Depressed Love Quotes: 15 Quotes That Voice Out The Hurt And Pain

Love is not always a smooth ride. There are ups and downs with the path often being topsy-turvy. One can say it is through several trials and errors that you finally reach the doorstep of true love. For those who have loved and lost, here’s a collection of depressed love quotes. But hey, we don’t want to add to the pain. Grieve, let out those tears, pick yourself up and march ahead.

Here’s The Last Of Depressed Love Quotes You’ll Ever Read About Your Ex.

Enjoy this last sip of the poison wine, let it burn when you cry, so you’ll let it die, for the last time; the last time.

1. Depressed Love Quotes - At Some Point

The truth talker of depressed love quotes. In other words, it is always wise to let go of someone whose only intention is to use you than love you. It may be a hard thing to do since you were never expecting this but it is the best thing to be done if you respect yourself. The only kind of texts you should be receiving are true love sms texts; not horrid breakup texts, and ultimatums.

2. Depressed Love Quotes - The Worst Part

Doesn’t that memory of the painful breakup come flashing into your mind when you are just sitting there waiting for a bus? It is the most depressing memory that you will always have. Makes you want to hide under your bed and chew through all the depressed love quotes in the world till the end of time.


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3. Depressed Love Quotes - I Wish I Could

Almost everyone who has been through a major heartbreak wishes that. What makes things worse is the instance when you have to face that ex-flame of yours on a daily basis. That is surely an awkward and painful experience. This depressed love quote says it all.

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4. Depressed Love Quotes - The Memories

No matter how much it hurts, you will never let the memories of your love fade away, especially if it was your first love. After all, memories are everything that you will ever have of that person who once meant the world to you. And maybe a lyric line or a few depressed love quotes that remind you of them.


5. Depressed Love Quotes - It's Sad

The darker sides of a bad relationship expressed in depressed love quotes. Sometimes people are just used to being treated with disdain that they learn to accept it sadly. It is like being a doormat and then thinking that you were always meant to be one. This quote will make you think about that point.

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6. Depressed Love Quotes - Love Is Gone

Lovers start off as strangers. And that is exactly what they become when the relationship ends. It is a sad reality of any failed relationship, and something that would prick you for a long time.


7. Depressed Love Quotes - I'll Be Okay

So you and your ex decided to be friends and one fine day you get that provokingly annoying message asking ‘How are you?’ The words in this cruel winner of depressed love quotes are apt for a perfect reply.

8. Depressed Love Quotes - One Of The Hardest Things

Nothing hurts more than that. It scrapes your heart like nothing else would, and leaves an emptiness that you have no idea how to fill. This depressed love quote will help voice that feeling.


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9. Depressed Love Quotes - I Have Not Stopped

An end of a loving relationship is a moment of realisation when the person whom you loved turned out to be everything that you didn’t want him/her to be. You realise how there were dual standards in your relationship, and how things turned the way they are now; it’s just one of those things a lot depressed love quotes talk about simple because a lot of people in breakups realise this.

10. Depressed Love Quotes - Just Because

Sure, there are different types of love, but this is like being in one of those nasty relationships where you are less of a beloved, and more of a leverage that your “lover” can manipulate any time for his/her own benefit. If you sense that in your relationship, then depressed love quotes be damned, it is really just time to exit.

11. Depressed Love Quotes - For So Long

Don’t you feel just empty after a failed relationship? It is like something that has gone missing from you. Maybe it is a part of your heart, or a part of you, which the person you once loved one has taken away from you, along with all the passion that you once had in your heart.


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12. Depressed Love Quotes - In Your Arms

Talk about not being able to tell the person you love just how much you really love them. The feeling of helplessness just makes it worse. It’s only marginally helpful to know that there are so many other people who’re sitting somewhere else at this moment reading depressed love quotes just like you with the same feelings of betrayal.

13. Depressed Love Quotes - Face It

Like depressed love quotes say, the higher you fly, the harder you fall. The same thing is sort of true about love. The more you invest in blind trust, the more you are likely to be heartbroken when that trust is shattered in a relationship. Instead, never let something as valuable as trust seep into your relationship till you know that person really well.

14. Depressed Love Quotes - You Will Never

For that person, you will always be ‘some person’ but for you that individual will always be a ‘special person.’ Some of these depressed love quotes are a sad reality of one-sided love affairs where one is serious, and the other one is just passing time.

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15. depressed-love-quote-15

Alright now, this one is not outright depressing but has a certain pain to it that stems out of the seeds of self-realisation. It is like the plants that sprout from the ashes of a forest fire. It gives you food for thought in order to realise that no matter how painful and depressing it might seem, one must always let go of someone who never deserved a place in your heart. In other words, don’t hold those memories of the person so close to your heart that you slowly stop really understanding your own value.