours. Diamonds are available in 12 main colours — namely: Blue, Green, Olive, Yellow, Brown, Orange, Red, Pink, Purple, Black, Gray and White — and even those have numerous shades of nuance. Get off the beaten track and put some colour into your summer engagement, nothing stands out like the hypnotic attraction of a pink or red diamond. Be warned though, some coloured diamonds are cheaper than the transparent ones; yellow for example. But some of them, such as intense pink or blue bridal diamond jewellery, will burn a hole straight through your wallet.

3. Mixed Metal Rings

Diamond Engagement Rings - mixed metal ring

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The most common practise among diamond engagement rings is to have the stone(s) set in either gold or silver. This fashion has drifted over the years, with more recent forms of the engagement ring being done in white gold or even, increasingly, in platinum and rose gold. While choosing which base to use might be a problem for some people, you can take the highroad. Have a ring with all the metals mixed or woven together. This will give your ring that undeniable modern feel.

4. Custom-made Designer Bands

Diamond Engagement Rings - Custom-made Designer Bands

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Given the advancement of metalworking, jewellers are now able to do amazing things with their work. Designers are adding everything they can think of to bring out the unique nature of the message they want to share: There is no price on happiness. Adding pizzazz and some swing into their designs, custom made diamond engagement rings are where it’s at. Ranging from twisting glittering bands to more sleek, braided pave set ones; from intricate detailing on the sides to bow-inspired diamond encrusted gold engagement rings, there is something for everybody.

5. Art Deco and Antique Designs

Diamond Engagement Rings - Antique wedding rings

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There is a timeless appeal to some designs which make them eternal favourites. This summer, those with a yearning for the classics can always go for the feminine motifs and elegant cutting of more antique diamond engagement ring designs. Those with other tastes can spurn the intricacy of the old and go for the bold, geometric designs inspired by the Art Deco movement. You’ll be an instant hit!