13 Designer Bridal Shoes You Will Want To Flaunt

It was not just Cinderella who needed the perfect pair of shoes for one night. We have our Indian brides who sweat it out over the perfect pair — scouting shops after shops. Trying stilettos after flats. Dancing and prancing around in those heels to make sure they fit well. But seldom is the decision made in one day. We have just made shoe shopping easier for all the pretty busy brides. Below are thirteen gorgeous designer bridal shoes every bride would love to invest in. After all, they were just not made for one night only.

1. Guess Gold Strappy Sandals

Designer Bridal Shoes - Guess Gold Strappy Sandals

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A little dainty golden bow around the toes and ankle straps — all shimmering like pure gold. These pretty ones will complement all styles of lehenga.

2. Rinaldi’s Jewelled Sandals

Designer Bridal Shoes - Rinaldi's Jewelled Sandals

Image Courtesy: Rina Shah

Rina Shah’s couture label Rinaldi’s jewelled sandals look ethnic and absolutely gorgeous. Embellished with colourful stones and gems, these sandals can be found in kitten heels or stilettos.

3. Chanel’s Crystal Sandals

Designer Bridal Shoes - Chanel's Crystal Sandals

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This pair will make every bride feel like a princess. With soft padding, embellished with crystals and pearls, these beauties will cost a bomb. But there can never be any regrets.

4. Christian Louboutin’s Pink Plumps

Designer Bridal Shoes - Christian Louboutin's Pink Plumps

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If pink is your colour, then you will love these! Chic and fashionable high heel plumps, sparkling in pink and has a peep-toe.

5. Miu Miu’s Gem Heels

Designer Bridal Shoes - Miu Miu's Gem Heels

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Simple leather straps in light pastel colours. But the pencil heels steal the show. Adorned with varying sizes of gems, Miu Miu’s heels will make every woman envy the bride for owning one of these pairs.

6. Rene Caovilla’s Swarovski Suede Sandals

Designer Bridal Shoes - Rene Caovilla's Swarovski Suede Sandals

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These are just perfect for brides who don’t wish to wear high heels. A beautiful ornate design embellished with colourful stones make these strappy flats comfortable, and apt for a bride’s tired feet.

7. Valentino’s Satin Butterfly Sandals

Designer Bridal Shoes - Valentino's Satin Butterfly Sandals

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These magnificent sandals in satin are detailed with a dainty looking butterfly embellished with Swarovski rhinestones. Bride’s feet will just not look dainty and pretty, but will also feel happy and comfortable in them.

8. Jimmy Choo’s Cinderella Sandals

Designer Bridal Shoes - Jimmy Choo's Cinderella Sandals

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These are nothing less than Cinderella’s glass slippers. Covered in Swarovski stones, these pointy toe pumps have crystals arranged like the petals of a flower in the front. If you want them for your wedding, you will have to hurry up and order for a pair soon. Because these magical pairs are only made by order.

9. Aruna Seth’s Butterfly Pumps

Designer Bridal Shoes - Aruna Seth's Butterfly Pumps

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Pink, turquoise, royal blue or white. Aruna Sethi’s teal crystal butterfly peep toes pumps, in satin silk, are just gorgeous. They are comfortable, gorgeous and an absolute steal.

10. Catwalk’s Swarovski Kitten Heels

Designer Bridal Shoes - Catwalk's Swarovski Kitten Heels

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Double strap, open toe sandals with detailed, ornamental design embellished with Swarovski stones. These pretty kittens are comfortable, look absolutely gorgeous, and fit well within every bride’s budget.

11. Rohan Arora’s Detailed Ornate Sandals

Designer Bridal Shoes - Rohan Arora's Detailed Ornate Sandals

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If you want your sandals to look as colourful and dramatic like the wedding, Rohan Arora’s suede shoes with beautiful, ornamental designs in gold or multicolour will be just perfect.

12. Monisha Raja’s Tribal Sandals

Designer Bridal Shoes - Monisha Raja's Tribal Sandals

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Simple, chic and very fashionable. If the bride just wants to add a dash of colour, has no interest in sparkles and blings, Monisha Raja’s block heels from the tribal collection will be just perfect. Comfortable to wear, these sandals are covered in dainty, colourful motifs of flowers and spirals, made of threads.

13. Swati Modo’s Swanky Sandals

Designer Bridal Shoes - Swati Modo's Swanky Sandals

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Swati Modo’s sandals in green, neon, yellow and pink, with kitten heels, come with a zardozi meshwork in the front with dainty little, colourful motifs of peacocks and flowers. They look very thrilling and electrifying.