Dulhan Mehndi Designs: 13 Best Dulhan Mehndi Images

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Dulhan Mehndi Design: When it comes to mehndi, it’s important to remember that for the countries of India, Pakistan, Afghanistan etc. as well as all the people from these countries who are living elsewhere in the globe – mehndi isn’t just a way to make themselves even more beautiful for their big day… Mehndi is very much a part of Indian culture, history and tradition. And it’s not just a matter of weddings or marriages (like Nikah) themselves. Pre or post wedding rituals like Roka and Sangeet also see not only brides but also family members of the bride turn to the use of mehndi in a cultural and celebratory fashion.

That said, it is also important to note that many modern girls are turning towards mehndi not just for its cultural and historical significance, but also because mehndi makes one feel and look so very stylish with it’s use of intricate patterns and pretty designs. Girls everywhere who want to feel glamorous, gorgeous and pampered for any occasion or for themselves turn to the use of mehndi to achieve that goal… while mehndi deisgns nowadays have almost unlimited scope and styles, one of the very best are the rajasthani style dulhan mehndi designs that steal the show every single time. Here are some of the best:

1. Intricate And Beautiful Dulhan Mehndi Design

This gorgeous piece of mehndi art depicts the dulhan enshrined in a bouquet of flowers right at the top of the arm at the beginning of the design. While the rest of the design is a beautiful mixture of the various techniques and patterns that comprise the art of mehndi, the most delicate work and highest level of intricacy is reserved for the image of the dulhan at the top with complex patterns and a slight dash of haldi for colour making it a truly stunning design.

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2. Palm Perfect Dulhan Mehndi Designs

The first thing any girl who gets this intricate pattern on her hands will notice is that the overall structure is very clean, even though it is filled to the brim with highly detailed and complex patterns in various styles and techniques. The traditional and leaf-inspired patterns just behind the wrist as well as the different textures given off by the bajuband designs leading up to the elbow, this design catches your eye from every angle.

In the end though, it is the depiction of the dulha and dulhan that makes up most of each palm and that is the highlight of this mehndi design – perfect for any occasion whether a festival, celebration or a wedding!

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3. The Ganesha And Dulha-Dulhan

Undoubtedly, it is the design that is right in the middle of both palms that attracts the most attention, and it’s easy to understand why. With a beautifully depicted Ganesha on one palm and the blissful couple facing each other on the other, the rest of it serves as a mere afterthought to the exquisiteness of this design. This striking mehndi design would be pretty spectacular even without the gorgeously depicted Ganesha and couple-to-be-wed on either palm given the angled lines containing intricate and extensive detailing on the fingers, to the use of small and short lines in a pattern around the palm and even the larger complex and abstract patterns around the wrists. For festivals and other occasions, you could consider this option minus the Ganesha and dulha-dulhan.

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4. Dulhan Mehndi Design – Asha Savla Style

This stunning piece of mehndi art by Asha Savla manages to perfectly capture the very essence of this design style, and that comes as no surprise given the name associated with it. Featuring an exquisitely detailed bride looking longingly at her loving groom on the opposite palm, this is one of the most beautiful dulhan designs ever conceived, and is well worth the effort and time that goes into making such a magnificent creation. The rest of the design is nothing to scoff at either, featuring exquisitely detailed patterns of different varieties that all come together in true Asha Savla fashion to make for a truly compelling overall design, fit for any bride to proudly show off on the day of her wedding.

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5. Traditional Bride And Groom Dulhan Mehndi Design

On the surface, this seems like it is merely a fairly clean interpretation of a bride and groom design. However, on closer inspection, it is clear that the overall simplicity of the design works overwhelmingly in its favour. The clean lines, delicate (but sparingly used) detailing as well as it’s enclosure in a heart-shaped opening all make for a really charming and warm design. It can also be accentuated by surrounding the heart enclosure with an exquisitely detailed and dense pattern that will add to the overall contrast of the design and draw further attention to the wonderful motif right in the middle of the palm.

6. Dense Detail Dulhan Mehndi Design

This is one of those dulhan mehndi designs where you can safely conclude, just by looking at once, that the amount of time and effort that went into making it was not represented by low numbers. However, you can also quite easily say that the pain that one has to go through to adorn oneself with this most stunning design is absolutely and completely worth it in the long run. Sporting this work of art on your arms will elevate your profile on the biggest day of your life well into the outer limits of the stratosphere. The symmetry, extremely high level of non-flashy detail, the intricacies of the abstract designs that take up much of the palms, and the carefully woven bride that just seems to melt away into the overall design are all highly compelling reasons to very seriously consider this masterpiece as the one for your wedding day.

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7. The Various Profiles Of Dulhan

This absolutely stunning dulhan mehndi design is an inspired piece of art in how it depicts the various profiles of the bride – all in one structured piece. With highly detailed images of the bride going through the various stages of her life, and the mesmeric patterns surrounding the said images, this is one of those designs that will blow away everyone who looks at it, including the bride herself even when she’s having it applied. A word of warning though, this is not a design for the faint-hearted, and given the level of detail, you’re going to have to be sitting relatively still and admiring the work of a master for quite a long while. But as we tend to say, for all of the designs that invoke such a high level of intricate detail, it is all worth it in the end.

8. Detailed Dulha Dulhan Design

It is usual to find that in most of the dulhan-dulha mehndi designs, the actual depiction of the dulha and dulhan ranges from fairly simple (and very beautiful) to moderately complex, invoking some very creative patterns and techniques. It is thus generally the case that the complex patterns and designs around the depiction of the dulhan draw attention to the comparatively simpler design of the centrepiece. However, anyone looking at a highly intricate and detailed dulha-dulhan mehndi design pattern that will match the complexity of the overall design can appreciate this expert design. While definitely not easy to replicate, it is a beautiful and rewarding design befitting an occasion as grand as your wedding.

