20 Designer Wedding Cards: So Stylish, You'll Want To Keep Them All

Quick question – How many of the myriad wedding invitations that you’ve ever received have you kept? No, that red one from that neighbour that’s lying in some dusty drawer doesn’t count.
Okay, so keeping the invitations, even designer wedding cards, isn’t expected or even useful; but every once in a while you receive a work of art so beautiful you just can’t help but admire how good it looks lying on the corner of your desk.

These 20 splendid designer wedding cards are sure to leave you and your guests impressed. Take a look:

1. Decidedly Indian

Designer Wedding Cards - Decidedly Indian


The national bird, Lord Ganesha in all his splendour and a beautifully textured box that uses a fading and vignette effect to get the best out of the design. The peacocks feature delicate foil work and there is plenty of room inside the box which comes with two inserts. That’s why this one’s number one on our designer wedding cards list.

2. (Temple) Bells Are Ringing

Foil printed temple bells over a gorgeous blue patterned background – the designer wedding cards temple bells theme is simple, the effect exquisite. The card has an overall glossy tone and comes with two inserts.

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3. The Royal Union

Some designer wedding cards are such a delight to look at that if one were to not open them up, they could just as easily pass off as pieces of art for show. Luckily, none of your guests are likely to expect such a thing in the mail, and so this breathtaking card will be opened and details will be extracted.

4. Madhubani Paintings

Master card maker Ravish Kapoor has a long history of churning out some exquisite designer wedding cards. The latest is this resplendent card inspired by Bihar’s Madhubani paintings.

5. Shades Of Blue

Designer wedding cards with the Radhe Krishna theme symbolize eternal love. A golden embossed Krishna plays his flute as a rapt Radha listens on. The shades of blue are highly pleasing, the flowers even more so, and the card as a whole (including box and inserts) seems really well put together.

6. The Box Invite

As most designer wedding cards go, when your wedding card has a drawer, you know it’s not something to be taken lightly. In an eye-catching red and blue, this wedding card box has a foil printed symmetrical logo and as we already mentioned, space for sweets or anything else that you would want to include.

7. Pair Of Peacocks

If the gorgeous peacocks on the front of the box and invite don’t convince you, there’s not much we can say here that will. However, if that remains the case, we urge you to take another look at the exquisite design, you might change your mind.

8. Pretty Patterns

Marrying the more conventional wedding card design we’re all used to, but moving on from the traditional red and white, is this exceptionally classy designer wedding card that features in a beautiful shade of maroon. It looks excellent and gets the job done just perfect.

9. Band Baaja Baraat

If symbolism is your thing, then this card is a prime example of designer wedding cards remaining blatant without ever compromising on aesthetics. The hues are gorgeous and the design intricate. And what about the baraat motif? Simply excellent!

10. The Wedding Royale

If there ever were resplendence in the form of a wedding invite, this would be it. Featured in royale blue and full glossy finish, this wedding invite just screams style.

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11. Laser Cut Invite Box

Sometimes, just sometimes, you have to pull out all the stops. Featuring laser cut design work on the box as well as the inserts, your wedding will have to do well to top your designer wedding cards.

12. White And Black

The peacocks are a tried theme for designer wedding cards you say? Have a look at this re-imagination… There are a few more wedding cards that attempt the black and white contrast, but none manage such a beautiful outcome.

13. Concentric Circles

The prettiest colours, the prettiest design, and the warmest, inviting demeanour. An excellent and really good looking wedding invite.

14. Like Royalty

Everything about this card exudes sheer elegance – the design, the off-cream base, the font and especially the exceptional and stately painting on the front.

15. Beautiful Wedding Invite

It is hard to think of a more adorable and endearing ideal for designer wedding cards – parrots, palace, patterns and all.

16. Shahzada And Shahzadi

Indian, royal, minimalistic, white and quite gorgeous – if those are the list of things that you need your wedding card to have, then this one is it.

17. The Royal Wedding

The picture on the front of the card says it all. This is a special invite for a very special occasion and features in the traditional wedding red. Couples portraits are not a regular with designer wedding cards, but the theme does justice to the occasion.

18. Classy In Pink

For those with an inclination to avoid the overt, this deep pink wedding invite features a gorgeous design on textured paper. A quality, classy wedding invite all in all.

19. Radha – Krishna

Speaking of overt flamboyance, here’s a delight for the eyes. Digitally printed, it comes with satin insets and a magnetic locking mechanism on the card. Oh, and it looks exceptional as well.

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20. The Resplendent Invite

Like a big, beautiful, hard-bound, hard to find collectors edition – only much more special!

So these are our picks for the top 20 designer wedding cards in the market. Which ones did you like?