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Have you ever practiced the right kind of meditation at home? If your answer is ‘no’, then it’s time that you learn it now and start practicing this at home every day.

StyleCraze offers you assorted and the best information on the various types of meditation along with the different ways to practice it and its benefits. It can help give purpose to your practice, whether you are doing it daily or just as you need it to experience inner calm and deep relaxation.

Learn this Deepak Chopra guided meditation with the proper techniques, poses, and benefits that really works!

Deepak Chopra is an Indian-American physician, alternative medicine practitioner and a recognized holistic health guru of meditation. He along with neurologist David Simon, founders, and partners of The Chopra Centers has revived the ancient practice of sound meditation and found a well-formatted technique called primordial sound meditation.

Deepak Chopra on meditation especially promotes primordial sound meditation that is a form of transcendental meditation that has its origins in the Vedic traditions of India. This technique uses vibratory and primordial sounds or mantras that are individual-specific and help the person to attain and experience inner peace and silence, discover the essence of the soul even while the mind is still stirred up with thoughts and emotions.

Deepak Chopra Meditation Technique:

The technique is based on the principle of “restful awareness” or concept of a physically relaxed body with an actively alert but quite mind. Primordial sounds are basic essential sounds of nature and the primordial sounds used in this type of meditation are mantras. These mantras are individual specific and are determined by Vedic mathematics which helps to ascertain the precise sound or vibration of the universe at time and place of the participant’s birth.

On silently repeating the primordial sounds that form these mantras, the individual enters a meditative state where he or she concentrates and connects with the stillness of the inner self or spirit amidst the agitated mind. This form of meditation has calming and soothing effects on a person’s physiological, psychological and spiritual self. It can be practiced by people from all walks of life, cultures, cast and creed without making any changes in their beliefs, faith or lifestyle. By incorporating primordial sound meditation as a must do in daily life, one can derive health benefits, relieve stress and balance the mind and body while most importantly discovering the essence of the soul.

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Primordial Sound Meditation can be learned with ease in two short sessions under the guidance of a certified and well-trained instructor:

First Session:

Duration – 3 hours

Lesson 1: Introduction to the Fundamental Principles

The basic principles and essence of Primordial Sound Meditation are taught in a conducted group session where the use of mantras and the purpose of meditation are discussed with the participants. The screening of a special video lecture presentation by Dr. Deepak Chopra is also done in this session.

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Lesson 2: Individual Interaction

The second session constitutes individual appointment with the instructor where one is given his or her personal mantra and is taught the way in which the mantra should be used. Following which the meditation is practiced for the first time for a duration of 30 minutes.

Second Session:

Duration- 4 hours

Lesson 3: Perfecting the Practice

The penultimate lesson includes a review of the practical aspects of meditation. Group discussions, where sharing of experiences, question and answer sessions take place and is followed by group meditation.

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Lesson 4: The Envisioning Higher States of Consciousness

The ultimate stage constitutes a final group session involving screening of another specially prepared video featuring Deepak Chopra where he gives an introduction to the future possibilities of growth on all levels.

So it’s time you start practicing primordial sound meditation at home regularly and feel the divine and magical difference! Don’t forget to leave us a comment. Hope this article helps you in choosing the right way to practice this meditation at home. Happy practicing!

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