Wedding Suits for Grooms: Six simple steps to keep in mind

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We’ll come to wedding suits for grooms in just a second, but first we’d like to point out how much of an unfair assumption it is that some grooms – in the eyes of the general public – do not have a sense for fashion. The popular thought that they cannot take the trouble nor have the inclination to discern the differences between cuts in fabric, or that they can only see purple where others can see lilac, violet and mauve, is troublesome and stereotypical. Because while it is generally sold that a few people don’t care how they look, or give a second thought to what they are wearing and don’t even consider the appropriateness of their attire for any occasion they deign to grace with their presence, that is utter nonsense.

While there are some people who always fit that description, it is only the deception of culture and popular media that suggests that they are all of a male inclination. We have, in our own meagre experience, encountered hordes of absolutely fashion conscious people who know exactly how they want to look when they step out of their doors. But, seeing as there always degrees of immersion in any idea, we’ve compiled a list of helpful tips for choosing formalwear such as dress suits for weddings. Scroll on for some ideas on wedding suits for grooms and how to look like your ideal mix of Han Solo and James Bond, a rogue smuggler and a gentleman spy, both devastatingly charming – or so they’d like to think!

1. Last Minute Panic Is For Art Deadlines, Not Choosing Your Suit

The average wait for a bridal wedding dress can go as long as eight months, and while it does not take as much time to get a wedding suit, it still isn’t as easy as picking out a designer sherwani, so you shouldn’t dawdle too much. You do not want to be that guy who is entering burnout mode a week before the weddings going “I don’t have anything to wear!!”, so always leave yourself time. Allow for multiple fittings, especially if you’ve started that last desperate rush to lose weight and look a little fitter for your wedding day. If you don’t like the way the lapel falls, or how something is cut, this allows you to snip away anything you don’t like and arrive at the perfect suit. Try to ensure that you have your suit at least two weeks before W-Day.

2. Coordinate With The Better Half

It’s always cute to want to surprise your partner with how you look for the function, but sometimes the aftermath isn’t always cute. Especially if your partner feels that the choices you’ve made to your wedding suit are somewhat lacking, especially if they clash with their own. To avoid this unfortunate set of circumstances, always consult with your better half first. While it is true that it is your day as well, and that you’d naturally want to look fabulous as well, it is always best if the choices that you and your partner make complement each other to a T. This of course does not mean that you have to take them along with you on your fitting sessions, just have a quiet sit-down before and discuss the options that you are considering. Trust your partner’s taste, they’re still with you aren’t they?

3. Do Not Be Lazy About Your Research

After having talked with your partner about your combined choices as far as your attire goes, and having a solid idea of what you both want to be looking like, it is time to assemble your appearance. Before you go to the tailor or suit shop, do them and yourself a favour by doing some research beforehand. As the Scouts say, be prepared. With the Internet, it is easy to look into what is available in the market, and what you think will suit and complement your taste. There are tonnes of magazines as well so you will not find yourself at a lack of material, as there is no dearth of it at all. Be on the lookout for fabrics, cuts and styles that catch your eye and go with these pictures to your appointment. This will help the consultants at the shop and the tailors to come up with the best possible wedding suits for grooms.

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4. Set A Clear Budget

Always, always work within a set budget. While you don’t have to go too crazy, you can also avoid being too cheap. Remember, you always get only what you have paid for. The 600 rupee suit with the three free matching ties might seem to be a stunning deal, but then don’t expect too much in terms of craftsmanship, and also keep in mind that you usually can’t get them tailored again. But this also doesn’t mean that you have to burn a hole through your wallet. Don’t assume that you can spend a lot of money and then get a suit that you can use for years. Remember that you can always try to rent a suitable suit or tux for just the occasion, though of course you might not always find exactly what you are looking for.

5. Find A Good Tailor Or Shop

Similar to any good suit, good formal wear shops are all different. And not all shops operate at the same level of quality. Take the trouble to find stores with the best in terms of service, selection and experience. Fish around in your circle of contacts for recommendations, trawl the internet for suggestions. After you’ve found the right shop, you can be assured that they will be stocked with all the latest in terms of styles, fabric and accessories. They will have a range of gorgeous wedding suits for grooms and tuxes that will cater to your needs and desires.

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6. Tailor A Cut That Flatters Your Figure

While you might have always admired double-breasted suits, be prepared for a bit of reality if you find that they do not suit you. Every person is different, and their bodies are built differently. Fortunately, it is ludicrously hard to look bad in any kind of suit, seeing as there are a multitude of styles and cuts to suit any kind of figure. These coupled with the right choice in accessories, such as ties and cufflinks, can make anyone look like they’ve stepped of a fashion ramp. And never underestimate the power of a well tailored suit. Something that hangs over parts of your figure, or bulges awkwardly in places because of it being just a little too tight in one itsy-bitsy bit of stitch can completely ruin the effect of a good suit or tux. This is especially true if you’re in the home stretch of a fitness regime, or if you’ve been stress-eating too much recently.

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