Insightful Ideas For An Ideal Destination Wedding Near Mumbai

Bombay, as it’s still affectionately called, is a city of opportunity and when it comes to weddings, the opportunity to have a thrilling destination wedding is one you shouldn’t pass up. Just like the very high probability of finding someone who’s just right for you in ‘Amchi Mumbai’, there is also a high likelihood that you can also find that perfect place where you’re truly meant to marry. The city offers a plethora of fantastic options, ranging all the way from places that are ideal for the ones on a budget, to exotic locations that cater to people who really want the whole world to take notice. From the iconic Taj Hotel near the Gateway of India, to the silent lengths of private beaches offered by resorts a few hours away from the hullabaloo that is urban Mumbai, there is a huge variety to choose from, and you’ll be completely spoiled for choices even if you’re clear of the kind of setting you want to marry in. Considering we at the Bridal Box always want our soon-to-be-wed readers to have the easiest and most amazing wedding experience, we have put together our one-of-a-kind guide on how to make your destination wedding near Mumbai just as amazing as it should be.

Close Your Eyes – What Do You See?

Now that you’ve decided you want to get married in and around Mumbai, close your eyes and think about your wedding. Picture all those dreams you’ve had, the ideas that you’ve shared and discussed with your partner – as to how it is that you really want your wedding to be, the setting, the feel, the ambiance, the proceedings, all of the details that go into making a wedding the unique and wonderful occasion that it is. It isn’t easy to decide, but is the first step – and since Mumbai has on offer pretty much any kind of setting that you’d want – you don’t have to be restricted in your thoughts.

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The Beach Wedding

Beach Wedding - Destination Wedding Near Mumbai

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If the soothing sounds of the waves gently washing up on the shore have always appealed to you, and the thought of marrying on the beach makes your heart skip with joy, then a beach wedding is something to definitely consider for that perfect destination wedding near Mumbai.

With a slew of options – Harnai, Kashid, Ratnagiri, and Daman are just a few options that you can explore. Situated just a few hours away these beautiful beaches offer the most exquisite setting for an beautiful beach wedding.

Kiss The Clouds, Then You May Kiss The Bride

Hill Station - Destination Wedding Near Mumbai

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Now, if a beach isn’t exactly your cup of tea, fret not, there are several other wedding destinations near mumbai – you can consider. After all the Mumbai city is sandwiched between the Arabian Sea and the Western Ghats, which means you have plenty of spectacular hill station destinations worthy of being your wedding destination. These hill stations have become major centers for adventure sport, and hence, can claim many beautiful resorts where you can easily accommodate guests and have a beautiful wedding, all right in the lap of nature. From the ever so popular Panchgani and Matheran, to the lesser known jewels of Saputara and Karjat, these myriad hill stations will have you wedded in bliss.

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Or, How About A Temple Wedding?

Temple - Destination Wedding Near Mumbai

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If you’re not sold on sand and surf, and crisp mountain air and breathtaking views, it’s time for some divine intervention. A traditional Maharashtrian temple wedding ceremony – like in the exotic temple from the movie Two States – can be just the thing for you, and, as is usual, Mumbai has a lot to offer on that front too. There are many age-old and beautiful nearby, ranging from the ever popular Shirdi, right on to the marvelous Harihareshwar and spectacular Bhimashankar – again, all you have have to do is make the choice.

A Fancy Five Star Wedding

Five Star - Destination Wedding Near Mumbai

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Well, that wasn’t what you had in mind either, eh? You just want to get married in style, in Mumbai. Well, no worries – Mumbai is just the place to get married in style – from five star resorts on its various beach fronts to super luxurious hotels like the Hilton, Lalit, Taj, Oberoi and more. So if your idea of calling friends and family over for a wedding in Mumbai is “the plan”, then you have the best of everything that the city has to offer, and you won’t even have to venture too far to get it (well, in Mumbai distances, anyway). Make your magical memories in true Mumbaikar fashion.

We have also shortlisted few of the amazing places (luxury resorts) near Mumbai where you can have your dream destination wedding:

1.The Lagoona Resort At Lonavla

Lagoon Resort - Destination Wedding Near Mumbai

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A beautiful hill top resort that is often refereed to as India’s first eco-friendly resort. So if you want to marry in a serene hill side location that is not too far from Mumbai, yet is in the lap of nature – then Lagoona is your best bet.

2.The Paradise Village Resort At Calangute

Paradise Village Resort - Destination Wedding Near Mumbai

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Well, Goa is a nice beach road drive down from Mumbai. So if you want to get married in Goa, which is just a few hours drive from Mumbai then the Paradise Village Resort at Calangute is the pick from the lot. It is secluded yet isn’t too far away from the main tourist areas. The Calangute beach is well maintained and you could have a beautiful beach wedding at the resort itself.

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3.The Hidden Village Near Thane

Hidden Village - Destination Wedding Near Mumbai

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The Hidden Village is a spectacular resort on the banks of a stunning water body near Thane. It is exactly 85km away from Mumbai so that translates into less than 2 hours of driving from the city. A must-see place that would make a great setting for a natural themed, green wedding.

4.The Machan Resort At Jambulne

Machan Resort - Destination Wedding Near Mumbai

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Often considered as the best weekend gateway and resort near Mumbai, The Machan Resort at Jambulne, which is a three hour long drive from the heart of Mumbai is a beautiful place to be married at. With its unique and one of a kind natural tree houses, restaurants and more – Machan is a place worth considering.

5.The Treat Resort At Silvassa

Treat Resort - Destination Wedding Near Mumbai

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Silvassa is a beautiful town that is about 3.5 hours from the city of Mumbai on the Delhi Vadodara Highway. A beautiful resort that has been developed in 24 acres of lush greenery, Treat Resort will truly be a treat for the guests at your wedding.

6.The Zara’s At Khandala

Zara Resort - Destination Wedding Near Mumbai

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If you are on the look out for a super luxurious destination wedding venue near Mumbai, then you ought to consider the stunning Zara’s resort at Khandala. A beautiful hill station that will truly take your breadth away.

7.The Citrus Velvett County Near Pune

Citrus Valley - Destination Wedding Near Mumbai

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Well this resort is really a nice place to be. What tips the balance in its favour is the fact that it is 90 km from Mumbai and 60 km from Pune, giving it easy accessibility from both the sides. The resort itself is expansive and luxurious, with suite rooms that can accommodate your guests to big halls for the wedding. The Citrus Velvett County has it all.
These are just some of the many amazing places near Mumbai where you can get married. You can also go through our exhaustive listings of bridal vendors – from hotels, caterers, wedding planners, bridal designers and much more or browse through our wedding destination gallery for inspiration. We hope you have a truly outstanding wedding in Mumbai, just like the one you had always hoped for, and we would really love to hear from you, so please share your views, thoughts and experiences in the comments section below.