5 Reasons To Have Your Destination Wedding Near Delhi

Let us begin by saying that New Delhi isn’t just the capital city of this wonderful country of ours, it is also culturally, and historically, the heart of India. The city has a history that is almost as old as that of India itself, having seen a slew of diverse rulers right from the Mauryas and Guptas in the early ADs, the Delhi Sultanate in the late 1200s, and then being the seat of power for the Rajputs, Tuglaqs, Khiljis and Lodis followed by the British. As a result, the city is blessed with the best of everything – from the infrastructure and connectivity, to cultural variety and cuisine. But, let us now come to what Delhi and the area around it has to offer when it comes to weddings, and if you’ve been dilly-dallying about Delhi being the destination for your wedding, then here are 5 reasons why you should stick to the diverse metropolis and the top 6 places which are just perfect for you to host your destination wedding near Delhi.

India Gate - Destination Wedding Near Delhi

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Awesome Megalopolis

Delhi is at once one of the oldest cities in India as well as one of the most modern. The city is a proper metro, and only Mumbai can come close to it in terms of sheer size, scale and city life. And you will have Delhi brides swear by the city being the best to get married in and well for shopping.

Superior Connectivity

Delhi is the nerve centre of India, not just politically but in terms of logistics, transportation, trade and more. No other city in India is as well connected within the country or to the outside world like Delhi. So if you have friends flying in from Nebraska or your chachi’s sasural’s choti behen coming in from Jaisalmer – it’s so much easier for them to travel to Delhi than any other place in India, including the remote North-East as well.

Plethora Of Places To Wed

Delhi has a lot to offer in terms of where you can wed – from the most exclusive hotels and resorts in India, to beautiful farm houses on the outskirts. Or, if you want to have a wedding with the Taj in the background you could drive down to Agra, or even drive up to the foothills of the Himalayas! Jaipur is not too far to have a royal wedding. In short, everything is within reach if you plan your wedding with Delhi at the centre in the grand scheme.

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A Bride’s Paradise

Old Delhi is known for its bridal market with rows of shops selling everything you’d need – from kurtas, bangles and kajal, to the most exquisite fabrics and embroidery work. And then, you have New Delhi, the city’s past Luytens – where the Guccis and the Gabbanas are situated a stone’s throw from the Tahilianis and the Dongres. The bridal market is Delhi is so rich and so extensive that you have to experience it to believe it.

Pocket Friendly

Before you call us out on this one, here are some facts – Delhi has the cheapest rates for all fuel, the lowest tax rate in the country and a market so big that the cut-throat competition makes for the lowest rates. Yes, it isn’t the cheapest – but for its sheer size and the variety it has to offer – the kinds of hotels, caterers, malls, designers and general infrastructure, Delhi is quite inexpensive when compared to say, Mumbai or Bangalore.

Now that you know what’s on offer and NCR makes a lot of sense as a go-to wedding place – here are some of the best places where you can actually have your dream destination wedding near Delhi:

1.The Oberoi Rajvilas At Jaipur

Oberoi Rajvilas - Destination Wedding Near Delhi

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Well, Jaipur is a land of palaces and the Rajvilas is the epitome of royal luxury. The fact that Jaipur is just a few hours’ drive on the super fast highway makes things so much easier. You can have your destination wedding at an exotic locale, just a few hours away from NCR.

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2.The Trident Near The Taj, At Agra

Trident - Destination Wedding Near Delhi

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A beautiful hotel in a stunning low rise building with views of the Taj Mahal. Can there be a better place to wed? The Trident hotel in Agra is a venue you should consider, if you are on the lookout for destination weddings near Delhi.

3.The Shervani Hill Top At Nainital

Shervani Hill Top - Destination Wedding Near Delhi

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Nainital is a picturesque and quite hill station, a few hours away from New Delhi. The beautiful Shervani Hill Top Resort is one of the best hotels in the region and has been consistently topped the ranking on tripadvisor. A place you can consider if a wedding in the clouds is your idea of the perfect destination wedding.

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4.The Radisson At Shimla

Radisson - Destination Wedding Near Delhi

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Shimla is yet another beautiful hill station near Delhi. In fact it is bigger and a lot more popular than Nainital. So if you have friends and guests who would want to spend time on an adventure trip after the wedding, then Shimla is your go-to place.

5.The Usha Kiran Palace At Gwalior

Usha Kiran Palace - Destination Wedding Near Delhi

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An erstwhile princely state, Gwalior has redeemed itself as a important city near Delhi. With many forts, palaces and the famous Scindia School, Gwalior offers you a unique experience. The Usha Kiran palace is a beautifully restored heritage hotel that is one of the best hospitality properties in Northern/Central India.

6. The Atali On The Banks Of Ganga, At Rishikesh

Atali - Destination Wedding Near Delhi

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The Atali has been named one of the top 50 hotels in the world. Add to the fact that it is on the banks of the pristine Ganga at Rishikesh (one of the holiest places for Hindus) accords it a very special place. The Atali at Rishikesh is a few hours drive from Delhi and their beautiful location coupled with the awesome therapies brings the perfect combination of serenity and tranquility.
Well, we hope that the reasons and few of the awesome places we’ve listed above will help you decide on having a wedding in or near Delhi. And if you are hooked to the idea, you can have a look at our amazing vendor list of every service provider, to make your wedding near Delhi a super-hit affair.