9. Traditional Dulhan Mehndi Design (With Video)


This beautiful dulhan mehndi design is a classic depiction of the traditional dulhan in all her glory. One of the most gorgeous depictions on this list, the true allure of this design is only revealed after it has been applied onto the hand of the bride. One word of warning though, given the highly intricate nature of the design, it is certainly not the easiest to apply, especially when it is to be fitted into a small area, so adjust the design accordingly.

10. Dulhan Design With A Contemporary Twist


These appealing depictions of the dulhan are variations of the classic dulhan mehndi designs i.e. they make use of contemporary design elements. The clean lines, geometric patterns, simple shapes, and a complete lack of unnecessary complication (not a lack of detail) all make for a highly desirable design. With the option to go with either one of the two designs, the bride can also opt to mix and match elements from either design to form a beautiful combination that suits her just right, and makes for a gorgeous dulhan mehndi design that is as special as the occasion.

11. Full Hand Dulhan Mehndi Design

Without going too much into the beautiful overall mehndi design on the hands, let us just say that it makes for quite an exceptional picture. The intricate detailing includes a number of familiar items and objects carefully woven into the hands and arms, most notably the musical instruments on the left arm and peacock on the right arm. However, even among all of that, it is the simply exquisite design on the centre of the palms featuring the dulha-dulhan that your eyes finally come to rest on. Featuring highly intricate artwork and carefully camouflaged within the rest of the design, these gorgeous motifs that longingly look at each other will make for the perfect adornments for your palms.

12. Exquisite Dulhan Motifs

This stunning dulhan mehndi design features three different and excellently executed dulhan motifs. While the motifs right at the top and bottom feature straight lines that create the overall texture (though the angles of the lines differ on both the designs), the middle dulhan motif features a series of criss-cross lines that add a unique and equally appealing flavour to the overall design. The beauty of this design lies in the fact that you can replicate the entire thing and have it on your hands. Now that is something very unique. If you choose to go with one of the three motifs, you will still end up with something very different and an excellent design overall. You can even combine elements from the three different designs to come up with something that suits you exactly right, in just the way you want it.

13. Dulha-Dulhan In Sync

And now for a wholly unique take on the entire affair, this stunning motif of the dulha and dulhan takes mehndi art to a whole new level with its different layers of design. While on the surface the dulha and dulhan look as if they have been stylistically cut from the same cloth (or talented artists’ hands), a closer inspection reveals that in the headband of the dulha or the hair of the bride is a departure from dots and a clever use of clean lines. The overall detail in the facial features and sophisticated look of the design only serves to further add to its appeal, making for a highly desirable and overall excellent mehndi design fit for any dulhan to show off on the most special day of her life.

And there you have it, our selection of the thirteen best dulha dulhan mehndi designs you can use for the upcoming wedding day. Whichever design you choose will serve you excellently, and the myriad stylistic choices as well as the different textures and styles of mehndi they showcase should have something for every bride that she can sport with gushing pride on the happiest day of her life thus far.

14. Full Portrait Of A Happy Dulhan


Usually, most dulhan designs are either side or front profile of a dulhan’s head. Seldom does anybody draw a full portrait of the dulhan. In this dulhan mehndi design video featuring a unique design, the bride is dressed up in her traditional wedding attire and has adorned herself with beautiful jewellery, and is seen busy doing something. The intricate detailing of the lehenga and the chunhar makes the overall look of this dulhan design just beautiful. It can be easily drawn on the wrist or the back of the hand for a clear view.

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15. Radha-Krishna Dulhan Design


In this dulhan mehndi design video, the bride’s design can be viewed as Radha-Krishna playing and having fun in a garden. While Lord Krishna plays celestial music on his flute, Radha is seen hiding behind the pillar and listening to the music. This design can also be viewed as how the restless dulhan hides behind the pillar for a view of the groom who is set to whisk her away. This design can be drawn on the front or the back of the hand, pairing it with shehnais and tablas to complete the whole theme of dulha-dulhan reliving memorable moments together.

16. Portrait Of The Dulhan


This is a bridal mehndi design video in which you can see just how beautifully the artist drew a three-fourth profile of the dulhan and then shaded the frame around it. To make sure that the dulhan’s portrait gets all the attention, the artist has shaded leaves, concentric semi-circles, branches of leaves, and flower petals. The design can either be worn like this or can be drawn on the wrist, sculpting more space on the hand for other dainty designs.

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17. Dulha-Dulhan Swinging In The Garden


This dulhan mehndi design video is apt for those brides who like to have a little extra fun to make memories that can be treasured forever. In this design, the dulha and dulhan are seen swinging in the garden and having fun, maybe even singing songs and laughing together. This dulhan design has been beautifully drawn by emphasizing on the silhouette of the overall design than the intricate detailing of the dulhan’s eyes, lehenga and ornaments.

18. Simple Dulhan Design


If you are looking for a simple dulhan design that can be just drawn anywhere on the hand, then this one is the best. The side profile of the dulhan reflects a calm and composed bride. Although the design does not boast of extravagant detailing, but the simplicity of the design makes it even more alluring — the dainty border of the chunhar, the dotted patralekha above the eyebrows, and the dainty ornamentation of the dulhan’s portrait. Overall, in its simplest way, it is simply magnificent.

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