7 Adorable Engagement Cake Designs For The Winsome Couple

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Some ancient Greek philosophers believed good sleep and good food alone could cure most psychological illnesses. They sure did have a point! Having a bar of chocolate or a delectable piece of cheesecake can make a drab, mundane day suddenly seem full of joy and purpose! And when it comes to joyous occasions like your engagement or wedding, sweets would add so much more flavour to the festivities. The Indian sweets are definitely something you will be having on your big day. But these creamy, rich engagement cake designs is something you should definitely consider. Nobody at your engagement is likely to complain!

Your engagement is the perfect occasion for all the sweet-tooths to get creative with their engagement cake. An engagement is usually more informal than the wedding day, and the ground is all yours to get the kind of cake you really would love take a big, soft, creamy bite of. And today, there are so many talented pâtissiers, who are just waiting around the corner with creative and offbeat ideas just for you. Your wedding and engagement should ideally be a celebration of you two as a couple. With a little bit of time, you are sure to find that perfect engagement cake to make you fall in love just a little bit more. We present to you, some of the most scrumptious and delectable engagement cake designs for cakes that you will just want to gobble up. I know I do.

Edible Floral Art

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When you think of an engagement or a wedding cake, the three-tiered cake, with the white icing is a definite classic. But, why would we just stick to something so simple? Edible flowers are not only delicious, but they look simply spectacular. The floral cascade on this cake is something that we would love to dig into right now.

The Colourful Cake

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If you are one of the couples looking for a dash of colour on your engagement day, then this is one of those engagement cake designs to certainly consider. A two-tiered delectable sponge cake decked with hear-shaped roses of every hue…what more could you want?

The Zoozoo Cake

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Who can forget those adorable zoozoos who have stolen many hearts over the years. They are not only adorable, but also hilariously charming. This cake is as funny as it is delicious. The zoozoo figurines proposing amidst a garden of edible flowers! Yum!

The “Game Over” Cake

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Well, everybody has certain apprehensions and a certain nervous energy about them before their wedding. But let it all out on your cake, with a healthy dose of humour. This delicious engagement cake marks the beginning of a new life together. This for all you couples who love a bit of sarcasm in their lives.

The Naughty Cake

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As you finally decide to get hitched, your engagement cake could also be a look back at your single days. But not all is about the past, your cake could represent what you and your husband-to-be will be up to in the future!

Your Future Home Cake

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This cake speaks for itself. Your engagement is a time to plan things out for your future together. Why not let your engagement cake reflect your dreams! This adorable cake with the couples sitting outside a beautiful home can just be perfect for your engagement day. This way, you can make your childhood dream of an edible home come true.

Picture Perfect Wedded Bliss

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Life may not be a bed of roses, but your engagement cake sure can be. What a perfect way to anticipate your wedded bliss than with a delectable engagement cake that celebrates the two of you. The gorgeous flowers and the figurines completely makes this cake the perfect match for the two of you!

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