Deep Love SMS: 15 SMSes That Are Totally Romantic And True!

Deep love sms texts generally elicit fear out of both parties the first time you send them; will they be okay, are we there yet? Was it too soon? But that’s what love is all about. Love comes in all shades and varies in nature. No two people love the same way and no two love stories are the same. Whatever your kind of love may be, one thing common about true love is that it goes soul deep! We present our favourite deep love SMSes that will help you expresses the deepest of feelings with élan. So take a cue!

Deep Love Sms Texts We All Need!

Let the words guide and inspire you.

1. Deep Love SMS - I Just Close My Eyes

And this deep love sms is true, you can control and manipulate all but the heart; the heart is a carefree being that cannot be bound by limits, or love forever quotes. Such is the way of the willful heart.

2. Deep Love SMS - Don't You Go Away

True love is the ‘home’ that shelters our heart and soul. Without the love of our life, we feel exposed, vulnerable, directionless and clueless.

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3. Deep Love SMS - When You're Lost In The Dark

And just like that deep love sms, you can be the ‘home’, the shelter that protects the love and togetherness you share with your partner; a place that is always open and ready to be occupied.

4. Deep Love SMS - I Need You Because I Love You

Simple and straight deep love sms from the heart. It’s the only thing you can and probably the only thing that needs to be said.

5. Deep Love SMS - Let Me Be The One

Who does not want to be ‘the one’? It’s the greatest joy and the best feeling to be the absolute ‘one’ for someone.

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6. Deep Love SMS - Your KIss

Woah! Now that deep love sms’s really something! So deep and romantic and feels just so simply beautiful to read every word.

7. Deep Love SMS - Touch My Heart

Yes, when someone is that special to you then every part of you reverberates and moves just by the thought of them and just for them. And all things considered, this deep love sms makes for a great unique love status.

8. Deep Love SMS - The Best Love

It’s not ‘just’ another deep love sms but a promise; a promise for a lifetime of love that’s pure and precious.

9. Deep Love SMS - I Can't Let You Go

Letting go is hard, even so when you know you have found your soul-mate. Love does not stop at the heart but reaches for the soul.

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10. Deep Love SMS - Palmistry

Cheesy? So what? It’s adorable and so sweet. This deep love sms will bring a smile to anyone’s face!

11. Deep Love SMS - A Candle May Melt

The fire called love is the warmest, brightest and the most insatiable one! True love is a fire that burns in us from within and nothing has the power to put it down.

12. Deep Love SMS - When You Have No One

Aww… Imagine someone sending that deep love sms to you. It’s the sweetest thing anyone can say and it comes with so much love and emotions.

13. Deep Love SMS - Once Upon A Time

Simply sweet and beautiful! Dreams do come true and forever does become reality when you meet the person worth that.

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14. Deep Love SMS - You Shine In My Heart

And yes, the heart does shine. When your heart is filled with love (true love), it shines brighter than any star, even the sun and the moon. It shines in the summer or in the winter, if these winter love quotes are right and true.

15. Deep Love SMS - What I Want

Why stop at ‘I love you’, when you can make it so much more deep and passionate?

So, how deep is your love? Just reading these deep love sms texts makes me smile. Go share the love and the warm smiles.